Saturday, June 26, 2021

White Rage--A Bit Late?

Lindsey Graham is white and he's enraged--or so he says--so I guess his reaction to the Dems' attempted bait and switch qualifies as White Rage. But, really, everybody under the sun knew this would happen. The Daily Mail (UK) summarizes:

Republican FURY at Baiden's infrastructure blindside: Lindsey Graham says president made the GOP look like 'f***ing idiots' by tying $1.2trillion deal to huge reconciliation package after 'suicide mission' negotiations

  • Lindsey Graham said Baiden has made the GOP look like 'f***ing idiots' by publicly tying the infrastructure deal to whether his American Families Plan passes 
  • 'I don't mind bipartisanship, but I'm not going to do a suicide mission,' Graham said in backing out of the group of 11 Republicans supporting the bipartisan deal
  • Baiden said Thursday after announcing a deal was reached: 'If this is the only thing that comes to me, I'm not signing it'
  • But Republicans claim there was never any 'side deal' involving reconciliation
  • Senator Bill Cassidy, one of the five Republicans who negotiated the deal, said he felt 'blindsided' by the all-or-nothing approach  
  • Baiden stepped out of the White House Thursday with a group of 10 senators from both parties to announce 'we have a deal' on an infrastructure package 
  • 'We made serious compromises on both ends,' Baiden said 
  • The deal amounts to $1.2 trillion in infrastructure spending over eight years

I suppose wising up is a better late than never thing, but in politics that is done in public there can be a price to pay for being late--in terms of credibility with your base of support. The look Graham describes so vividly is not what the GOP base is looking for, nor is it the kind of look that will attract independents. Having cooperated with the Deep State and the rest of the Establishment in ousting Trump, is this really the sort of fecklessness the GOPe is offering the American people?


  1. "is this really the sort of fecklessness the GOPe is offering....?"
    They'll keep on this course, until either
    1) the grass roots get organized enough to force a change, or
    2) until the regime brings hammers down hard enough, that GoPe see their personal fates at stake.
    Most likely, this latter won't happen, before it's too late for the grass roots.

  2. Graham speaks with a forked tongue.

  3. The key idea is that votes for real infrastructure are bipartisan, but the vote for bogus infrastructure are only Democratic.

    If the electorate understands that distinction, then there will be a huge backlash against the Democrats in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

    If, in contrast, the electorate wants to promote the drift into Socialism, then that is our future in the coming decades.

    It seems to me that the electorate does want to promote the drift into Socialism, and so that is the way we indeed will drift.

    It seems to me that all might be lost.

    1. Let me try it this way. It does appear that a significant part of the population has lost any notion of reality involving any trade-offs. They appear to believe we an have it all, a bit like the old guns and butter view. Update it a bit and call it Empire, Butter, and No Limits imposed by Economic Reality or even the reality of Human Nature. Or something like that. And the education most Americans have received has encourage this divorce from reality. But there will be a reckoning.

  4. When you send in a crack negotiating team with unimpeachable principles like Cassidy, Portman, Collins, Murkowski, Shaheen, and Romney, you just know you are going to come out with a hard-fought, great deal that reflects true conservative Republican values and wishes, right? Right? I can't help but wonder who picked these superstars.

    And then we have Lindsey, who is shocked, shocked I tell you, that they all got rolled by a guy who doesn't know what day it is - but happens to be the "leader" of a party that has been ritually escorting RINOs to the cleaners for decades?

    All the drama is just too much to take. Let's see how long Lindsey's latest fit of rage (I mean latest role playing episode) lasts before the RINOs agree to cave further and Lindsey is happy once again.

  5. Another pundit makes the case that this whole thing was an act designed to incorporate the Big Spend into the Lesser Infra Act, the combination becoming passable under budget rules.

    Whatever. Graham has been a useless piece of garbage since he took up with McCain a couple decades ago. I hope that even Bartiromo has figured this out by now.