Tuesday, June 29, 2021


I hadda laugh at this vax map of the US. Not the map per se but the caption. Since when were Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and even southern Illinois, "Southern states"? Notice, too, that any counties over 50% are all lumped in as NOT "under-vaxxed". When my wife was working in a private school, any time the vaccination rate for any of the common childhood diseases fell below 90% your got a call from the State. Gradations above 50%--not just below 50%--might show an even more clustered effect.


  1. I'm glad to be residing in TN where the common man has more common sense than the maroons who claim to know what is best for all of us. 'Dr.' Jill received a less than sycophantic welcome last week when she visited to promote vaccinations. The vac numbers have probably leveled out - WYSIWYG. With the news media backing off the relentless scarathon and with life returning to normal (vaccinated or not), why would any rational person submit to such a risk with the ill effects being reported?


  2. Although I first saw this yesterday, I understand that it was published before that. This gentleman is speaking to the “pandemic” (in quotes) v. a PCR “hoax”. He lists his credentials at the beginning. I found this video very intriguing.


  3. Video of Jim Jordan doing a good job laying out the emails from Jan 2020, between Fauci and others, pretty well proving Fauci's coverup.