Friday, April 23, 2021

Defies Belief

No, really. I'm not trying to turn this blog into some poor man's version of The Onion or The Babylon Bee. This is stuff you can't make  up. Two stories, one after the other:

More blood clot cases following Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine reported

CDC committee votes to resume Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine despite possible blood clot link

However, "new language" will be included in the warning label, acknowledging a "remote risk" of blood clots. That should restore trust! Expect lengthy lines for the J&J injection--NOT.

You might wonder how remote "remote" is--especially if you're a woman aged 30-39, which seems to be the least remote group, i.e., the group most likely to experience the reality of this remote risk. How could they possibly calculate that risk in such a short time, even as new cases of clotting are cropping up? And are there other risks that might, you know, pop up down the road?

Zerohedge comments:

CDC Panel Recommends Resumption Of J&J Vaccine As "Benefits Outweigh Risks"

What little faith a sizable skeptical portion of Americans may have had in covid vaccines or the so-called "scientific process" may have just been crushed on Friday afternoon when shortly before 5am a CDC Panel recommended in a 10-4 vote (with 1 abstaining) to resume use of the J&J Covid vaccine, saying that it would add a warning about rare clots but not restrict its use as "benefits outweigh the risks. The decision sets the stage for regulators to allow use of the shot to resume.

Somehow I doubt that those injection centers that have been closing due to plummeting demand will need to be reopened.


  1. When there no liability there is not much to worry about coming back on you!!!

  2. Well, my chances of death by lightning strike might be very low but I am not going to encourage it by walking around outside during a thunderstorm, regardless of what the CDC tells me. In the end, authority rests on trust and trust only. The "authorities" are depleting their reservoir of trust very rapidly in every respect. "Après nous, le déluge," even if it is not their motto, may well be their effect.

  3. OT but covid related:

    China and the ‘Great Reset’
    a deeper look into how China manipulated covid, with help from WHO and Germany

    "The transhumanists and globalists around the WEF are planning the complete restructuring of the global economy from a neoliberal, resource-intensive turbo-capitalism towards a digital surveillance state with a planned economy for their own benefit, framed as the “Great Reset.”


  4. Is it the vaccine producing the blood clots or is it the covid virus itself?

    Rob S

    1. They're admitting that it's the vaccine, in these circumstances. However, if you get a severe case with the spike protein spreading throughout the body--beyond the viral infection--that could probably do it, too. It's the spike protein that's suspected, and that's what the vaccine induces the body to produce.

  5. "a CDC Panel recommended ... to resume use of the J&J Covid vaccine, saying that ... 'benefits outweigh the risks'.


    What they're saying is that the benefits to the State outweigh the risk to you.

    1. As usual, the joke's on us. Follow the money.

  6. Women that age get those clots, spontaneously--especially if they smoke and take birth control pills (BCPs). Not all the time, but in my city of some two million or so, say six a year are seen at our largest medical center.
    Obviously, some sort of link with the hormones--likely estrogen--that in the face of tobacco by products, and perhaps something in the J&J vaccine, that makes them clot. What would have been the intelligent response IMHO would be for either J&J, or CDC, to say that, and suggest women in that group--smokers on BCPs--NOT take that vaccine, and maybe even make it include any woman of childbearing age for now. Maybe include anybody who has had a clotting issue--DVTs and the like.
    See what happens in the next couple of months as side effects continue to be tracked.
    Because we are blessed to live in the greatest country on earth, and have access to three different vaccines 16 months out of a pandemic being declared, we can have those excluded get a different vaccine if they chose to be vaccinated.

    And yes, just like with any and every drug, once a couple of million people get it, you start finding out about more and more side effects.

    It's how it ALWAYS is.
    There are plenty of drugs that have pulled off the shelves, or more specific prescription guidelines developed, after FDA approval.

    1. There are also reported problems for pregnant women. Miscarriages. Possibly other things.

    2. @anon, brilliant on the J&J vaccine, now do HCQ.

      Mark A

    3. @Mark A

      There are many reasons why new drug trials take time, but the most obvious is the fact that you cannot gather long-term effect data over the short term. There have already been more deaths from the Covid vaccines than the total number of deaths from ALL vaccines over the entire 35 year life of the VAERS database. How many of those deaths, other adverse effects, and potential future problems could have been avoided by pushing vitamin D supplements and known safe HCQ and ivermectin treatments instead of chasing a coronavirus vaccine unicorn?

    4. "you cannot gather long-term effect data over the short term."

      Doesn't seem like such a difficult concept to grasp, but ...

      "the VAERS database."

      Which is voluntary, and that should give you pause for thought, too.

    5. Thanks PDQ, but I do hope you understand that I was being facetious. My view from the get-go was that HCQ and other treatments plus natural immunity we're more than adequate to "beat" this virus and nothing I have heard over the course of this godforsaken year has convinced me otherwise. These goddam people at the CDC have WAY too much power. Mark A.

    6. @Mark A

      Yes, I did. I was really responding to Anon. Thx.

  7. I know we've seen this theory before:

    "Sir Alexander Tytler believed the life expectancy of a self-ruled nation was about 200 years."

    "Eight Stages of a Democracy."

    1) Bondage to Spiritual Faith
    2) Spiritual Faith to Great Courage
    3) Great Courage to Liberty
    4) Liberty to Abundance
    5) Abundance to Selfishness
    6) Selfishness to Apathy
    7) Apathy to Dependence
    8) Dependence back to Bondage