Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Bad News For Biden Continues

The Zogby poll is reporting that only 77% of black voters are committed to Biden, while fully 14% say they are committed to Trump. The remainder are "undecided," which is bad news in and of itself. A reminder: Trump won in 2016 with only 8% of the black vote, but has made a concerted effort since then to get his message across to black Americans.

According to Breitbart, the big difference is a lack of enthusiasm among younger blacks:

Biden’s weakened position, according to the data from Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape, stemmed from a lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy among younger black voters. Those surveys indicated that only 57 percent of black voters between the ages of 18 and 29 hold a favorable opinion of the former vice president. On the other hand, 88 percent of African Americans 65-years-of-age and older held a favorable view of Biden.

While I put little stock in the these early polls overall, the consistently stronger performance of Trump among blacks over his first term once again puts Dems on the defensive, seeking to defend their base rather than reaching out to Trump voters.


  1. The Democrats have arranged for reluctant Blacks to be harrassed into voting for the Democrat candidate.

    Weeks before Election Day, every reluctant Black will be visited by social justice warriors, who will harass him until he fills in an absentee ballot and hands it over. If the Black refuses, then he will be visited again on the following day and then again on the following day. Eventually he will fill in the absentee ballot and hand it over to the social justice warrior.

    If the absentee ballot is not filled in correctly (Democrat votes), then it will be thrown into the garbage.

    Despite these new voting procedures, however, Trump will win anyway.

  2. The black electorate is a mystery to me. The older generations must see the recent sharp left turn the democratic party has taken with social and now economic issues. The educated younger generations must see the opportunity offered in a reviving economy. But still, they would march in lockstep to vote for a man who would be just one more snake oil salesman peddling lies of better things to come; wink, wink.

    With such selfless dedication to a political party that could care less about them except on election day, they must have willfully forgotten one of the most denigrating quotes from a president of the United States: "I'll have those [N word pluralized] voting Democratic for the next 200 years." Lyndon B. Johnson


  3. What black voters tell pollsters may very well be different than what they do in the privacy of a voting booth. If 77% of blacks say they will be voting for Biden, don't be surprised if that number will be 5-10% lower.

    1. More likely that the 14% support for Trump is low. Far more difficult to identify as a black Trump voter than to decline to identify with Biden.

  4. "reaching out to Trump voters".
    Dems needn't bother to do that, they need only reach indies, and hold their base (incl. the moderate liberals).
    Their problem seems to me to be, that it'll be easy to hold their base in blue states (where Leftist intimidation reigns supreme), but far harder to do so in
    swing states (where such intimidation is likely to bring sharp backlash).