Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Briefly Noted: American Caste System

Follow what science? Via TGP. Today we get the long awaited news:

CDC Updates Covid-19 Guidelines: Fully Vaccinated People Can Exercise, Gather Outdoors in Small Groups Without Face Masks

By Cristina Laila

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its Covid-19 guidelines on Tuesday and said fully vaccinated people can exercise and gather outdoors without wearing face masks.

The government is creating a caste system and moving toward vaccine passports by treating unvaccinated people as dirty lepers.

“As we gather more and more data on the real-world efficacy of vaccines, we know that most fully vaccinated people can safely attend worship services inside, go to an indoor restaurant or bar, and even participate in an indoor exercise class,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said during Tuesday’s announcement.

Land of the free? Not if Progs have anything to say about it!

Addendum: Tucker Carlson Says People Who Wear Masks Outside Should Be Mocked

Leftists reacted with fury after Fox News host Tucker Carlson said people who wear masks outside should be mocked and that parents who made their kids wear them were engaging in “child abuse.”

Carlson noted that masks were “purely a sign of political obedience like Kim Il-Sung pins in Pyongyang” and that the only people who voluntarily wear masks outside are “zealots and neurotics.”

He then asserted that the tables should be turned on Biden voters who have been harassing conservatives for almost a year for not wearing a mask in public.

“The rest of us should be snorting at them first, they’re the aggressors – it’s our job to brush them back and restore the society we were born in,” said Carlson.

“So the next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk or on the bike path, do not hesitate. Ask politely but firmly, ‘Would you please take off your mask? Science shows there is no reason for you to be wearing it. Your mask is making me uncomfortable,” he added.



  1. not if Wray has anything to do with it, either....

    Flynn was only one of millions...maybe that's why Durham will never get finished! In the meantime, is Wray investigating himself? haha or his agency? don't bet on it!

  2. Well, it’s all a charade, maintained for reasons that have nothing to do with science or public health,” Carlson said. The Fox News host compared the contradictory positions of “the science” on politically important matters, such as between normal social activities and the Black Lives Matter riots of summer 2020.

    “You’re not allowed to get married or go to church or see your elderly parents as they die alone. But if you break things on behalf of the Democratic Party’s power structure, you can loot the dollar store and no one gets sick. That’s science,” he said, noting the blatant hypocrisy within the “public health community” who backed this position.

  3. We heavily restricted Los Angeles County residents have not worn masks outside since Day One of the Covid debacle. Grocery stores, medical offices, and other establishments require them and we comply. The rest of the time those masks hang in our car.

    Does anyone wonder why the vaunted Dr. Rachel Walensky looks terrified as she reads the latest guidance on camera? Just following orders from Biden Inc.? No confidence builder, she...

  4. Dr. Fauci frequently discounted off label use of some medicines because there were no blinded studies saying those meds work. I am asking where are the studies (blind, double blind, observational) that say 1. There are in fact, asymptomatic carriers in the general population, and 2. That those healthy appearing asymptomatic carriers have infected others. Without that hard data the entire mask argument falls apart.

    1. Just watched Dr. Lee Merritt’s interesting video once again. Along with her discussion of the Covid “vaccines”, she talks about the suppression of first line treatments. (Hint: If you have treatments, you don’t need vaccines.) Worth a second look (r a first one if you didn’t see it before)…

    2. I am asking where are the studies (blind, double blind, observational) that say ... asymptomatic carriers have infected others.

      I think that such a study would be impossible to do.

      A big factor in terrifying the population about COVID-19 was the imaginary "fact" that the virus would be spread largely by asymptomatic carriers.

    3. Yes. You can see that tactic still at work. Very tiresome by now, but neurotics still buy in.

    4. With a population cohort > 10,000,000 the inability to identify cases directly related to asymptomatic carriers is a powerful observation.

    5. There was also the panic about the virus remaining on surfaces for undetermined periods of time, so many went Clorox wipes like crazy. Some I won’t name wiped down all of the grocery packages before taking them from their car to their kitchen. And wiped down their cars, inside and out, although in one case the only one using the car was its owner. And on and on. The others are those who have had the shots and are terrified of anyone who hasn’t had them, cannot have them…. The shots are supposed to protect those persons who had them, yet I am seeing mindless fear in otherwise intelligent persons… Xiden and Faucist have created a cruel world, with the help from their friends in the Middle Kingdom.

  5. Without similar hard data on social distances (6' vs. 3' vs. 9'), that entire argument also falls apart.

  6. Anywhere that has asked me to put on a mask I've simply departed from... It's been very very few places since the first wave of panic settled May 2020'ish and none I can recall in the past 6 months.

    You still see the zombies wearing them everywhere though. 🤦‍♂️ It's embarrassing for humanity.

    I'm wondering how the feds are going to manage passports beyond entry border use. I'm not thinking they can pull that off with out another funding bill and a lotta other hoopla to give themselves *permission*.

  7. Replies
    1. Watching it now. He's right, of course--India's being used to mislead and scare.

    2. Thanks Mike!

      I was curious on the hysteria over India...

      I’m getting very cynical about anything reported by our press. The press is being shown repeatedly to be lying, even after Trump. At this rate I may even start questioning other beliefs, such as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, or the non politicization of the doj and fbi, or the deep state does not exist, or the uniparty does not exist.

      The false reporting in these stories astounds me:

      I just found out the person trampled inside the Capital was an overdose of amphetamines.

      And then the person accused of using bear spray was just carrying it. And is still locked up.

      And the reporting over Officer Sicknick cause of death was false.

  8. OT


    Sidney Powell has not quit. Here, she speaks:

    According to Ms Powell, Trump won the election with more than 80 million votes. In addition to other types of fraud, the machines were hacked. The scheme was comprehensive and planned in advance. That's why Biden didn't campaign. After the election, DoJ was told to stand down and not investigate. "The word came down." For some reason, Trump did not overrule. The GOP Establishment was complicit. We are now in a coverup. D'Souza asks who is the 'head of the snake'. Powell says she does not yet know.

    Why did they steal election?

    Powell says she doesn't know.

    So many questions...

    1. "That's why Biden didn't campaign." And that explains why Hillary remains understandably bitter. She was assured that it was all taken care of, but then ...

      Now here's a challenge. Follow this link and try to make sense of the chart:

  9. Wow - mind blowing.

    > follow this link and try to make sense of the chart: