Sunday, April 11, 2021

Tip Of The Iceberg?

I don't want to spend much time on this. Concerns about BLM money raising have been floating around for a long time--including among BLM true believers. Now ...

'How much of her money is actually going to charitable causes?' Head of NYC BLM chapter calls for probe into organization's co-founder as it's revealed 'she has spent $3MILLION on FOUR luxury homes'

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, 37, recently bought a plush property in Topanga Canyon in a tony area of Los Angeles for $1.4 million

She also bought three other homes in the past five years, the NY Post reports

The head of New York City's BLM chapter is now calling for an investigation into the organization's finances, asking how much Cullors has contributed to charity

BLM brought in $90 million in donations last year, it emerged in March.

 Or maybe I could have titled this: Knock me over with a feather?


  1. Those Marxist sure seem to have an issue with personal financial gain... Ole Berne has taught them well!!!

    1. Hah. I was thinking the same. Gee let me see... Because I dod this... I'm entitled to that. Everyone else fall in line. Riots prevail!

  2. OT

    I live in a county in a Red state with a population in 2021 of 42,655. Since the Chinese virus was discovered in our county last year, 11 people have died. Do the arithmetic. This divides out to a mortality rate of ~0.00025. Putting it another way, about one in 4,000 residents of our county have died of this pathogen.

    I could not find average mortality rates for our county, but in the United States average mortality rate was recently 0.008697. What this means is that about 870 people out of 100,000 die in any given year. Translated to our county about 371 people would be expected to die each year. Of course, it is unknowable how many of the 11 coronavirus victims would have died anyway over the last twelve months, but it is pretty clear that the virus has barely changed the average death rate in our county.

    There is scant public information about the cause of death of reported covid victims, let alone co-morbidities of the victims. What information exists suggests that many (if not most, if not all) of the victims were in the upper ranges of the elderly.

    This is not to diminish the loss of these neighbors, but during the 12 months since the virus arrived in our county we have been essentially locked down. All of our schools have been closed for varying lengths of time, numerous restaurants and retail stores have been closed, some temporarily and many permanently. Unemployment in our county has not recovered and is still higher than at any time since 2012 in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Sales tax receipts, which are a major source of funding for municipal government, plummeted after the lockdown was implemented, leading officials to implement layoffs and broad cutbacks in public services, such as our public bus system. And these are just a handful of the consequences known to date of our government response to the virus.

    Time will undoubtedly expose more, and potentially more insidious, consequences of the politicization of this 'pandemic'.

    I suspect this will come to be understood as the great tragedy of the Chinese Virus.

    1. I believe those numbers play out for the US generally. That scientist at Johns Hopkins did the study that showed that, basically, mortality remained the same. Which suggests that 'other' mortality was reclassified as Covid mortality. Not just flu--heart disease and other things, too.

    2. Yes, on days when i doubt my sanity for disbelieving the Narrative about the virus, I remember things like the Hopkins study and, more importantly, the fact that Hopkins felt obliged to quickly suppress it. The unbelievable suppression of opposing views, especially those of formerly stellar credentials, is all the evidence we need to see that the Wuhan Flu is an evil deception. Apply the same metric to the election, race theorues, the environment etc... the amount of suppression of opposing views is a terrific indicator of just how phony is the narrative.

      A great quote I saw this morning by Philip K. Dick... Reality is that which continues to affect you even after you stop believing in it.

      - Pies and Bacon

    3. I commented yesterday that "Time will undoubtedly expose more, and potentially more insidious, consequences of the politicization of this 'pandemic'."

      Here's a good example:

      The article discusses the major mental health consequences of the lockdowns.

      In ordering crippling lockdowns to possibly avoid (in our county) a small number of deaths, political leaders simply ignored the tangential costs of their actions.

      Like Andrew Cuomo in respect of his reckless actions in New York nursing homes, they should be held responsible.

    4. SHTF

      Following up on my comments a few days ago regarding the consequences of the pandemic and the lockdowns, here are the 'musings' of a Brazilian writer, Fabian Ommar, about whom I know very little.

      I offer up his thoughts not as any kind of endorsement but to present a point of view. Ommar looks at the pandemic not as the only cause of our current decline but as a contributing factor in a profound decline which was already under way.

      Whether the worst of his predictions, or any of his predictions, will materialize is certainly open to question, but it is not wrong in any way for us to consider his description of what is happening around us and ultimately what is at stake.

  3. "Newsome of NYC’s BLM said, “We need black firms and black accountants to go in there and find out where the money is going. He added that his group does not receive any financial support from the BLM Global Network."

    Dare I say it? What if anyone said we need white firms and white accountants...

    Doubletalk and hypocrisy everywhere you look..