Monday, June 28, 2021

How The Left Gets A Foothold In Red America

Admittedly this is a sample of one, but you can imagine that variations on this pattern happen with some regularity throughout the land. The reporting comes from the Franklin County [PA] Journal:

County Government in Deep Red America Giving in to Marxist Indoctrination

You can read about the demographics of Franklin County before going on, but if I tell you that this Deep Red county in rural Pennsylvania is 95.33% "white", you'll get the picture.

Franklin County is located in deep red South Central Pennsylvania, with a population of approximately 160,000 people. Franklin County is Trump country, giving the former President over 70% of the vote in the last two Presidential elections. One might ask how a radical group like BLM becomes dominant in a place like Franklin County. The answer is both complex and simple at the same time. Republican voters in deep red counties such as Franklin get complacent and usually don’t even bother to follow local politics. They elect and re-elect the same people, who often run unopposed, term after term. These politicians spend years in the centers of power, whether it be the county courthouse or the state capitol, and become corrupted by the power and money that comes with the territory. After awhile, they cease to serve the interests of the complacent voters and work only for those who write them big checks. Their goal of public service, if that were ever their goal, is quickly replaced by their overwhelming desire to stay in office forever. Let’s face it, most of these cats would never do as well in a private sector where it takes actual results to keep your job, let alone move ahead.

Recently, the self-serving Republican District Attorney of Franklin County, Matt Fogal, who has literally never been opposed in any election, went the predictable route and sold out those who elected him by both publicly embracing BLM’s big lie of “systemic racism” and by condemning then-President Donald Trump. Fogal who had previously and unsuccessfully lobbied for a federal post, no doubt felt that his prospects for such would be better under a Biden administration. Fogal joined forces with local leftist groups and specifically Linda and Marvin Worthy, who have become professional race activists by establishing an organization called Racial Reconciliation, a radical 501(c)(3) “charitable” group that solicits tax-free donations. As with all left wing groups, the name “Racial Reconciliation” belies the group and movement’s real purpose, which seems to be constant race-baiting and the acquisition of political power while promoting the twin Big Lies of “systemic racism” and “white privilege”. Mr. Worthy, who is not coincidentally a Democrat candidate for Mayor of Chambersburg, has along with his wife become the darling of the leftist media, who have written endless inaccurate articles which have falsely painted local white residents as racist ogres.

A Screenshot of the Racial Reconciliation website homepage

You might think that local Republican leaders would be standing up for the citizens of Franklin County, but you would be wrong. Other than conservative Franklin County Republican Party Chairman and Chambersburg Boro Councilman Allen Coffman, no one has stepped up to the plate. Last year, Chairman Coffman, after two local party executive committee meetings issued an official reprimand of DA Fogal, a move that has earned Coffman retribution from his fellow council members.

How many Republican politicians rose through the ranks by going along to get along? A system like that ends up recruiting and advancing morally pliable people who are out for their own interests. I wish I could tell you what the solution is. The only one that comes to mind is a virtuous, informed, engaged, and active citizenry. That's the weakness of democracy.


  1. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It’s a quote routinely attributed to Edmund Burke.

  2. The list of lies of the Democrat Party:

    Epstein committed suicide
    McAfee committed suicide
    Biden won the election
    The media isn’t corrupt.
    Censorship is fine.
    COVID came from a wetmarket
    Conservatives are all terrorists
    Ivermectin doesn't work
    HCQ doesn't work
    The 2020 riots/looting/arson were peaceful.
    Biden doesn't have dementia
    The jab isn't making anyone ill
    Fauci was consistent
    Masks work
    15 days to flatten the curve
    Cuomo didn't kill old people
    Dominion systems were secure
    2020 was most secure election in history
    Hunter Biden is an artist
    Trump colluded with Russia
    Jan 06 was an insurrection
    Transwomen are real women
    BLM is mostly peaceful
    Trump had a pee pee tape
    Antifa is an idea
    George Floyd didn't overdose
    Advanced coursework is racist
    1619 is real history
    Hunter Laptop wasn't real
    Trump caused asian hate
    White rage is the problem
    CRT isn't poisonous
    All white people are racist
    A pipe in ATL stopped the count
    Juicy Smollet was attacked
    China travel ban was racist
    Words are violence
    The military isn't woke
    The FBI is apolitical
    Shokin was fired for corruption
    Obama didn't build cages
    Iran never got cash pallets
    Churches should be closed
    The border is under control
    Voter ID is racist
    Biden is tough on Putin
    Blasey Ford was credible
    Swalwell isn't compromised
    Kids should get the jab
    Teachers had it the worst
    China managed COVID well
    WHO is an independent body
    The Great Reset isn't real
    Renting forever is just fine
    Bailouts are necessary
    Gain of Function wasn't funded
    Hunter isn't incestuous
    Double masking is best
    Own nothing, be happy.

    and yet, half the population believes them, and can't be argued out of believing them

    more here (some are duplicates)


  3. I looked at the website of the organization Racial Reconciliation. I did not see anything bad there.

    So, Fogal has "joined forces" with Linda and Marvin Worthy in an organization called Racial Reconciliation. Is that bad?

    I think we need some more information about this situation before we condemn any of these people.

    1. Racial Reconciliation is closely tied to the violent Marxist Group Black Lives Matter. The Worthy's have been agitating for that group for a few years now. This is more about Worthy running for Mayor than any racial reconciliation. Maybe you should do some research if you want "more information".

    2. Racial Reconciliation's description of itself:

      .... Since our first Racial Reconciliation meeting in 2016, we have evolved and grown tremendously, but our roots have remained the same. All are welcome to join our efforts of racial reconciliation, yet we base our identity and find our momentum in the Person and Presence of Jesus Christ; therefore, we strive to do all things in Love.

      We have been holding awareness opportunities in Chambersburg since January 2019. Among these events, you may have participated in or seen publicity for panel discussions, debriefing groups, training for dealing with racial injustice, training on how to engage in difficult conversations, and more.

      We are honored to be a part of the Franklin County community!

  4. I recently moved from CA to AZ. The first thing I did was volunteer for the audit where I met somebody who talked to me about becoming a precinct committee member. I'm in. We have to root out the RINOs and corrupt GOPers from the ground up. We now have a great litmus test question: have you supported election audits? If not, you need to go. Nothing else matters. We've got to get to the bottom of what happened on Nov 3. Election integrity process corrections will continue to be undermined until we expose the fraud and fraudsters.

    It's monsoon season in Arizona.

  5. Although I’m in England I do follow The US situation. Mark and Sundance are both very good.

    War Room Pandemic has been pushing people to get involved in politics at the ground roots level. They recommend Dan Shultz and which seems to be having success in helping people to get involved. I wish I could!

  6. I see these local issues as largely resulting from down ballot party line votes. People simply do not do their research and tick every box with a party next to it.

    Also, were past due for the creation of a new party. Why Trump has chosen the path that he has in supporting republicans rates up there with his cabinet picks.

    1. Easier to take over than to create from scratch?

    2. Sorry, I see the new party thing as a dodge. What you end up with is a bunch of disparate groups of disgruntled people who walk away the first time someone doesn't agree with 100% of their beliefs. Perot's Reform Party is a good example. Trump ran as a Republican because he knew it was the only path forward. The very people who are too lazy to get involved in the Republican Party aren't going to be successful in establishing a third party. Third parties don't work under our system.

    3. @PA

      Times are very different than the days of Perot in 1992. Perot tried to run as an independent and then build a party from that loss after giving the election to Clinton. His following was much more like that of Ron Paul vs Trump.

      The majority of trumps voting base were not republicans but NPAs and we're seeing NPA numbers increasing because many (like myself) have left the republican party. Few realize the whole of the GOP is less than 34M nationwide.

      People are getting wise to the ways of the neocons and the Uniparty actions. The further we go the less believable the labels of GOPe or RINO are for excusing antics that are obviously party wide. The attempts to compartmentalize the bad behavior are failing.

      PD asks of it's easier to take over then start from scratch? I say that's the dodge or long con we've been seeing for decades now in Goldwater the Tea Party and now "MAGA" movements. All are corrupted or infiltrated by the GOP before they can get off the ground.

      I'm guessing the Arizona audits give us some interesting information. I don't think it will have any effect on the office of the president. However all of the republicans currently defending the elections in the swing states are going to be in for a very hard time.

      A clean break is needed and the reasons today and much more pronounced than they were in 92 after throwing an election to Clinton.

    4. @ PA

      Maybe what devilm has in mind is more along the lines of replacing the GOP with a patriot party or some such? Afterall the Republican party replaced the Whigs. If the 90% of Republicans who support Trump deserted the GOP at once and brought in the millions of independents who formerly were Republicans, you might effect a replacement overnight.


    5. @devilman

      I understand your wariness of new energy being corrupted by remaining within the GOP, but what I've seen so far within the belly of the local GOP beast is in essence a viral takeover. The litmus test being applied to every precinct committeeman and candidate is "show us that you supported the Nov 3 audit during the interregnum (when it was not yet fait accompli and when many in the GOP opposed it). I also agree that the long con has been used successfully to subvert new political energy. I think the difference is, however, that Trump caused the masks to slip on both sides of the (phony) aisle. The Uniparty has exposed itself and none of us can un-see what we have seen in the past five years.

      In the end, the only way to determine if you are right is to see what's in the pudding. If the nationalist coalition falls prey to cooption yet again then the jury will be in: ballots are never going to solve the problem.

  7. “ How many Republican politicians rose through the ranks by going along to get along?”

    “ During Trump’s presidency, the Senate GOP majority had to break a nominee filibuster and end the debate a whopping 314 times. All the previous U.S. presidents combined faced this situation only 244 times.

    There were 108 cloture votes in Trump’s first 18 months to break Democrat filibusters of his nominees. So far as we can tell, the GOP minority has only used the filibuster twice in the first 5 months against Biden nominees.“

    We had hardball with judicial nominees, but now we have stuff like this.

    1. @Texas

      More and more are becoming wise to what's going on there.

      I'm personally surprised the Hoft brothers are painting that picture. They are usually very busy blaming the Dems for what the GOP is doing.

  8. When your life is centered on working, raising children, and on and on one has little time to engage the various lunatics located across this country....couple that with the fear of being harassed or worse and you get the country we are becoming.

  9. Two cents, one major piece of this is that material prosperity has become the god for too many Republicans. Where Democrats are often motivated by ideology and a cult like zeal, many Republican politicians are devoted to wealth. They quickly learn that alot of money can be made cozying up to the Oligarchy. That's why there doesn't need to be any vast Left wing conspiracy. Just a few people i driving an agenda that bribes and intimidates the mass of rootless, money hungry politicians. Our national weakness is the ease with which we can be bought.