Friday, June 11, 2021

Not Gonna Hold Back!

That's what we're being told about Zhou when he meets with Vlad--he's not gonna hold back. 

Meanwhile he's warming up at something called the G-7, where democratic leaders gather at the bottom of history's slippery slope and bloviate about becoming more "gender neutral" and "feminine":

Who thinks Putin--or Xi--would've been impressed had they been present?


  1. So far we’ve seen Jilly, perusing notebooks on Joebama’s desk on AF1, “preparing for the summit”, glasses and all; GropeyJoe pawing Boris’s wife Carrie; and the First Couple showing up for drinks after a hard day’s nothing, dressed in jeans and sneakers.

    Makes you long for MAGA, The Donald and Melania.

  2. Putin has already issued a warning that they will talk about many things, but not how he governs his country.

    The ultimate macho man (at least in his own mind and behavior), Putin has to be very amused by what these other leaders are up to. Heartened to see the self-weakening they are reveling in on the world stage.

    Xi, who plans to lead the world when China becomes #1 (by 2049 at the latest) must also having a pleased chuckle as he watches what was the current #1 be destroyed by its demented new “leader”.