Sunday, July 5, 2020


Trump does it again--as usual.

Thomas Lifson has an excellent article today at American Thinker. Here's how he begins:

Once again, President Trump has outwitted his opponents and forced them to fight on a playing field tilted toward his goal. His executive order establishing a “National Garden of American Heroes” ... has left the radical revolutionaries and their media and institutional allies sputtering in futile rage, making arguments that only reinforce Trump’s point.

Lifson offers ten points that support Trump's brilliance, but I want to cite simply the first two, because they are the points that will translate most readily into ... VOTES. And visceral support. The reason is simple, as Lifson explains: They hit people where they live:

1.  The new monument contrasts a builder versus destroyers. Polling shows that vast majorities of the public disapprove of the tearing down of statues. By standing as someone who is adding to our collective memories through new monuments, Trump stands on the side of creating things of value while his opponents are stuck defending those who subtract from our collective heritage. ... 
2. It focuses attention on the concept of role models. Every parent knows that role models are hugely important in teaching children how to behave, while even non-parents readily grasp that they also shape our culture and behavior. Cast in the light of value as a role model, slave holders like Washington and Jefferson stand out for their many virtues worthy of emulation because there is no possibility at all of mistakenly emulating their slave-holding, since slavery has been abolished.

Boom! How will we overcome "systemic racism"--assuming it even exists? By tearing down statues or ... by promoting positive role models? Trump wins. Bigly. Cue the impotent rage of the Left.


  1. Lifson's article was great this morning as was Clarice Feldman's. Whoever came up with the Garden of Heroes is a genius, be it Trump or his advisors. Not only does it provide a path forward - which everyone wants, right? (just kidding) - but it places the media and its democrat conspirators in a much weakened position of needing to oppose such a memorial. The propagandist media will intentionally misconstrue the "garden" as a red herring; just a misdirection play by Trump. But with this, Trump adds another arrow to his quiver as he continues his rallies in the months ahead promoting not just the recovering economy but law and order and the greatness of America.


  2. It's a giant troll, and Trump's opponents will over react.

    And the destruction of statues will continue.

    1. Rock, meet Hard Place. And the Dems are betwixt and between. Trump likes it that way.

      Hey, how about another go at the Russia Hoax? Nobody will catch on to that, will they?