Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Not From The Onion

Jon Karl just asked McEnany where in the Constitution does the Trump have the right to send law enforcement into these cities against the will of the local officials. It would start with Article II.
Federal enforcement is not "by invitation only."  The use of federal agents to protect federal property or enforce federal law does not depend on local permission. There may be legitimate questions on how that authority is used but not the right to use the authority.

If you want to read Turley's longer discussion of related issues--including actions Trump is not going to take in the current circumstances--here.


  1. But Karl's question is actually totally legit since we all know that if there were some sort of massive anti-abortion extremist movement in the country and thousands of them were wearing hoods and masks and terrorizing cities for weeks on end and burning down Planned Parenthood buildings and federal buildings and Karl Marx statues and the like, and if the local officials stood back and let them do it, and if Obama tried sending in federal forces to deal with it, Karl would ask the exact same question of the Obama press sec, right?

    I mean, this is my truth. QED.

  2. Karl is as dumb as a post. But has one primary intent. Trump gotcha questions. I strongly doubt he would ever have asked a challenging question of any Obama press secretary….

    1. Could've stopped after the "dumb as a post" remark. If gotcha questions are Karl's remit, he needs to find a new pastime. Anyone with a passing familiarity with the Constitution knows the answer--lawyer Turley is superfluous.

      Every day, legacy media makes clear its partisan political activism, yet the public appears immune to this reality, expressing surprise--even outrage--at such regular demonstrations. The public's reaction, I think, is the more curious behavior.

    2. Never underestimate the gullibility of the miseducated.

    3. No kidding. I got together with a fellow attorney friend a few days ago and could not believe when he felt obliged to start spouting the nonsense propaganda talking points from the Washington Post CNN Dimocrats. A bizarre, mind bending experience where it seemed we inhabited two different realities. In his, Trump is an utter moron who hasn't ever done anything right; where Gen Flynn is a crook who is a veritable fugitive from justice, and; where Biden has no, discernible mental issues. Propaganda works all too well it seems.

    4. I know exactly what you're talking about.

    5. It is a corollary of: There is no proposition so stupid that it can't gain traction with academia.