Tuesday, June 29, 2021

NSA Denies That Tucker Was Ever A 'Target'

But of course that was never the issue. It's one of those non-denial denials. Glenn Greenwald points that out at somewhat greater length:

First, it's bizarre that @NSAGov allow no replies.

IOW, NSA's non-denial tweet allowed no responses. 

Second, NSA has used this same deceit for years: they can spy on US citizens' communications without "targeting" the American.

Third, NSA has extremely broad authorities to collect communications without "targeting" a person.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) June 30, 2021

The real question has never been whether the NSA collects communication data regarding all USPERs, including Tucker Carlson. It does. The real question is, Has an investigative agency acquired the data that NSA has, beyond a doubt, been collecting with regard to Tucker Carlson? If so, the investigative agency must be doing so by virtue of a warrant and must have an open full investigation--if not on Tucker himself as the subject, then on someone with whom Tucker is in contact. Let's hear from the FBI.

In the meantime, there's this:

And just FYI: the Pentagon just suspended a pro-Trump security official for "unauthorized disclosure of classified information" from the NSA -- meaning, presumably, that she leaked NSA activities to someone she wasn't supposed to talk to about it:

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) June 30, 2021


  1. As Tucker so eloquently points out, denying he was ever a "target" does not answer the question of whether or not they read his emails and texts.

    If they didn't, why don't they just say so?

    The question answers itself.

    One has to wonder if he was "reversed-targeted" through somebody elses FISA or other authorized foreign intercepts that Tucker's impinged on.

    That would get the camel's nose inside his communication tent.

  2. Don't forget all the abuse which came out in the FISA court scandal where we learned private contractors were accessing information off the NSA databases without any authorization or clearance. Who knows who has seen what at this point? They don't even need official channels to launder most of this stuff through anymore.

  3. And the Regime is sweeping it under the rug. Nothing to see here.

  4. O/T Good piece on Manchin's role as trojan horse for nationalizing elections:

  5. I need to find a political betting site, I could retire comfortably off of my predictions...

    Clinesmith gets his license back in under a year...

  6. That was a gimme. What's your prediction on Rudy getting his license back?

  7. No place to post this, but it does seem to warrant some attention while our minds are claimed by so many other issues:

    EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden entertained Hunter's Mexican billionaire business associates in the vice president's office in 2014 and even flew with his son to Mexico City on Air Force 2 so Hunter could attend meetings over a 'flippin gigantic’ deal

    This is from the DM, a Brit tabloid, but we remember that our own National Enquirer often disclosed scandals that were not being touched by any so-called “news outlets”. These days the DM has the details and photos. Xiden has no business being anywhere near the White House. His son should probably be in prison.

    1. No wonder DC was desperate to get rid of Trump--it's been so long since we've had an honest president.

    2. no need to be defensive about the of the few media outlets that prints news! Been reading it for years.

  8. OT - Revolver has another deep dive into PERSON ONE from the Jan 06 indictments.
    Oath Keepers founder, Steward Rhodes is PERSON ONE, and Revolver wants to know why he is still not indicted? He incited the membership with violent rhetoric, which the DOJ used as evidence for all the charges against the Oath Keepers, but they do not seem interested in Rhodes himself? Why??

    1. @anon

      That seems to be a whole lotta sensationalism laden with hefty narratives vs a "deep dive" into the shallow end of the pool.

      Revolver for the most part is tabloid journalism.

    2. @ dev

      Did you even read the Revolver piece? It is quite long and contains extensive quotations taken from federal criminal pleadings as well as a pretty careful reconstruction of Rhoads' actions in the months up to and on 1/6. Revolver also delves into Rhoads' bio whoch jas some very odd and suspiciously murky aspects. They also look at his involvement in other flashpoints w the feds, for example the Bindy ranch standoff where he played a bery provocative leadership role but, inexplicably was not arrested or charged by the feds unlike the others he reportedly incited to action.

      The Revolver article is not sensational. It raises questions that need to be asked about federal involvement in stirring up and ensnaring patriots to aid a narrative about domestic terrorism.

      If Revolver is tabloid journalism Id like to know what you think passes for serious journalism these days? Washington Pist? NY Tomes? Wall Street Jerkall? At least Revolver is daring to ask the questions about 1/6 and they make an effort to research sources whole being careful in their pieces to say they don't have conclusions but serious questions.

      Don't shoot the messenger, d man. Especially when he's an ally.

    3. @anon

      Thank you for the defense. I had thought of most of these points when reading devilman's reply, especially I found the Bundy ranch episode revealing in the Revolver piece.

      Devilman usually has posts I agree with, so I did not really want to engage on an adversarial basis.

      After reading the fist Revolver article on the Jam 06 riot, I actually went to the DOJ website and read the entire 37 page indictment of the Oath Keeper group (the 16) and found the indictment to be a "whole lotta sensationalism laden with hefty narratives"

      Lots of quotes of incendiary language by the participants, no weapons, and only less then 15 minutes inside the Capitol building, not actually doing anything of consequence. So, yeah Revolver is asking reasonable questions, tabloid or not, no one else in the MSM seems interested.

  9. It's worse than I thought - Tucker reporting that busloads of migrant children secretly being transported into American interior. The bus drivers of charter companies go into Central America and pick up busloads. Under gov't agents' orders. And now that that is becoming known, they're flying them in.

    Destroying the country as quickly as possible.


  10. Sebastian Ghorka (sp) said the NSA were getting the information by diverting internet traffic to a foreign country then scooping it up.

    Rob S

  11. >> <<

    Tucker on "Morning With Maria" this AM reporting a journo he knows called him and said he had received a leak of Tucker's email, consistent with what whistleblower told him was the intent in reading his emails -- leaking it to try to get him tossed off the air.

    Tucker claims no one other than himself and his producer knew about the email in question (he seems to leave out the recipient, perhaps to protect his identity,) so it seems perhaps Tucker isn't crazy.

    If NSA or it's employees are doing this, it's a big deal.