Friday, April 16, 2021

The Answer Seems To Be 'No'

Here's one that I was puzzling over yesterday, but I got the answer and learned my lesson.

Many of you will know that the big story for some time in Chicago has been the police shooting of a 13 year old Mexican boy. His mother says she loved him and all that, but he was out at 3AM and she hadn't seem him for several days. Who says school lockdowns save lives? Well, talk to the Chicago (government) Teachers Union about that. We know he wasn't doing his homework. He was out running around with a gun and was apparently nicknamed 'Li'l Homicide', whatever that means.

But then at a certain point the mother just shut up. Which suggests that she'd been threatened by a gang--at least that's the suggestion I came away with.

Anyway, the video of the shooting was finally released and some people thought that there'd be massive riots. I was skeptical--and so was Steve Sailer.

So, Will BLM Riot Over a Mexican Tonight in Chicago?


It will be interesting to see if there will be a riot over this, and if so, who will do the rioting? Does BLM think this is an example of evil White Supremacy that they care about. Or is it racist to say that “Mexican lives matter,” just like it is racist to say “all lives matter” (and unthinkable to say that “white lives matter”)?

Or do “Person of Color Lives Matter?”

And will Antifa in Portand and Seattle riot over Mexican lives mattering?

I’m clueless.


So the answer was, No. There was a small, actually (as opposed to 'mostly') peaceful protest in Millennium Park. That was it. Lesson learned.


  1. yep, 3 "big" stories lately involving law enforcement and Obama's sons:
    1. shooting of Road Skolar Daunte Wright in Minnesota
    2. shooting of 2 geniuses in DC who were stealing a car
    3. rough arrest of Army LT in a little VA town

    So, let's see who perpetrated these outrages:
    1. White female cop
    2. Off duty Pentagon cop who is mixed race
    3. Small town cop with Hispanic last name

    Hmmm, what was missing in these stories? White males, so the outrage was tamped down considerably and the coverage was so muted as to be almost reasonable. Meanwhile, some black guy is being looked for as a result of 2 black women being executed in SE DC and their place being set on fire with a baby therein (who was rescued). Ho hum, jest another day in the ghetto...which is why I no longer care

  2. Slightly OT:

    In the Chauvin trial the defense called Dr. Fowler who introduced the possibility of Carbon Monoxide as a contributing factor from the running squad car. The prosecution countered this by claiming Floyd's Oxygen level being 98% when tested at the hospital after passing. Now the whole prosecution case is based on Floyd dying from Oxygen depravation, which form my understanding would be an Oxygen level of way lower then 90%.
    So how can the prosecution both be claiming hey, it can't be Carbon Monoxide as a contributing factor, as his Oxygen level was as high as 98%, but he died from Oxygen starvation (oxygen level less the 90%) due to Chauvin's restraint? This seems to be a total contradiction?
    Anyone with medical knowledge, can you explain/clarify this?

    1. I've no idea what either is getting at there but it would seem CO2 levels would be the defining factor.

      I'm not medical but hypoxia and CO2 poisoning isn't rocket science. You can have normal O2 levels (95-100) and still die of CO2 poisoning because CO2 doesn't replace the O2 in your blood. It inhibits the body's ability to absorb the bloods O2 into your tissue's 02 needs.

      Laymen's terms, blood vs tissue O2 are not the same things and the introduction of CO2 into the bloodstream inhibits that O2 transference process. Hence death by CO2 poisoning vs death by hypoxia.

      I welcome any corrections because I'm dangerous.

    2. Re Carbon Monoxide, was there testimony that the squad car was running while Floyd was restrained on the ground next to it? Seems so unlikely for a number of reasons (some of them being the crowd of agitated onlookers who were taunting the police)

    3. I read an article, SWC?, that claimed the car engine was running and his head was near it, but I have no idea whether that's actually true or not.

    4. Floyd’s head was near rear right wheel and bumper area, which is near the exhaust pipe. This theory and others were thrown out by forensic pathologist Fowler for the defense.

      Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell tried poke a hole in Fowler’s testimony by asking if he had seen “any data or test results that showed Mr. Floyd had a single injury from carbon monoxide.” Fowler acknowledged he had not.

      The prosecutor also questioned whether the patrol car on the scene was even running at the time. Fowler said he was told the hybrid Ford Explorer was running, but he admitted he did not physically examine the vehicle.(Snip)

      Fowler said it was difficult to pinpoint a single reason for Floyd’s death given his narrowed arteries, elevated blood pressure, meth and fentanyl use and other factors.

      Fowler said he’d have listed cause of death as “undetermined”.

    5. I guess I don't understand the hoopla about CO being a debatable factor in a trial. Dead or alive his blood work would have given them an exact CO level to go with. Hypoxia wouldn't change that.

      I guess they will argue anything in a trial... Too much drama for my limited TV intake.

      All I reallg know is they better hurry up and clear Kyle Rittenhouse of charges before this Chauvin trial is over... Their gonna need him!! 😁

    6. I answered my own lack of understanding...

  3. @devilman - Thank you!

  4. Wait until ambulance-chasing attorney Ben Crump shows up… Probably a billionaire by now (Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, George Floyd and on and on)…


    CBS News Edited Police Body Cam Video To Mask Teen Holding A Gun Before He Was Fatally Shot

    CBS News deceptively cropped body camera footage that showed a 13-year-old boy holding a gun before he was fatally shot by Chicago police in March.

    A law enforcement officer fatally shot Adam Toledo during an encounter in response to gunshots heard on a police scanner. Police said Toledo ignored “verbal directions, fled, used significant force, and was armed with a semiautomatic pistol,” which is why the officer fired.

    Body cam footage released this week appears to show Toledo holding a weapon moments before he was shot, but CBS News posted a clip to its website and Twitter page that cropped out the footage showing the teen’s alleged firearm.

    More here:

    1. LOL! Not enough. Only BLM for that crowd, not MLM And despite CBS's best efforts.

  5. I give props to that cop in Chicago for running through one of those alleys at 3 in the morning, or whenever it was! That's the front lines in the war for civilization...and the last place all the woke libs seeking 'social justice' would ever be found. Scary duty!

    1. Tom, that's why I'm a bit upset with some of the criticism of the female cop in MN. Yes, of course, she made a huge mistake. But the people calling her incompetent have never been in that position. She and the other two cops were trying to arrest a guy they knew to be potentially extremely dangerous. The adrenalin rush had to have been blocking out so much. People need to step back from that stuff. In point of fact, as Turley has pointed out, this mistake--service pistol v. taser--has happened repeatedly.

    2. I'm upset, too, about the same things. One never knows how one will perform in an armed confrontation until it's experienced first hand. Some people are not wired for it, but you have to give them full credit for putting themselves out there! People who have never put their own life on the line to protect and serve others have no standing to criticize those who have. I feel bad for that officer, as she seems like the type who will suffer for this the rest of her life. She did what she could- showed up and put her life on the line. It's not her fault she's not wired to be a professional gunfighter- and she shouldn't be put in that position again by her superiors, but she should be supported and honored for what she went through. Not to say the whole thing is not a tragedy, and the perps life lost is very sad, but running from the police is a dangerous game played only by fools!

  6. More evidence that we're dealing with black racism within what is now a black supremacy movement.

  7. One of the reasons there are not riots in Chicago could be that Illinois might have a criminal statute that allows for the prosecution for murder of any person involved in a felony with the deceased.

    IOW, the gang member who was with the boy could be prosecuted for murder.

    If the adult was prosecuted, he could possibly be flipped, but only if he doesn't have family members in the area or they are relocated in a witness protection program.

  8. If this boy had been murdered by another gangbanger, hardly anyone would care; and certainly no one in the black activist community.