Thursday, July 23, 2020

Good Covid News Is Suppressed

Right. That's not news. Still, it's worth repeating, because news suppression has become the go to Dem tactic, with the willing help of what used to be the mainstream news organizations. Now you need to comb the internet to get the real news, and you can't count on Google for help.

So, some quick hits.

There's a new study out from researchers at Oxford: Herd Immunity Threshold Against COVID-19 May Be Lower Than Believed.

According to an Oxford University study (pdf), the herd immunity threshold (HIT) may be lower than previous estimates because many people may already be innately immune to COVID-19—without ever having caught the disease. 
The researchers suggest that many people may have already built up some degree of resistance to the virus from exposure to seasonal coronaviruses, such as the common cold. 
“Given the mounting evidence that exposure to seasonal coronaviruses offers protection against clinical symptoms, it would be reasonable to assume that exposure to SARS-CoV-2 itself would confer a significant degree of clinical immunity,” the researchers suggest. 
“Thus, a second peak may result in far fewer deaths, particularly among those with comorbidities in the younger age classes.”

All of which also suggests that people without comorbidities that are known to increase vulnerability or who are in frail health would probably be better off dispensing with masks, in order to get the benefit of a cold.

Nobody wants to tell you about this, because the MSM is locked into a second wave that can keep the country locked down--and especially the schools, now.

As if all that weren't bad enough, the MSM is having to work overtime to suppress the continued evidence that HCQ--when used early or even as a prophylactic treatment--is highly effective. Perhaps the most striking study is one out of India:

This Indian slum contained a possible COVID-19 disaster with hydroxychloroquine
On July 9, 2020, Asia's biggest and densest slum shocked the world by announcing just one new positive COVID-19 case despite being a cluster and hotspot.

This remarkable success was widely reported, but the MSM uniformly and systematically eliminated any reference to HCQ--the "Trump drug":

Dharavi is no ordinary slum. It is one of the densest in the world, housing more than a million people. It provided some of the background for the Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire
Dharavi contains pockets where as many as 650,000 people are crammed into 2.5 square kilometers. In comparison, New York City has only around 95,605 people for 2.5 square kilometers. 
India feared the worst when a cluster outbreak of COVID-19 was reported in Dharavi. It could have become the biggest COVID-19 disaster zone in the world. But by using proactive measures, Dharavi contained the virus. 
Media around the world, like the Los Angeles Times, have reported the success. Even the World Health Organization praised Dharavi. 
Reports credit the huge turnaround to various factors. Most focused on Dharavi's use of widespread testing and contact tracing. One is the use of an anti-malarial drug. But they ignored the policy most responsible. Indian doctors used hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for prophylaxis (preventive) treatment — the same drug the American media have politicized. 
Dharavi's COVID-19 infection rate dropped drastically from April through June. In July, new infections were very low, almost reaching zero on July 9. 
Officials have credited this turnaround to "[a] combination of hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, and zinc tablets along with homeopathic medicines." 
HCQ has been widely used across India to treat early-stage COVID-19. It is also prescribed for prophylaxis among those who have come into contact with people who have tested positive.

Few have heard of this from an epidemiology professor at Yale: Hydroxychloroquine Could Save 100,000 Lives If Widely Deployed:

Yale epidemiology professor Dr. Harvey Risch told Fox News's "Ingraham Angle" that he thinks hydroxychloroquine could save 75,000 to 100,000 lives if widely used to treat COVID-19, and that it's unfortunate that a "propaganda war" has been waged on the commonly prescribed drug which is not based on "medical facts." 
"There are many doctors [from whom] I’ve gotten hostile remarks about saying that all the evidence is bad for it and, in fact, that is not true at all," Risch said on Monday, adding that he believes the drug should be used as a prophylactic for front-line healthcare workers, as has been done in India. 
"All the evidence is actually good for it when it is used in outpatient uses." ... Risch added, arguing that the MSM refuses to cover the benefits of the drug, and is actively silencing those trying to address the efficacy of HCQ. 
Imagine how many people have died thanks to the media's 'propaganda war.'

Note that well. The MSM isn't trying to cover both sides, according to this mainstream epidemiologist. This isn't about science news reporting. Instead, the MSM is waging a "propaganda war" and is "actively silencing" those who don't toe the Orange Man Bad line re HCQ.

Finally, here's a link that goes into more of the good news:

Hydroxychloroquine and fake news
Fake news is keeping us away from the treatment to end the coronavirus 

We've had political famines before, but is Covid the first political pandemic?

The media hostile to hydroxychloroquine successfully whipped up hysteria about its supposed dangers although it has an excellent safety record and it is not even alongside aspirin on the WHO list of the 100 most dangerous drugs.  Specialists and doctors prescribing hydroxychloroquine for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus have confirmed that thousands of patients are being prescribed the same dose Dr. Zelenko is giving for five days for years on end without problems. 
Were the failed studies faulty because of ignorance or by design? Who gains from them? The drug companies can’t make much money on a generic drug, and they found in the media and the scientific community willing accomplices to stop its use. Gilead Sciences Inc. gives grants in addition to those mentioned above to Oxford University and the WHO. Is it possible that people in these prestigious institutions may have their integrity compromised by money, or is it mere coincidence that Gilead with their rival treatment is funding them? 
Some of the media will do anything to make Trump look like a fool and these faulty trials were the perfect opportunity. The media hostile to hydroxychloroquine downplayed or cast doubt on the many successful studies and trials with hydroxychloroquine and made the most of the faulty trials as proof that the drug Trump had touted didn’t work.


  1. Here is another overlooked study, from a tweet by James Todaro MD on 28 April 20:

    The Italian Society for Rheumatology studied 65,000 patients on long-term hydroxychloroquine for RA and Lupus. Only 20 patients tested positive for COVID-19. No ICU, no deaths. This is a 90% reduction in infection rate compared to the rest of Italy.

    1. Mikeyinfl - I've posted this elsewhere early in the plandemic, but all the data you need on HCQ is right at the fingertips of CMS (Center for Medicare/Medicaid). All one needs to do is query their claims database for all patients with diagnosis codes of Lupus and/or RA that take Hydroxychloroquine. Then cross reference if any, or how many, have contracted Covid which will also be in the claims db. I'll bet there are either few or at least a statistically significant reduction for that demographic in cases/hospitalizations/intubations/death. That query can be done without any concerns of privacy violations as well.

  2. We are in Heinlein’s “Crazy Years”.

    On HCQ, I’m shocked at the derangement / efforts against using it.

    The graph from Switzerland on death rates when they temporarily stopped using it (spiked), then went back to using should have been an opened and shut case.


    Why is the US and Europe so against it? Is it just Trump hatred? Or something else. If something else, who benefits?

    1. Mikeinfl again. The real question is why are all the dotards at CDC monkeying with the approval of HCQ for emergency use. They had it approved for emergency us, but only at the hospital when it's generally too late to be an effective treatment. (more thumb on the scale tactics) Most doctors are risk averse given our litigious society and the cost of malpractice insurance as well as fear in some locales that state authorities may be scrutinizing use and threatening their livelihood if used for anything other than what is approved. If the CDC would approve for early use, docs would have an out and more likely to use.

      Also see the study at Am Academy of Epidemiology by Dr. Risch.

  3. Stalin said, "One death is a tragedy, a million dead is a statistic."

    When, in history, has there been a dearth of persons who wouldn't shrink from the creation of "statistics" for wealth or power. There are huge fortunes to be made from politically required, and probably nominally effective, vaccines to battle a "Potemkin" plague. Especially in alliance with those who are willing to leverage the plague to gain permanent political dominance.

    Occasionally my inner Conspiracy Nut gets the best of me and I wonder at the near perfection of CCP-SARS-2 as a research device. No one has ever gathered a near complete, real time, data set for an apparently existential global pandemic. How it might spread, what defenses can be organized/mounted, what will be the general publics reaction, and how obedient to authority will they be. It would seem this is nearly text book. New and dangerous enough, but just barely, to:
    1) be noticed,
    2) elicit true, on the fly, best effort at mitigation/control,
    3) ensure continuous data collection/reporting on a global level far beyond a few news cycles, all in the public eye making data harvesting simple and, in many instances, self sorting and cross verified,
    4) stress society enough that virtually everyone, worldwide, feels threatened and will react accordingly (naturally).

    This data is vastly superior to anything that can be garnered through simulation or modelling. Not just for biowarfare planners but for the psyops personnel as well.

    1. It would also work as a test of information control. The only way to persuade intelligent people around the world that Covid-19 is a world-altering threat is to control what they know about it. By controlling the chokepoints of information, a relatively small faction could push some stories and hide others. Any leaks in the system could then be identified and plugged.

      On the other hand, Napoleon warned against attributing to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. We want to believe that we're up against an enemy who is impressively powerful and intelligent: who else could cause such terror and destruction? We expect our enemy to be a horrible monster like Hitler, so we're almost disappointed if it turns out to be a pedestrian, small-minded file clerk like Eichmann.

    2. True. And it looks like we may have been snookered by a slippery bureaucrat (see below).

  4. Rand Paul's most recent comments on the lockdowns is on GWP. The gist of his comments being we are destroying our economy over a virus that is little different than other viruses. He is correct. Why Trump listened to Fauci and these other "experts" can only be viewed through a political lens of what the news media would do to him if he failed to act on the insane recommendation to shutdown the country.

    This is the first time the nation has attempted to quasi-quarantine the entire nation rather than quarantine the infected and protect the most vulnerable. Why? Because the Russian Hoax failed, Ukraine impeachment failed, the collapse of liberal cities to anarchy will fail. The news media's last hope to take Trump out is to keep the lockdowns in place and thereby cripple the economy before the general election.


  5. @DJL

    "The news media's last hope..."

    Its only their last hope until it fails and then there's their next 'last hope'.

    I'm sure they're not done.

    They're desperate.

  6. When the dust settles from this political pandemic and the costs are totaled in lives lost, careers delayed or ruined, education stalled, and the amount of federal spending added to the national debt, does anyone believe when the next pandemic arrives there will be a reaction like there has been to this one? I doubt it.

    With all that has been said, done, and spent, only 2% of the U.S. population has been confirmed to have had the virus. As a nation, we cannot endure another "the sky in falling" episode like this, either fiscally or mentally. The idea you can quarantine an entire nation to save the few is insane - but that is where we are...


  7. And how do we talk about this without puzzling over President Trump's reaction. Forget everything up until now. Why, now, does he not trumpet all this good news? Why isn't Mcenany putting this out there 24/7? We are in an information war and it feels like the Administration's strategists are AWOL.

    1. Good question, for which I don't have an answer.