Saturday, April 10, 2021

Briefly Noted: Preemptive Cancellation Of DeSantis, GOP Fundraising

Sundance has a nice post this morning regarding Google canceling a Youtube of Gov. DeSantis' roundtable discussion on face masks--and with special reference to children. Sundance quotes an NBC article which is predictably slanted and attempts to impugn the credentials of the scientists who participated in the roundtable. In fact, the participants were all eminent scientists like Scott Atlas, Sunetra Gupta, and Jay Bhattacharya. NBC cited mostly anonymous "scientists" and government bureaucrats to "discredit" these highly regarded scientists. You can read all about this and find the link to the full NBC article for more details here:

COVID Compliance is Infrastructure – Google Deletes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Roundtable Discussion on COVID From Youtube

My added points are simple ones, and they revolve around the notion that these cancelations reflect, among other things, fear. Fear of a counter-revolution.

First, cancellation of a scientific discussion is an illustration that the Covid Hoax remains a key part of the Great Reset agenda that the Zhou Baiden regime is seeking to advance. This should give you pause to consider what Michael Yeadon recently spoke of--his openness to regarding the willingness of multiple Western governments to push out demonstrably false "facts" as motivated by a conspiracy. In that regard, Yeadon is now willing to consider whether the Covid virus itself was part of a conspiracy. This runs counter to the way we've been raised to view the world and our government, yet the Harvard/MIT study that I discussed yesterday also suggests a disturbing line of inquiry that is very similar. If the virus is behaving in ways that "puzzled" these establishment scientists, and we know that the US government paid millions of dollars to have the Wuhan Lab develop a gain-of-function SARS virus, is it possible that the reality that "puzzled" the Harvard/MIT team and that Doug Corrigan stated would be theoretically "improbable" is the product of that gain of function research? That would explain why the improbable actually appears to be happening.

Second, it would be very foolish to assume that the canceling of DeSantis and his eminent panel, while it was done by Google, simply reflects the views of one--albeit huge--corporation. What it reflects is the deep concern of the Deep State that DeSantis poses a serious political threat and that DeSantis has hit on a complex of related issues--schools, children, social restrictions, cancel culture--that the Deep State knows are deeply concerning to a vast swath of America. Thus, the determined campaign of preemptive cancellation against DeSantis that we've been witnessing.

On the related and possibly good news front, Kim Strassell at the WSJ has an article documenting that the GOP is doing extremely well in its fundraising--despite the corporate boycott. The fact that the GOP is raising huge amounts of money from small donors--vastly outstripping past efforts--suggests that the Deep State concerns regarding DeSantis are well founded. Strassell draws a lesson from this that we've all discussed previously, but she also offers statistical confirmation based on the fundraising:

The Best Tonic for Restoring the GOP: Overreaching Democrats

Republicans have a record fundraising quarter, no thanks to corporate PACs.

The article is not behind the paywall so you should be able to get the details. Having noted the startlingly good numbers, despite the MSM's attempt to write the obituary for the GOP, Strassell asks the obvious question, and offers her fairly obvious answer. That characterization, "fairly obvious", isn't meant to be dismissive--we all need some confirmation that ordinary Americans are paying attention to this crisis in our nation:

So what gives? Here’s what the obits are missing: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Nothing unifies the Republican Party more than the threat of an all-Democrat, progressives-gone-wild Washington. GOP fundraisers tell me their pitch to donors the past two months has been as simple as it has been effective: The only way to stop the left’s radical transformation of the country is to retake the House and Senate. That objective is bringing Republicans together and opening pocketbooks—and the more Mr. Biden pushes left, the bigger and more the checks. The unity is forming much faster than it did in 2009, the last time the Democrats took the presidency and both congressional chambers.

The reference to "the unity ... forming much faster" appears to highlight a real sense of urgency. A good thing, in these circumstances.


The fundraising also highlights the widening split between the GOP and corporate America and the risks to business of losing clout with its traditional free-market defenders. Media outlets crowed when dozens of corporations announced in January that their PACs would “pause” donations to the GOP ...

And that also suggests that establishment GOP politicians have done what seemed unthinkable--learned something from Donald Trump. Populism could be their salvation, for the time being. A populist GOP could be a far more muscular and assertive GOP. The next point Strassell makes is important (right--that's why I put it in red). I've noted over the last weeks a regular MSM meme, to the effect of: Don't be fooled--the GOP is still in the pocket of rich corporations. My conclusion is that Dems are seeing the same things Strassell is reporting, and are alarmed:


The reality is that corporate PAC money has faded in significance over the years, and the GOP message with this fundraising blowout is that Republicans can get by without it, thank you very much. ...

If anything, GOP fundraisers report that corporate America’s politicking is helping the party’s bank accounts. Many Americans are furious over the likes of Delta and Coca-Cola wading into the Georgia election-law fight, ... This is potentially dangerous territory both for companies and the economy, and it may explain why some firms are now quietly “unpausing” donations, seeking to repair ties with Republicans.

Money isn’t a direct proxy for political support, and dollars alone don’t win elections, as Hillary Clinton proved in 2016. Republicans have tricky territory to navigate in coming years, from recruiting worthy replacements for many retiring incumbents to managing real divides in the base. Democratic contenders for key Senate races are already pulling in bucks.

But the GOP fundraising numbers show that reports of the party’s death are greatly exaggerated. The best tonic for restoring the Republican Party’s health is an overreaching Democratic White House and Congress.


  1. Hmmm. Fundraising vs. fraudraising? Let me see...Where should I deploy my resources? Do the Dems even need to worry about their war chests when even a presidential campaign can be run out of a basement? I guess 2022 will reveal whether 2020 was a one-off ... or the new paradigm.

    1. You put your finger on it PDQ. After 2020, I for one don't feel like giving anyone, including Mark himself (no offense) room to pretend there is such a thing as an honest election. The elites forfeited that with their steal. The only question is whether the republican party can be reconstituted outside of uniparty clutches, or a new populist party can be erected, or revolt, or totalitarian oligarchic republic.

      Mark A

    2. Andrea Widburg in an article in 'American Thinker on Biden's mandate claims that "Overall, up to 45% of Americans distrust the election results." I would put the figure at up to 85%. Of course it is impossible to arrive at an actual figure, but any one who claims that a fair hearing of election irregularities has taken place is clearly delusional. This would suggest a vast conspiracy on the part of the Ruling Class, and bodes ill for the integrity of future elections. They may rationalize that to get rid of Trump the election had to be 'fortified' to achieve "the proper outcome of the election." (February 15, 2021 issue of TIME, Molly Ball). In so doing they have effectively thrown out the baby with the bath water. Isn't President Trump justified in his saying that without borders and without fair elections we no longer have a country?

    3. @ mark a.

      Amen. At some point patriots have to say, Enough. Or as Townshend wrote, Wont get fooled again. I have witnessed this GOP song and dance before-- give us the $ we need because we're all that stands between you and (fill in the apocalyptic threat). In my life that's been, Mondale, Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Obama, Felonious von Pantsuit (h/tSchlicter), and Chairman Zhou. Pelosi has been a great fundraising talisman all along.

      At some point, a rational person would like to see some success from the GOP in, idk, actually opposing the Kleptocracy. Instead we see all those donations go down the Karl Rovian sized toilet and the firebrands who managed to get elected strangely go quiescent in DC. No more. 2020 was the last straw. These GOP worms betrayed all of us and the Constitution by allowing the fraud and its narrative to stand. The GOP is worse than Democrats bc Republicans pretend to be on our side while continually stabbing us in the back.

      I know, i know...with an attitude like this the left are sure to win and we need to focus on midterms etc... No. No more. I don't know what the solution is to our broken system but I know what is ISN'T. More of the same. As long as we serve the GOP fundraising wing of the Kleptocracy as naive dupes nothing will change. Electoral politics don't work when the results can be stolen at will by one side. We are a One Party state now still pretending as if there are two parties. I am done buying into the myth that it matters who gets elected. The sooner we all realize the gravity of our situation, the sooner we can figure out a solution.

      -Last Straw

  2. “ This runs counter to the way we've been raised to view the world and our government, ...”

    I would say the is the way we, mostly, have been raised to view it and I further would say this is a more American view than the rest of the world.

    That said, I think by now not very many Americans are under the delusion that our government is here to help Americans overall.

    1. Steve Hayward from a worthwhile post today--where we're being led:

      "You can see where this is heading: racial groups will increasingly fall out with one another over the spoils of office, hiring, college admissions, etc. Question for liberals: does a just society require that everything be apportioned by quotas reflecting the relative racial and ethnic populations of the country? It’s worked so well for Lebanon, I can’t imagine how it could go wrong here."

  3. I think 50% of the boycotting against the Georgia election law changes are manufactured cover for what the law both is and is not. Georgia voters got completely scammed!!!

    Which also goes into the manufactured game of right vs left, GOP vs DNC, Repubs vs Dems...

    One of these days someone is going to drop a pile of emails showing this coordination between the parties.

    As for covid propaganda... The only people gaining are just getting richer by Government fiat money. The only people loosing is the average american.

  4. Alexander Solzhenitsyn as quoted by DeSantis

    We know they are lying
    They know they are lying
    They know we know they are lying
    We know they know we know they are lying
    But they are still lying


    1. Seems more people used this statement:

      The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.
      —Elena Gorokhova