Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Briefly Noted This Morning: 7/28/20

Bill Barr is coming to the Dems' House, and he intends to scorch them:

Attorney General William Barr is expected to come out swinging when he testifies on Capitol Hill Tuesday, accusing Democrats of falsely seeking to paint him as a Trump loyalist and challenging them to denounce violence in Portland, Ore. 
"Ever since I made it clear that I was going to do everything I could to get to the bottom of the grave abuses involved in the bogus 'Russiagate” scandal,' many of the Democrats on this Committee have attempted to discredit me by conjuring up a narrative that I am simply the President’s factotum who disposes of criminal cases according to his instructions," Barr writes. 
"Judging from the letter inviting me to this hearing, that appears to be your agenda today," he adds.

Barr will be unapologetic and direct, and will make his scorn apparent. He will also express himself articulately and thoughtfully and will not wilt before childish Leftists. If only Barr had been on board from the start. I know, water over the dam.

George Soros Spends $52 Million on 2020 Election Cycle

Much of this money is going, in one form or another, to fund rioting. You didn't think riots like we're having come cheap, did you? For starters you have to pay off the pols.

Soros’s political spending captured by the FEC in 2020 is $30 more than it was in 2016. 
According to Open Secrets, Democracy PAC raised $51,635,003 in 2020, of which it has spent $48,091,590. Its beneficiaries are all left-wing and partisan Democrat PACs, including Senate Majority PACPriorities USA ActionWin Justice PAC, Illinois Justice & Public Safety PAC, Supermajority PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, and Pacronym
The Washington Free Beacon described the layers of PACs through which Soros’s dollars travel before arriving at their end destination in order to obscure his role as a political benefactor: 
The liberal billionaire is taking steps to obscure his election spending this cycle. In the past, he made donations to groups directly in his own name. This cycle, he has operated primarily by transferring tens of millions from the Fund for Policy Reform, a $750 million nonprofit in his sprawling Open Society Foundation network, into Democracy PAC. The PAC then disburses it to other Democratic PACs and committees. This arrangement allows Soros to keep his name from the top of donor lists. His $50 million in contributions makes him the largest donor of the 2020 cycle, though only $8 million is coming directly from him.

To Hell With Professional Sports

Exactly my feelings. I deleted my sports bookmarks just the other day.

Sports served as a distraction from whatever else was happening in the world and our lives, now it’s the manifestation of the Democratic Party’s demands of conformity. I’m not interested in conformity. A bunch of different colored like-minded drones chanting anti-American slogans is not my idea of diversity. 
If I want to be preached to, I’ll call a priest, not millionaires who play a game for a living. If I want to learn something, I’ll read a book, not seek out the “feelings” of someone in a profession known for having proxies take their classes for them. And if I want a distraction from the stress of daily life, I’ll practice self-dentistry before I give these pampered, privileged narcissists a second of my time. 
Personally, if their whole seasons collapsed and had to be canceled because they snuck an infected super-spreader into their bubble, I’d be just fine with that.


  1. "If only Barr had been on board from the start."

    Sometimes we get the leaders we need at the time we needed them. Barr probably wouldn't have stepped into that role until it became clear just how corrupt the DOJ had become. Sessions's ineptitude and good ol' boy routine allowed him to be played by the conspirators. All of this revealed the underbelly of the corrupt deep state. And none of this would have happened if Trump wasn't a real threat to them.

    If and when indictments come and the deep state is cleaned out, we will look back at this time and say it was all worth it to clean things up for a generation. I hope.

  2. Apparently the Penguin was involved in an accident on his way to his Barr hearing. Hearing delayed from what I have heard.

    I agree whole heartedly with your assessment of being lectured to by professional entertainers - and that is what these pro sports athletes are. Losing some big money from their salaries or watching their leagues implode entirely might end most their virtue signaling. There's only so much room for them after they are out of a job, and Kaepernick is currently occupying that position...


    1. I've followed pro sports all my life, to one degree or another. I shed basketball and football pretty easily, but now baseball. One player began his lecture by saying 'there are things in life more important than sports.' I thought, You're right, and that's why I'm tuning you out.

    2. Self-awareness among lefties is a rare characteristic. And 7-figure salaries puts most people (in all occupations) at quite a remove from the reality of typical everyday life for ordinary Americans. A man playing a boys game merely compounds the handicap of operating in an unreality with a lack of self-awareness.

      It reminds of the old saw about keeping one's mouth shut to avoid the embarrassment of revealing what a fool you are...

  3. Steve Doocy says he "has a feeling" that the name "Danchenko" will come up during the Barr hearings. Who asked for these hearings anyway? It's a bitch sometimes when you get what you ask for.

    1. "Danchenko" will come up during the Barr hearings".
      Unless Nadler can swing things, for antiFa to wrap muzzles around the mouths of GOP members!

    2. @ANany: Got my popcorn, bon bon's and cherry coke ready.

  4. Hearing delayed because Fat Nadler was in an automobile accident. No surprise (to me) if pathetic, lying FN overslept, was late, ran a red light and got hit. He's an embarrassment to the country.

    O/T: Lindsey Graham clings to the Russian Disinformation Narrative...

    The time is long past tolerating the continued obfuscations of Dems, RINOs and apologists.

    The 'Russians' didn't hack DNC computers. It was an inside job. The hack story is a coverup.

    Carter Page was not a 'Russian Agent'. He was a longtime CIA and FBI operative.

    Obama and Clinton were totally aware of and directed the destruction and then coup attempt against Trump. Whether or not they are ever charged they are criminally culpable.

    Hillary Clinton sent and received emails containing classified information and destroyed emails containing classified information under subpoena. Why else use BleachBit? All of the foregoing violated federal law and carries criminal penalties.

    There was no 'Russian disinformation' in the Steele Dossier. There was no involvement of the Russian government or Russian government officials in the Steele Dossier. The Steele Dossier was made up by the criminal conspirators.

    It is not true that only a 'little' of the allegations in the Steele Dossier have been verified. No allegations have been verified.

    Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper and Alexander Downer are CIA operatives working for John Brennan to entrap Trump.

    Bob Mueller knew there was no predication for the Trump investigation and no reason to start it or continue it.

    Michael Flynn didn't do anything wrong talking to Kislyak and didn't lie to FBI about his discussions with Kislyak. He was framed.

    Just sayin'.


  5. @Mark

    "To Hell With Professional Sports"

    I'm done.

    I totally agree with you and with Derek Hunter.

    To me, a good litmus test is whether the announcers are announcing the game, doing play by play and analysis, or whether they are talking about 'politics'. If its the latter I'm outa there.

    1. Big Philly fan here. Baseball and football, a little bit of basketball. It was pretty tough enduring all the nonsense after the Eagles won the Superbowl.

      But the stakes are even higher now. The motives of BLM are clearer, not to mention the fraud underlying their origins.

      I cannot abide these drones preaching nonsense that they probably know nothing about.

      It's time to make choices.

  6. The so called hearing is just a Dem rhymes-with-itch session. Each Dem is conducting a monologue with a question mark, but no time is given to AG Barr to respond with anything but Yes or No. This is not a hearing. More Get Trump, this time via a fake hearing.

  7. More on Brookings Institution from Julie Kelly at American Greatness:

    Brookings Institution Flush with Qatari Cash, NeverTrump Donors

    Accepting millions from a state sponsor of terrorism, foisting one of the biggest frauds in history on the American people, and acting as a laundering agent of sorts for Democratic political contributions disguised as policy grants isn’t a good look for such an esteemed institution.

  8. Mollie Hemingway tweet:

    I think the big question of today for Republicans is: "How do Republicans trick Democrats into calling for another hearing featuring Attorney General William Barr?”