Tuesday, July 28, 2020

UPDATED: The Barr Testimony

I'll start a post here as a convenient spot for comments. As expected:

Will Chamberlain
I love Bill Barr's facial expression right now
Looking at Nadler with total contempt 
10:17 AM · Jul 28, 2020·Twitter Web App

Ẅïẗẗÿ Ẅäḅḅïẗ
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Really sad that they can say this crap in Congress and not be held accountable.

Fresh Blood For Liberty
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They can’t rattle him.

Geoffrey Ingersoll
Barr follows up by saying Lofgren’s synopsis of Portland is “completey false” and she instantly cuts him off.

Barr isn't going to pander, and they know it. All they can do is rant, and that won't convert any Trump voters.

UPDATE 1: Some actual news from the hearing--Barr has appointed a USA to handle the unmasking part of the Durham investigation, which strongly suggests that the unmasking aspect is considered very important:

Byron York
News: At House hearing, Attorney General Bill Barr reveals that he has asked a U.S. Attorney, John Bash of Texas, to look into the issue of unmasking associated with intelligence reporting.
12:17 PM · Jul 28, 2020



Jonathan Turley
Thankfully the hearing is over. In the end, it reminded me when I rode on the subway years ago in Chicago with a crazed guy raving at me for 30 minutes nonstop. As I got off, he stopped and yelled "thank you." I am still not sure what he gained from the one-sided conversation.
3:11 PM · Jul 28, 2020


  1. The “peaceful protest” montage was pretty shocking. Effective, I think.

    1. Dems own it and I'm betting they'll regret that choice--and some others as well.

    2. "betting they'll regret that choice".
      Unless the main point was, to arouse their SJW sheep, into such a fever-pitch of honky-hate, that the SJWs assault the whole physical infrastructure with such force, that it cracks under the strain.
      This sort of stuff may be the Dems' best hope, to intimidate Barr into backing Durham away from paydirt.

  2. I rather hope that a GOP member makes an issue out of the Dems' infantile conduct, e.g. by spelling out, how Dem CongressCritters' demands (that Barr answer questions with "yes or no!"), is McCarthyist *badgering*, of a sort which should be met with something akin to

    "I don't answer such loaded questions, esp. regarding issues which are so obviously far too complex. to receive appropriately accurate answers."


  3. Joel B. Pollak
    The Democrats’ hysterics against Barr are just self-defeating. An observer who had no prior information would watch the demeanor of the two sides and conclude that Barr was admirable, and the Democrats were desperate and abusive. They should hold these every day until November 3.
    11:10 AM · Jul 28, 2020

  4. I can't think of anything Nadless merits other than contempt.

    Disdain, maybe?

  5. Observing the democrats on their soapboxes screeching their laundry list of supposed injustices while AG Barr sat there stoically witnessing their mental detachment from reality must have made them crazier - if that is possible. AG Barr really had little to respond to during the hearing as most of these leftwing zealots asked and answered their own questions with their own talking points. We've seen this show before...


  6. "unmasking" -- another tentacle of the "Octopus."

  7. When Nadler played hardball on Barr's bid for a 5 minute recess, Barr would've been within his rights to respond:

    "If I now leave this chair to use the men's room, will you cite me for Contempt, or have the Capitol Hill cops cuff me?
    When I arrived here, I didn't expect this place to start resembling the Lubyanka Bldg!"

  8. "This is a hearing, I thought I was the one who was supposed to be heard?" - Bill Barr

    1. There really are some fine tweets out there post-hearing. Here is one, for instance, relating to the quote above, but in exchange with Rep. Dean (D-PA). Barr is really good.

  9. I forget the name of one of the last of the Dem bitches, who whined about how "disrespectful" Barr was, when he was trying to finish answering a loaded question.

    Funny thing is, when Gaetz interrupted Sharpton's filibustering Gaetz's questions (in a classic confrontation in Sept. of last year), Gaoetz didn't stoop to whining about Sharpton's antics.
    Rather, it was Sharpton's CongressCritter shills who whined about Gaetz's exercising his rights, such that Nadler had to consult his lawyers, to learn that he had no out, from letting Gaetz continue.

  10. Dems had months to plan this hearing out, and THIS is what they came up with????

    "Is that the best you can do??? Really ???"

  11. Dem behavior in the hearing with Barr today gives "infantalism" a bad name.

  12. Montage was devastating to the Overton Window of "Mostly Peaceful".

  13. I find this to be about as useful a summary of the hearing as any other I've found.