Thursday, June 10, 2021

How's Zhou Doing Overseas?

CNN has told us that Kama Sutra's first foreign venture was a "disaster". I'll admit I ignored the whole thing, but I'm willing to take CNN's word for it.

Similarly, I'm willing to take the word of anonymous Brit MP's with regard to Zhou's overseas adventure:


  1. I noticed the spin in the daily mail, it’s so transparent,

    And then you have the photo of “Dr.” Jill prepping for the meeting.

  2. After a long, hard day, Joebama and Jillz showed up “dressed down” for a drink outdoors … dressed in jeans and sneakers. Someone used to say “they got no couth…”

    No one apparently told these provincials what “casual” means abroad.

    I miss The Donald and Melania.

  3. I have such mixed feelings on the election fraud, and what is happening due to it.

    It’s upsetting how incompetent and political Congress and the executive branch. I see a world of hurt ahead economically. It’s worse than I imagined.

    The good news, is now it’s out in the open the election fraud happened. And it seems there was a lot more fraud than anyone imagined, not just with Trump. My guess is there is still a lot hidden about the election fraud that happened.

    And there seems to be a lot of overreach, and I’m not sure the left can restrain themselves.

    And so many of the eGOP are being unmasked as aiding and abetting the election fraud.

    And with inflation including increased gas prices and stagnation, increases in crime, and critical race theory you are stoking a lot of anger. At a grassroots level some school board members are being recalled due to this anger. And the race card is not what it once was.

    And Trump is still out there, unvanquished, laser focused on the election fraud and reforming the GOP.

    And the truth about Covid is dribbling out. I don’t think the media and the deep state will be able to keep a lid on this. This is a game changer.

    The question I have, is the election fraud in the us so endemic that voting is useless? My guess is in some areas of the us yes, and others no. Will this change? I’m hoping with the sunlight exposing the election fraud to the masses this will change.

    1. Global anger at the West's Globalist Elite may be coming over the lockdowns, which devastated the poor worldwide. It could play into all of the above--especially, obviously, the economic aspects.

    2. @ Ray,

      I think the election fraud issue may be one of the larger coffin nails if we can keep the MSM from overly burying it AND the Alt-MSM from over playing it.

      There is a exhaustion / apathy peril to both sides of that coin.

      Voting, like taxes and inflation is one of the few things that has that direct connection between Joe Voter and his Government. Toss in covid and whatnot and it's finally getting really personal for even the causal Joe!

      We're in a up cycle of societal awareness, it painful to watch but by example, the more these republican Senates keep telling their patrons to eat cake, the more obvious the two party charade becomes. That's where we really need to be in order to address the problems vs their symptoms.

      It takes highly personal and very painful experiences to change one's belief system, the silver lining is, that's happening!!!

  4. @devilman

    Another influence is what the DOJ does…