Friday, July 10, 2020

Trump Commutes Stone's Sentence

UPDATED: That is per John Cardillo:

En route to #RogerStone’s house for celebratory drinks. 
Justice was done by @realDonaldTrump tonight.

Given all the circumstances, seems fair to me.

UPDATE: What were "all the circumstances"? Shipwrecked crew lays it out, so I don't have to go digging up old posts:

I’m curious about your position here. You think this is just an “Orange Man Bad” thing? Nothing at all about the president commuting a sentence of a man who lied to Congress, and was convicted of 7 felonies directly connected to his lying for/protecting said president? 
How was [Stone] "protecting" POTUS??  What did his lies "cover-up"?  What he covered up was that he'd been lying to Trump and the campaign about having a connection to Wikileaks -- he didn't.  His lies to Congress were to cover his earlier lies -- not to cover up complicity by Trump. 
What the Roger Stone case was about: 
1.  A "stick in the eye" to Trump as the SCO's sign off when they realized they weren't going to get him. 
2.  Forcing Bannon and Gates to testify about Stone falsely bragging about a connection to Assange/Wiki, and that he spoke with Trump. 
What the case was never about: 
1.  Misleading the Devin Nunes House Intel Comm in 2017. 
Remember that -- the "false statements" made to Cong. were before Adam Schiff was Chairman.  Don't believe anything about Stone coming of out Schiff's mouth.

And Andy McCarthy draws attention to a year old article that lays out the whole Mueller scam pretty clearly--Stone indictment makes clear there was no Trump-Russia conspiracy:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of Roger Stone elucidates what has been apparent to the public for a year, and therefore must have been known to prosecutors and the FBI for much longer: There was no criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian government. ... 
In the Stone indictment, Mueller offers up 20 pages of heavy-breathing narrative about the Russian theft of tens of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, the transmission of the purloined materials to WikiLeaks (portrayed as a witting arm of the Putin regime), and their subsequent media publication in the final weeks of the campaign. But the big wind produces no rain. At the end, we get a couple of pages of process crimes. 

Stone is charged with such comparative trifles as concealing from Congress that his communications with an associate were in writing. The seven counts are offenses generated not by an espionage conspiracy but by the investigation of an espionage conspiracy that did not exist. 
Not one that “may not have existed.” The Trump-Russia conspiracy did not exist.
This should not be controversial. It should not matter whether you like Donald Trump. ... It is simply a matter of reading the special counsel’s indictments, of seeing through their ambitious storytelling and grappling with what they actually charge. 
It is very simple. If the Trump campaign had been in an espionage conspiracy with Russia to hack Democratic email accounts, why would the campaign have needed Stone to try to figure out what stolen information WikiLeaks had and when it would release that information?

Of course, everyone who mattered in Washington--including the GOP leaders--knew this as well.


  1. Friday news dump.

    A sad commentary on our current broken justice system the commutation was needed.

  2. Perfect for Stone, as he can still appeal to clear his name.
    As I understand it, a pardon would've blocked that option.

  3. And now a brief statement from the rabidly disingenuous, deranged and mentally-challenged pound-sign Resistance:

    "GAAAAA!!! More proof of collusion! Impeach!"

  4. Mueller and his team of Trump-hating lawyers were trying to charge President Trump with obstruction of justice. Such charges would enable Congress to impeach and remove President Trump from his elected office.

    Mueller and his team organized their huge, early-morning, televised invasion of Roger Stone's home in order to provoke President Trump into a reaction that could be charged as obstruction of justice.

  5. "Progressive" journalist and consistent "Collusion" critic Aaron Maté:

    "It’s July 2020, and Chris Hayes is still peddling the conspiracy theory that Roger Stone 'was a go-between between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks.' Does it matter that Mueller, Stone’s trial, & every person involved refuted this fantasy?"

    1. Shipwreckedcrew has it exactly right: Stone lied about his prior lying about having a line in to Wikileaks.

      Furthermore, in his WaPo op-ed where he poses as Mueller, Weissmann claims Stone was "one of the 'numerous links' between the campaign and Russia." This is completely and utterly false and Weissmann is either a liar who knows it's false, or an imbecile who doesn't know it's false. But seeing as he's a documented corrupt and malicious prosecutor who has been repeatedly caught by courts knowingly misrepresenting facts, one cannot rule out that it's both.

      I don't care for the likes of Roger Stone, but I despise injustice even more.

    2. +1

      This is not about Stone, or even Trump. Its the whole game.

    3. And Rosenstein, too, gives that away.

      It's a good illustration of how the 'moderate' position--the Russians really did interfere but Trump didn't collude--is a loser. The ICA is a fraud, Russian interference is part of the hoax. There has never been any proof of such interference--only allegations in which the evidence is concealed. Our Deep State is still at work.

    4. Mueller and Weissmann Op-Eds Greatly at Odds With Their Report and Evidence

  6. So while Trump had to step in & halt the assault on Roger Stone, Lt General Michael Flynn continues to get railroaded, where the hell is John Durham & his indictments?

    Am rapidly losing any faith whatsoever in our system of “justice”; it’s two tiered - one set of rules for anybody who has a D after their name but if you’re an R or supported Trump then you’re going to wish you’d never been born.

    Thought Barr was made of different stuff; thus far he seems just like a feckless Jeff Sessions retread.

    I’ll be more than happy to be wrong.

  7. I just love the fact that Goldstein, Zebley, Weissmann and others stomachs are turned to knots this morning as all their so called hard work continues to get blown up. Tee hee.

    1. Team Mueller was comprised entirely of Grade 'A' repulsive sacks of putrid crap, none of whom should ever have been employees of the United States Department of Justice.

  8. MARK, this is OT for this thread, but we haven’t had a COVID-19 thread for quite a while, for good reason, and I wanted to share Angelo Codevilla’s swipe at Dr. Fauci. Codevilla seems to have Fauci dead to rights:

    1. Thanks. I did see that this morning. It's been on my mind lately for personal reasons. If you want a much longer and more detailed discussion of HCQ v. Remdesivir (which has been in the news again):

      LancetGate: "Scientific Corona Lies" & Big Pharma Corruption - Hydroxychloroquine Versus RemdesivirLancetGate: "Scientific Corona Lies" & Big Pharma Corruption - Hydroxychloroquine Versus Remdesivir

      I also came across this article that, if you check the footnotes, shows that the research into anti-viral properties of HCQ goes back before SARS. Actually into the 1990s.

    2. Have read about 2/3rds of the long Zerohedge article and all I can say is Wow. That that incestuous process could be going on, pretty much under cover, while so many were so very ill and so many other lives were turned upside down, should be beyond belief. But in today’s world? No. Not really.

      Thanks for linking those articles. Back to digest the rest of “Lancetgate” and then on to the other. These should be must reads for everyone here, and I send these on to friends and family. They won’t read this in their hometown papers or learn of it on television…

      I do hope your personal reasons do not involve illness in your family...

    3. Not physical illness.

      Any time you have the confluence of government money and research motivated by profit--whether in defense, health, infrastructure, whatever--you have a perfect storm of potential corruption brewing. And government regs protect much of it.

  9. Back to Stone;
    Romney calls commutation "unprecedented, historic corruption."
    The degeneracy of so much of the GOPe surpasses belief.
    Will any of his Repub colleagues rip him for puking out such bile?

    1. Consider the possibility that Romney is significantly more RINO than the GOPe itself.

  10. I just talked to someone who’s sister works on an assisted care place in So Ca and came down with COVID 19. She was given no treatment. Two of the sisters coworkers died, one was 20, other 40.

  11. I’m so disappointed in Romney,

    1. Yeah, but again, who among any major Righty players, will say boo about his words here, other than the likes of Limbaugh, Tucker, Shapiro?

  12. Weissmann wrote the "Mueller" op-ed that was just published in the Washington Compost.

  13. No question but that Romney is compromised. Somewhere along the way...