Saturday, July 18, 2020

Heads Will Roll

Yes, I'm lifting this from Andrea Widburg's blog. She begins by quoting Scott Adams' insight that the 2020 election is a potential "extinction event". Adams advances that idea to explain why he believes that Republicans will "outregister" Democrats. Adams maintains that at least half of Democrats don't want what the the current version of the Democrat Party is selling: Open racism, violence in the streets, stripping of police protection from ordinary citizens, open borders, and etc. Yes, there's lots more, and most of it is unpalatable to at least 40% of regular Dem voters. And registration statistics indicate that Adams is right, as we discussed recently: Trends In Voter Thinking

Here's what Widburg has to say about Adams' theory:

Republicans know what will happen if Biden wins: They will be facing what Adams calls an “EXTINCTION EVENT.” If the Democrats win this election, between open borders and amnesty, a shift to permanent voting by mail, and the end of American suburbs, the Democrats will ensure that a Republican never wins again. 
Adams is correct, but he doesn’t go far enough. There will be more things extinguished than a mere political party. We’ve already seen how the Jacobins on the left are busy purging their party of people who are insufficiently passionate in their support. The daily firings and forced resignations are, for now, the left’s guillotine.
Pay attention, as well, to how Democrats and their fellow leftists are “other-izing” and “demonizing” whole groups of people. We all thought “Well, that’s just leftist Seattle” when we learned that white city employees were being pushed into a “class” that would tell them how foul their whiteness is. That joke stopped being so funny when we learned that the U.S. Treasury Department used our tax dollars for a different seminar telling whites how vile they are. It became even less funny, if possible, today when Judicial Watch revealed that the Obama administration was already pushing this indoctrination on the American military.
So yeah, we’re facing an extinction event. What’s in the path of the oncoming political meteor is bigger than the Republican party. We’ve had a preview of the Marxist / Islamic policies heading our way — violence, racial division, purges, thought crimes, the erasure of our constitutional rights, and the type of dehumanizing anti-whiteness and anti-Semitism that put Nazi Germany on the path to the Holocaust. If you think it can’t happen here, you’re wrong. It can — unless we stop it at the polling place on November 3, 2020.

When I sent this around in an email, I included the following warning:

As you read this, and especially as you reach the final video, bear in mind that "The Jacobin" is the name of "a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture."


  1. I want you and Adams to be right about that 40% of Dem voters, but I just don't see it. Every Democrat I know is batshit crazy. They are completely irrational. They hate Trump, but it's worse than that: they believe everything they read in the vile MSM organs.

    The white privilege criminals of Antifa are a lost cause. But so are their parents! We have allowed the schools to destroy this once great nation. And the schools are not improving (see L.A., Cornell).

    Now, I do believe that many quiet Americans are seething about the riots in the cities and the failure of authority to put a stop to them. But I see these people as independents, not Democrats.

    One thing is certain, even now: the Trump administration better have a plan in place to quell the massive riots the left has ready to go if Trump should win reelection. We have to expect it to happen. And if they can make the streets wild enough, they could topple him.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

    1. The big problem is, in a sense, the parents and those like them. They're the people who incorrigibly assume that it's possible to go only part way down the slippery slope. Will enough people be scared off by the current antics of privileged white girls, who appear to be the drivers of so much of this?

    2. I agree with Titan 28; my wife is a Democrat and her putrid distaste for Trump blinds her to the belief that the extinction that could occur will in fact occur. Like their will be checks and balances in place to prevent some of this which I try to explain but to no avail. It's pure blind hatred by the left. Payback thinking essentially. Giving in to this view without understanding the consequences is also blind trust and that IMO is dangerous. Much more dangerous than a known commodity. All of this is driven by fear. MSM and social media (twitter especially) create these false narratives.

    3. That so many people can't or won't see the clear and present danger of a Dem victory on 11/3 is of course a problem for the election, no denying it. But it's the mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting and all the other fraud in the works that's the bigger worry, at least for me.

      Dems will have more hoaxes and October surprises, yes, but I'm pretty sure none of it will be able to match the truth bombs in the works at DOJ and the Trump campaign. If we had a process like we had through nearly our entire history, where almost everyone votes on election day, in complete secret, I don't think there's any way Trump would lose that. But what's coming will be nothing like that, and the room for massive fraud seems to be ample at least, maybe vast.

      IOW, if anything keeps me up at night, it's not so much the voters but the operatives, scheming to add many percent to the final count of Dem candidates everywhere, maybe enough to put them over the top - at 1600, on Capitol Hill and state capitols, also.

      I'm still betting on enough of the American people to be mostly sane and to overcome all this, maybe even in huge numbers, but I can't say I'm not a little nervous.

  2. Angelo Codevilla and the Covid Coup

    seems Trump was right again...

    read it and weep

    1. Thank you so much! We must not lose our faith in God. Now is the time to pray.

    2. Still working on the Codevilla article, but like it a lot so far.

    3. Codevilla Is good. I agree with 90%.

      Where I disagree with is on Trump. I think Trump has done the best with the knowledge he had at the time. The challenge was he did not know how political / dysfunctional the cdc and fda were.

      I agree 100% on his comments on HCQ. Just think what would have happened if the death rate was 65% less in the US if HCQ had been widely used.

    4. Yeah, even Trump was probably surprised by that aspect of the "science" establishment.

    5. His prior article on Covid was also good, see .

    6. I, too, like the Codevilla article.

      But I think he goes too hard on Trump. Its easy to wish Trump had stood on what, undoubtedly, were his convictions when he wanted to re-open "by Easter".

      But, as Codevilla admits, the Left "tightened control by using the state’s coercive power more forcefully than in wartime, covering its class by claiming to speak for 'science' in a manner that precludes counterargument".

      In short, the Left was threatening Trump, who is looking at a possibly razor-thin electoral result in November, with liability for murder if he re-opened and death rates increased...which the "experts" said would certainly happen. Trump is tough, real tough, but in this case he blinked.

      Not only do I not blame Trump (as I think Codevilla unfairly does) I think Trump has plenty of time to recover over the next 100 days. And, has so often been the case over the past four years, Trump will have been proved right and his opponents dreadfully wrong, adding yet another powerful argument for his reelection.

      Or so I hope.

    7. I think Trump has plenty of time to recover as well. Once he hits on his messaging I think he'll do well.

  3. Here's the problem i see: we seem to be careening toward a bolshevik revolution scenario and we, conservatives have little or no organization. Heck, we don't even rise to the level of mensheviks and we know how that turned out. We had better start setting up networks fhat can be mobilized quickly if November goes south.

  4. My experience with my elderly mother and her friends who voted for Trump in 2016 frightens me. They don't like Trump's "style" but won't vote for Biden. Their plan is not to vote for either one, leaving the Presidential vote blank.

    No matter how I try to convince them of how dangerous their strategy is, they have been poisoned by CNN and the MSN evening news. I'm afraid of being ignored as a right-wing kook, if I can't find better arguments. We, here, know that the Democrats plan a massive cheat, either through mail-in voting or some other stragey we have yet to discover. I'd appreciate any suggestions the wise posters here have to offer.

    I am very disheartened by the clips I've seen of the president's interview with Chris Wallace that will air on Sunday morning and several more times during the day. Whoever persuaded Trump to do that interview should be fired. He should have done an extended interview with Maria Bartiromo or another with Catherine Herridge, both of whom I think are fair, which Chris Wallace is most certainly not.

  5. I've been wracking my brain for months about why the Dems in general and Biden in particular, keep saying that President Trump might not leave office voluntarily, if Biden wins.

    I think I may just have arrived at an answer: Mail-in voting.

    I read an article yesterday about Eliot Engel's ouster by one of AOC's "progressives". Jamaal Bowman, in the Dem primary for NY 16. The primary took place on July 2, but the results weren't finalized until July 16. I presume that was due to the delay in counting mail-in ballots, even though Bowman led Engel by 60.7% to 35.6% on election night.

    Imagine the 2000 Florida recount madness taking place in EVERY one of the 24 Democrat-run states. This also explains why Biden bragged that his campaign had hired 600 attorneys. A fiasco of this size could well be stretched by the Dems up to inauguration day, with fraudulent reporting that Biden is ahead.

    So what is Trump to do? Leave us without a President?

    1. There are Constitutional and statutory provisions that would almost certainly force SCOTUS to rule that all states will have to have their final electoral college counts in by a date certain. While the Court itself would have to determine that date for certain, and while it could very well set an unreasonably late date like late December or early January, it would take extreme shenanigans, even by their standards, for them to say it’s okay for states not to have their certifications in before Jan 20.

      Dec 8 is the statutory deadline for states to have all disputes resolved; by Dec 23 they’re supposed to have their electoral college votes delivered to the Senate; and on Jan 6 Congress is supposed to count and certify the electoral votes and the winner of the election. This link lists and explains these and other key statutory electoral college deadlines. SCOTUS, in its Holy Omnipotence (!), can override any of these if it sees fit, but they’re all supposed to be firm.

      What I see as more interesting is that PA, MI, WI, MN and NC all have Dem governors. Combine this with what I, in my bottomless cynicism, assume will be John Roberts’ willingness to allow pro-dem ballot fraud, counting fraud, certification fraud - you name it - and you see, I think, a better explanation for the need for the mail-in voting. And of course, apart from the presidential election, there are Congressional and state and even local elections also, and mail-in ballots could help Dems tremendously overall in these innumerable contests.

    2. Given that a Biden win likely means an "extinction event", Righties had better start thinking more seriously about either
      1) ensuring that Durham makes huge dents (in Indies' support for Biden), or
      2) planning for secession before 20 Jan., when Dems would get control of the DS agencies, and have those outfits then spare no effort, to sabotage any such plans.

  6. "bear in mind that "The Jacobin" is the name of "a leading voice of the American left".
    I don't put much weight on that mag title, as I don't see it as "a leading voice", with circulation well under 1/2 of that of The Nation.
    Besides, it's really not in sync with today's ID politics Left, see e.g. .

    BTW, the Jacobins were the umbrella Club, within which the *Montagnards* were the Terror guys, whose slaughter (at the guillotine) of the Girondins really started The Terror in earnest.
    So, the name "Jacobin" actually got a bad rap.

  7. Does this mean every future presidential election is an extinction event for the gop now?

    1. Not if enough Dems (& MSM) get some sense knocked into them, by Durham's mega-busts, or by a rout in Nov.

    2. Right. And even more by 4 more years of exposure by a second Trump Admin. Hopefully he’s a bit (i.e., a LOT) better at personal appointment and the whole “personnel is policy” thing, and some serious swamp draining can get done. Done in a way that makes the radical left brand untouchable by most of the nation, like Democrats were outside of the South, post-bellum.

    3. Of course not. When, since circa 1954, did the Republican Party ever demonstrate a reluctance to "reach across the aisle" and come to an accommodation.

      This is about stifling us, We the People. Trump is merely a temporary inconvenience that could slow "progress" to an annoying degree.

      Masks are the new 55, or TSA depending on your generation. "Progress" is still progressing.

    4. @Anonymous

      "Trump is merely a temporary inconvenience that could slow "progress" to an annoying degree."

      But isn't he more than an annoyance and an inconvenience?

      Judging by the extent of criminality employed to stop him and then remove him, they must consider him an existential threat.

    5. Brad, if Barr/ Durham get 4 more years, I'm quite confident, that the extent of the swamp draining will
      make the radical left brand untouchable.
      For a glimpse at the sorts of things that may unfold, see , on a growing threat to FatAss (& SparkleFarts).

  8. I read somewhere, Twitter I think, a suggested solution against mail-in ballots, don't know how realistic it is:

    Trump could declare each voting station as a federal "space". Then sign an EO to state that anyone who enters a federal space needs to have federal ID. There's your voter ID.

    Then have a National Guard at each voting station, to watch for any shenanigans, and to deliver the ballots.

    I wonder how that would fly.

  9. I just read the Politico article from 2 days ago called "Graham releases declassified documents on early months of Russian probes". If you read the comments approx. 70 you'll get a better idea of what the liberal's think about this, Trump, and current situations. It's very scary because whatever their sources of information are it's very distorted, short of relevant facts, and misleading. However, it does tell you that IMO nothing's changed and Trump's gonna have to do better to win in November.