Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Great Truth: Accountability, Yes Or No?

Jeffrey Tucker has an entertaining article today--or it would be entertaining if it weren't so sad. It's about the Fauci emails and, especially, about the lockdowns. Read it all--you won't regret it:

Believe Your Own Eyes About Fauci E-Mails, Not the Fact Checkers

He starts out by stating the Great Truth up front--this is what everything should be about at this point. This is it in one sentence:

... Fauci was the US architect of the lockdowns that smashed all that we believed was true in the good ‘ol US of A; namely that we had rights and freedoms and a system of government that protected both.

He proceeds through the continuing MSM effort to protect Fauci. I enjoyed his making fun of Fauci--although it speaks so poorly of 21st century America:

  • His nonstop reveling in his personal fame and power, basking in praise from anyone ready to offer it;
  • The way the media sucked up and became his echo chamber, thanking him daily for his glorious leadership even though this consisted mostly of going on TV and pontificating ambiguities 

But toward the end he returns to the Great Truth:

So, yes, these emails do provide tremendous insight, despite what you are reading today from the mainstream press, which continues to defend him no matter what. Even so, the great truth cannot be forever ignored. What is that? To my mind, it is the elephant in the room: there is zero evidence that lockdowns actually worked to mitigate severe outcomes from the disease. 

Even Vox has started asking the real question: “After a year of debates over mask mandates, lockdowns, and school closures, that mixed evidence might suggest a certain fatalism: Did none of these state policies really matter? Or was the virus going to spread no matter what states did? Was it all for nothing?... If you look at a list of states by their number of Covid-19 deaths per capita, it’s hard to discern much of a pattern.”


Right now, Covid infections and deaths are at the lowest point in the US since March 2020. While commentators credit the vaccines, it’s not entirely obvious since low-vaccine states have the same trends as high ones. ... 

Looking at the curves of this thing here and abroad – while adjusting for climate, geography, demographics, and population immunity profiles – they all look suspiciously the same, regardless of policy. 

Vox at least asks the right question: “Was it all for nothing?”

Sadly, the answer is probably yes. ...

But then the question becomes: Who will be held to account? Anyone who thinks Fauci did this all on his own is smoking stuff that didn't used to be legal. 


  1. Who will be held to account?

    I don't think it's realistic to expect those who grabbed presidency with this greatest con job in history, will hold anyone accountable.

  2. You'd think the Ohio GOP would be ready to jettison DeWine who was indistinguishable from Whitmer in locking down the state but you'd be wrong.

  3. Yes, we would do well to curb our enthusiasm. After five years of futility, which mechanisms of the state should we look to for justice. FBI? DoJ? At this point the CCP could tell Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Pichai to shut down everyone's account but theirs. They could then let WaPo, NYT et al that the CCP would henceforth be providing the news to be printed. Lots of money would change hands--or threats made to the recalcitrant--so Who would be left complain? We've been sold and it wasn't even to the highest bidder.

  4. The FBI agents' association didn't fete Fauci because of his sterling medical leadership. The doctor did what Schiff and Schumer and all the rest could not -- he brought down the hated Orange Man.

  5. 1/ "...then the question becomes: Who will be held to account?"

    Joe Biden, maybe?

    As evidence of a massive coverup of the source of the Wuhan virus emerges, as well as evidence of American involvement in funding Chinese gain of function research on coronaviruses, it is tempting to speculate what the ultimate impact on our political life might be if the Democratic Party, and Joe Biden, in particular, are shown to have been complicit in the Wuhan pandemic and coverup.

    Depending upon how the stars align, Joe Biden could go down…and go down spectacularly…sooner than later…

    • If the Wuhan virus is conclusively shown to have been lab created with financial support from the US and that its provenance covered up by Anthony Fauci…with the support of and at the direction of Democratic Party leadership and the Deep State…

    And then, imagine that

    • John Durham releases a report establishing without doubt that the FBI and DoJ used illegal means to try to depose Donald Trump in 2016 and thereafter…with the support and at the direction of the Obama White House, including Joe Biden, and

    • Election audits in Arizona and other swing states definitively show that the 2020 election was stolen…with the support and at the direction of the Democratic Party and the Deep State, and

    • The Hunter Biden laptop is conclusively established to belong to…Hunter Biden…and evidence of influence peddling and bribery tied to Joe Biden while he was Vice President (as in transfers of $$) is conclusively proven, and

    • Biden Administration tax and fiscal policy is blamed for increasing levels of inflation leading to major debt and equity market corrections and global recession, and

    • Biden Administration phony allegations of systemic racism, white nationalism, hate speech, homophobia and sexism in the US come to a head and are overwhelmingly rejected by a majority of the American People, and

    • Joe Biden’s advancing dementia is clinically established following a series of horrifying gaffes and public opinion coalesces around his unfitness for office.

  6. 2/

    These developments, if some or all of them eventuate, could cross the tipping point of continuing support for Biden and cause the dominoes of disclosure of the ongoing conspiracy against Donald Trump and the American People to begin to fall, leading to massive loss of public confidence in and support for Biden and resulting in an avalanche of public condemnation of innumerable Deep State lies and hoaxes, including (in addition to the foregoing) the Clinton Benghazi and email coverups, the Clinton Foundation pay to play scheme, the outrageous made-up Kavanaugh Smear, the fake DNC email hack, the Steele Dossier and Russia Hoax, the crooked FISA Gambit, the Flynn Frame Up, the Mueller Star Chamber and Coverup, the numerous eGOP Betrayals (McCain, Ryan, Burr and Romney, etc.), the Fake Trump Ukraine Narrative and Phony Impeachment #1, the Fake Trump Insurrection Scam and Impeachment #2, and more.

    There could follow the exposure of the massive extent of Deep State involvement in criminal surveillance of American citizens and selective prosecution of citizens for political purposes. The Marxist ideologies behind Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory, as well as the roles of the Chinese Communist Party and George Soros in the corruption of the Elites and Deep State, could be thoroughly exposed to the public and discredited.

    Efforts would then be made to impeach Biden and Harris and restore Trump to the Presidency before 2022. Whether or not they are successful, Republicans would expect to win the House and Senate by large majorities in 2022. With these majorities, Republicans would then impeach Biden and Harris again in 2023. If they are successful in convicting them, numerous constitutional questions will arise regarding the process for choosing their successors. One plausible result will be that the Speaker of the House will become acting President. There is now some speculation floating about that Donald Trump will run for the House in 2022 and if elected, and if the Republicans gain a majority, would seek to become Speaker, and if Biden and Harris are removed, retake the Presidency under the Presidential Succession Act.

    How about that for accountability? :-)

    1. The endgame here is beyond me, I'll freely admit that. I've fantasized about some of your speculative outcomes, too. My basic conviction is that America simply isn't ready for the hard Left future that the Dems envision and Biden simply doesn't have the wherewithal to keep juggling things. Violence and inflation should be key.

    2. Cass-

      You & NOQ Report are very like minded, see here:

      Real? Possible? Only The Heavenly Father knows. I do know this: as heretofore mentioned, I’m deep into reading/understanding The Bible. In Romans 13:1 Apostle Paul state as categorically to “Obey the Government, for God is the One who put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power.” This statement caused me to pause in confusion for several minutes - Hitler? Stalin? Nero? But then it became clear. In The Bible it states that God uses both good & bad people to achieve His ends (The Old Testament - look up King Saul). God makes frequent use of “crooked sticks” in the process. The question invariably arises as to “How could God allow someone like Adolf Hitler into a place of power who would murder over 6 million of God’s chosen people during the Holocaust?”

      It’s very simple really: it is with those cataclysmic events that the impetus to reform Israel as a nation began resulting in Israel’s refounding in 1948. God had scattered Israel - because of repeated wickedness, sin, & idolatry - to the four corners of the globe over 2,000 years ago. Israel is the only tribe of people that still exists. All others are extinct. It’s also why Israel - why going thru trial & tribulation- will never be wiped from the map. Even in The End, when Russia, Iran, Turkey, et al set upon Israel to annihilate her is when God steps in resulting in the Battle of Armageddon. While many Israelis are killed - & are nearly wiped out - there is “The Remnant” which shall remain.

      But I digress; what does all this have to do with Chow Bi Den & his Chinese $$$ Laundromat? Just this: Chow is there for a reason & it could very well be the one who speculate or some version thereof. As all this fraud comes to light: the MSM will do its best to ignore it to be sure, but there are enough independent voices out there including FNC/OAN/Newsmax + Talk Radio + DJT himself that word is going to get out & a lot of “elites” are going to have egg all over their face.

      Now that leads to another question: what happens as a result of this? That is anyone’s guess; we’re a nation in rebellion against God & The Gospel of Jesus Christ & have been since the 1960’s. Salvation is not bestowed collectively only individually. Think it fair to state that the Christian churches are/have been pretty much a misdirected mess since the advent of pop culture. Corruption, hypocrisy, & homosexuality has seeped into pretty much all of them. We will all face Judgement @ the seat of God individually, not collectively.

      I can tell you this honestly: people are in for a very rude awakening. A storm hitherto unknown is coming down on this earth. It’s all been foretold. God is not - never has been/never will be- a pacifist. But don’t take my word for it, it’s all in The Old Testament.

      We’ll see how this all plays out but in the meantime, start building a network of like-minded people around where you live, so when the fit does hit the shan you’re not alone. Stock up on as much ammo as you possible/get into reloading, canned goods, etc. Most importantly share The Gospel of Jesus Christ with the ones you love, friends, & anyone who’ll listen.

      It’s the only way out.


    3. @cass

      You've got a healthy fantasy life, I'll give you that. And a heckuva lot more optimism than I can conjure, so bravo.

      The truth is that none of know or can say what is or isn't possible. There are so many different scenarios out there for what's happened and what will happen, the best we can do is sort them into very rough piles of likelihood. But given what's happened already, we cannot rule out anything as impossible, including the alien lizard lords, sheesh.

      My bet is hyperinflation from trillions of funny money and limitless spending followed by another attempt by the Oligarchy to impose a DC crisis management lockdown to solidify their subjugation of the people. At that point we are 1930s Spain where the military chooses sides, states finally draw a line, and things get...interesting in a very Heinleinian way.


    4. @cass an outcome devoutly to be wished. My preoccupation, if it hasn't become obvious by now from all my comments is that Former POTUS Obama, the man (of the hard left) and, more importantly, the myth (as the highly virtuous and effective First Black President) is standing directly in the way of such revelations and accounting. Not least because he was deeply involved in perpetrating the hoaxes and is vulnerable to exposure, but also because removing Trump from office, from the political scene is the imperative it is because Trump the man, the President, repudiates quite thoroughly the myth of Obama as President. Trump was an effective, decisive, and practical executive, a practiced leader of an organization. And it showed. Whatever else were his flaws, and the media and detractors recounted them ad nauseum, he was decisive, he had vision, determination, and the courage of his convictions. President Obama on the other hand was a feckless, unaccomplished lawyer, a community organizer and congressman, none of them careers that build skills for leadership of an organization. And it showed. POTUS Obama was not a leader he was an idealogue. An organizer. His effectiveness was in fomenting ideolucalky the subversion of the organization he "lead", to the extent we stand in awe of him it is for the subversion he was able to accomplish/ is still accomplishing. Instead of his effectiveness stemming from his personal qualities as Trump's does, Obama's effectiveness seems to stem from the color of his skin and the effect that his being the first of his skin color to become president has on the rest of us. We would really really like to think good of him, for all our sakes. Trump among a others seems not so sentimentally attached, and gas no problem it seems regarding, treating and engaging with Obama on the basis of his capacity a man and his performance and effectiveness as POTUS, not to mention as well his putative political persuasion. So Trump's ability to persuade others to see Obama in this way is a direct threat to Obamas one source of power - the myth of his being the virtuous and Good (the non-ideological, non-corrupt ) First Black President. TM() That every non-black American has really strong sentimental (ie emotional) reasons to not think ill of. What's more and ironically, this power requires Obama and his handlers to play up the cult of the Presidency, to turn it up to 11 so to speak, the thrill up the leg and the perfectly creased pant leg and all that. Or that beer with the police officer to have a conversation fairy tale, the Nobel Peace Prize, or every time Obama injected himself personally in events ("could a been my son") That our evaluation of the Office and the President is based entirely on his personal image (in Obama's case a carefully constructed myth). Trump being Trump was a threat to all that not only ideologically but also because as a Master Persuader he absolutely rejects the need to play to the cult of the presidency and the keepers of the cult (DC establishment, media, the rest of us to some extent) boy do they resent him for it. He pops our sentimental bubble. And so Obama the hard leftist will keep driving his ideology and quite effectively as long as we all persist in the bubble, in the myth that he and his gang perfected, of the Great Statesman President. Trump is/was the only hat pin I see among us. But perhaps there is an African American who will emerge that can burst the bubble.

      Mark A

    5. @Boarwild


      This David Ware is a very smart guy!


    6. @Boarwild, read Daniel 7 and Revelation 17-18 and ask yourself if the fourth beast and prostitute don't sound an awful lot like 'murica.

  7. It's not hard to imagine that point in February 2020 where the Oligarchy rep came to Fauci and laid out to him exactly how they wanted it played. The sudden reversals of not only Fauci but Nattering Nancy and Chuck U Schumer et al from downplaying the Wuflu to making it into the Zombie apocalypse strongly suggests a strategic pivot. Fauci was a useful tool. Very useful.

    My question is how the Oligarchs deal with him now. As Mark wrote last week, Fauci knows alot, maybe too much to simply throw him under the bus. They will try to sweep this under the rug first as we see now. If not successful, they will probably ask him to fall on his sword with a sweet gig somewhere in retirement. If he refuses...well, we know what happens to the uncooperative and those who can't be trusted to zip their yappers, don't we Mr. Epstein?


  8. Where was Obama in all this?

    Interesting Timing – Obama Administration Lifted Block on “Gain of Function Research” Just Eleven Days Before President Trump Took Office, January 9, 2017

    Obama’s “guidance”:

  9. This is what happens when we as a people have turned our backs on this basic truth:

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    6 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.