Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Watch Bannon And Braynard

I'm not attempting to chronicle the continuing efforts to document the fraud in Election 2020. However, there is a big picture that's gradually emerging. The big picture varies from state to state--in some states the GOP was complicit with the fraud, in some states they were probably incompetent. The constant in it all is: fraud. 

Currently, all eyes are on Arizona, and understandably so. However, the hard work is continuing elsewhere. One of the guys who's been doing this hard work--from the beginning of the post election period--is Matt Braynard. We've focused on his work previously, and he's still at it. His work centers on "traditional" vote fraud--abuses of absentee voting, non-resident voters, abuses of mail in voting, etc.

Steve Bannon did a nice 9:00 minute interview with Braynard on Monday. Unfortunately, I can't embed Rumble here, so you'll have to follow this link to watch the video.

The video touts developments in Wisconsin: 97% of Ballots With No ID in Wisconsin Were Fraudulent. However, the WI portion doesn't kick in until about 2/3 of the way through--6:00. The first six minutes largely deal with Georgia, and it's equally interesting.

Bannon and Braynard get into the big picture a bit--and, remember, we're only about three months into this Zhou regime. Poll after poll has documented that a huge proportion of the population--including a remarkable number of Dems--are very open to the idea that fraud influenced the outcome of the election. Braynard and others aren't going away. They're digging and they're getting results. The big picture is coming out, and it means that a very large portion of the American people will see that this Zhou regime is illegitimate.

This is a very big story, albeit slowly unfolding. As we noted yesterday, it's what's behind James Carville's angst. Voters in the affected states, in particular, will be irate.


  1. Currently reside in the once dependably Red State of Georgia. More than the presidential election was stolen. Our two senate seats were most certainly stolen. And I am more than irate.

    Thanks for bringing the update about Mr Braynard’s diligent work and for the link.

  2. There’s a reason why, unlike in 2000, the Dems wanted and still want to move on.

    They know Biden is not a duly elected US President.

    And when I say, “they,” I mean pretty much every Democrat including my family members.

  3. All very good points... Also why I'm being hyper critical of AZ. It only takes one good mess to be made to completely derail a lot of very hard work.

    Once the damages are done, there's no recovery.

    Eyes open, watch all directions...

  4. Can never get too much sunlight.

    Let me get this straight.

    Re AZ, the new Dem-onic judge may require Cyber Ninjas to reveal all their proprietary methods etc (their company jewels) for "voter privacy protection". Yet Dominion etc are legally protected from revealing any inspection of their proprietary election software because their company jewels must be protected, election integrity be damned.

    I can personally attest that this spiritual warfare is exploding, not just on a macro social scale but in marriages, families and friendships.

    Come, Jesus.

    1. Happily that judge did the right thing. Thank you Jesus.

    2. Yet an order to compel Cyber Ninjas to disclose their secret sauce recipe apparently remains on the table.