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Russia Stuff And Our Corrupt Rulers

This is all very depressing to see--the utter mendaciousness of our ruling class: elected representatives of the American people, appointees, the military establishment, the intelligence community, and last but far from least, the media. The corruption is so sweeping that you're left almost breathless. And they're utterly feckless, to boot.

Let's start with Gilbert Doctorow--Bombast From Washington: Joe Biden’s Russia Sanctions. Doctorow first explains that nobody who understands the current shape of the world is taking those sanctions seriously. Putin himself is obviously unfazed. The DC armchair imperialists have crossed a red line, and Putin has responded--as Doctorow explains in a Postscript to his original article:

The Russian counter measures have now been announced and they appear to be even more severe than what Biden imposed on them. While they have not ordered the US Embassy to close, they have done far more than expel a matching number of American diplomats. They have revoked a 1992 agreement with the United States on free movement of their diplomats around the Russian Federation; they will now be limited to 25 miles, as in the days of the Soviet Union. They are now prohibiting the US diplomatic missions to hire Russians or third country nationals to work for them; this will immediately hobble the activities of the diplomatic missions in every dimension.

At the same time, the Russians are ordering the closing of US Government sponsored NGOs and foundations, which they say are conducting subversive activities on Russian soil, read “meddling.” And they have issued a list of former and present US government officials who will be barred entry to the RF. These include the US Attorney General, the heads of US intelligence agencies and notorious Russia-bashers Susan Rice and John Bolton. Moreover, they have publicly recommended that the US ambassador to Russia go home for extended consultations, effectively decapitating the embassy and winding down its work.

The very severity of the Russian response suggests to me that they have cleared the decks for a possible summit on equal footing. Furthermore,to avoid any confusion in Washington about negotiations proceeding from a “position of strength” the Russian Ministry of Defense has announced today the transfer of Army units from the Northern Caucasus to Crimea for very extensive military training exercises, further expanding the Russian military pressure on Ukraine and its backers in Washington.

Meanwhile, the US Senate approved a prime author of our failed Russia policy--dating back to the US overthrow of the Ukrainian government--to a key policy post at the State Department: 

Unfortunately, this is for real--even though it would seem to defy even parody. However, Tucker Carlson gets the whole situation tone perfect in the following monologue, capturing perfectly our rulers' total indifference to truth, justice, and the America Way--as well as to a rational foreign policy that serves American interests. What does the American public think of our rulers overthrowing Ukraine's elected government, and then repeatedly provoking Russia? Few Americans are aware of these realities, and it's not as if the NYT or any other MSM outlet is keeping Americans informed on this or related topics. However, the Deep State cares--deeply. And that's why President Trump had to go, replaced by a demented Swamp creature.

Tucker also demonstrates exactly what President Trump was up against, in excruciating detail--including from Republicans. Macgregor, for his part, is scathing:

Tucker Carlson with Col. Douglas Macgregor on the Russian Bounty Story and US Hostility Against Russia


After you watch that indictment of our rulers, consider this article from last summer that emailer Jim sent me as a reminder several days ago:


Anthony Schinella, the national intelligence officer for military issues and a longtime CIA official, killed himself at his home.

Matthew Cole, James Risen

August 26 2020, 7:47 p.m.

ONE OF THE nation’s highest-ranking intelligence officials died by suicide at his home in the Washington, D.C., area in June, but the U.S. intelligence community has remained publicly silent about the incident even as the CIA has conducted a secret investigation of his death.

Anthony Schinella, 52, the national intelligence officer for military issues, shot himself on June 14 in the front yard of his Arlington home. A Virginia medical examiner’s report lists Schinella’s cause of death as suicide from a gunshot wound to the head. His wife, who had just married him weeks earlier, told The Intercept that she was in her car in the driveway, trying to get away from Schinella when she witnessed his suicide. At the time of his suicide, Schinella was weeks away from retirement.

Soon after his death, an FBI liaison to the CIA entered Schinella’s house and removed his passports, his secure phone, and searched through his belongings, according to his wife, Sara Corcoran, a Washington journalist. A CIA spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

As NIO for military issues, Schinella was the highest-ranking military affairs analyst in the U.S. intelligence community, and was also a member of the powerful National Intelligence Council, which is responsible for producing the intelligence community’s most important analytical reports that go to the president and other top policymakers.

The National Intelligence Council is now under the control of the Director of National Intelligence, and has recently gained greater public prominence as its analytical work has been caught up in political controversies surrounding the Trump administration, including this summer’s public firestorm over intelligence reports about Russian bounties to kill American troops.

On June 26,  the New York Times reported that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan, and President Donald Trump quickly faced criticism for having failed to do anything in response to protect American troops. Within days, the National Intelligence Council produced a memo that claimed that the intelligence about the bounties wasn’t conclusive. While the memo was not made public, it was quickly picked up in the press and seemed designed to placate Trump by raising doubts about the original news story about the Russian bounties. The NIC memo appears to have been generated at the urging of John Ratcliffe, the former Republican Texas congressman and Trump supporter who became director of national intelligence in May.

But at the time that the memo became public through press reports, there was no mention of the fact that the national intelligence officer for military issues — the one member of the NIC who should have had the most input into the analysis concerning military operations in Afghanistan — had killed himself just days earlier. ...


After his death, Schinella’s wife discovered a large collection of bondage and S&M gear that had been hidden in his house, along with 24 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. His wife said that one of Schinella’s CIA colleagues contacted her recently and said the CIA has completed an investigation into Schinella’s death, but didn’t provide her with any details.


I have no idea how or whether any of this connects. It does offer, however, an interesting insight into our Deep State.


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    1. Care to elaborate?

      -USMCing you

  2. “It does offer, however, an interesting insight into our Deep State.”

    It does indeed - they’re a bunch of tyrannical maladjusted sickos.

    Wonder if it was really suicide or if he was “suicided”?


  3. I made the pointing a previous comment a few days ago that Biden's sanctions were a joke. Bit us right on the ass, I see.

    OT I know but....RE: the previous post from Marc. I also made a comment about Durham possibly being the last hope to preserve our republic. I thought I was being sarcastic in pointing out the irony that someone from the deep state might actually be helping to get to the truth of all of this more question about Durham - why is he supposedly still working on his original charge? Why keep up the facade and for how much longer? We are all waiting for the 'no harm, no foul' rule to be invoked, so what is the hold up?

  4. The BookTV interview of John Brennan is worth watching. Brennan was interviewed by NYT national-security reporter Julian Barnes. An interesting passage follows:


    Were you disregarding more experienced Russia experts and siding with more junior Russia experts? Is that what was going on here? What was the dynamic within the [CIA's] Russia Mission Center about this?

    I have seen two [CIA] officers who raised their hands [to object]. They thought it [the assessment that Russia meddled in the US election] should be at a lower lever of competence [reliability]. In my conversation with them, it was apparent to me .... they had not really read all of the intelligence that I had read, because I was reviewing this information for quite some time .... I wasn't disregarding [their objection] at all. That's why I spent 30 minutes in my office with the two of them, and we talked through it. I encouraged them to go down and talk with the [assessment's] authors ....

    [end quote]

    Brennan did not address Barnes' (probably well informed) insinuation that the assessment was written by junior analysts against the judgment of more experienced analysts. Brennan indicated that he himself personally read all the raw intelligence before it reached the junior analysts. In this situation, Brennan was able to influence the junior analysts who wrote the assessment.

    I think that the two senior analysts wrote an objection to the assessment that the junior analysts wrote. This objection is a document that should be declassified and released to the public, but the declassification has been blocked.

  5. The assessment that Russian Intelligence meddled in the US election is based heavily on CrowdStrike's finding that the DNC computer contained viruses that had been developed by Russian Intelligence.

    For the FBI, that finding was supported by the Dossier and by the allegations of former KGB officer Yuri Shvets that the KGB had recruited Donald Trump.

    For the CIA, that finding was buttressed by reports from Oleg Smolenkov that Russia's Presidential Administration managed an effort to meddle in the election.

    I have come to think that CrowdStrike indeed did find such viruses, which indeed were developed by Russian Intelligence. In other words, I have come to think that CrowdStrike acted honestly.

    However, I have come to think that the virus was put onto the DNC computers by an American computer expert who supported Bernie Sanders and who probably worked for NGP VAN, a company that managed databases on the DNC computers.

    That American computer expert later pretended to be Guccifer 2.0, a supposed Romanian hacker. In an e-mail interview, this Guccifer 2.0 indicated that CrowdStrike completed its investigation of the DNC computer system and rebooted that system on June 12, 2016. Because of that reboot, Guccifer 2.0 lost his control of the DNC computer system.

    How would a Romanian hacker or Russian Intelligence know that the DNC computer system was rebooted on that date?

    1. The Crowdstrike CEO (linked to the warmongering Atlantic Council and Clinton) admitted there was zero evidence.

    2. The Crowdstrike CEO (linked to the warmongering Atlantic Council and Clinton) admitted there was zero evidence.

      Zero evidence that there were computer viruses on the DNC computers?

      Zero evidence that those computer viruses had been developed by Russian Intelligence?

      That in not what he "admitted". Rather there was not any evidence that the computer viruses -- which indeed were there and which indeed were associated with Russian Intelligence -- sent any information out of the computers.

  6. That Biden interview by Gerbilopoulous that Tucker had an excerpt of looked and sounded like something edited out of Doctor Strangelove.

  7. There is zero evidence that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. There is evidence, however, that Hillary Clinton enlisted the help of the Ukraine to interfere on her behalf.

    Evidence suggests the emails were obtained from the DNC server through a local leak, and not a hack:

    The speed of data exfiltration was 20 mb/s (USB 2.0). The leak was local.

    Zero evidence that Kilimnik gave data to Russia.

    Check out this journalists twitter feed for good Russiagate coverage:

    Brennan: the Russiagate psyops surely goes directly to Brennan, Obama, Biden, Rice, Comey, etc.

    Just a reminder that the Brennan CIA's Operation Timber Sycamore gave billions to "moderate rebels" aka Al Qaeda jihadis (knowing at the time they were jihadis).

    Trump campaigned on ending Obama's Syria regime change and that made him an immediate target.

    Trump did finally end that program.

    Nuland: besides working with Biden in 2014 to topple the democratically-elected pres Yanukovych of Ukraine, Nuland is tied to the Steele Dossier.

  8. This is mind blowing...
    > Schinella’s wife discovered a large collection
    >of bondage and S&M gear

    Be interesting the comments of his first wife. If only we had more real reporters.

    1. That could have been "planted" there by the CIA or others. I don't read anything into that.

  9. Anthony Ming Schinella wrote a book published by the Brookings Institute.

    Half Chinese.

    Spent a lot of time in the Middle East, I think Bahrain. I would not be surprised if he was single while there.

    My guess is there is a Gay Scene in Bahrain.

    S&M equipment

    Recently married

    Weeks away from retirement.

    And commits suicide.

    Why would a cia operative have ptsd?

    Sounds like there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

  10. Victoria Nuland, not a single rebuttal or question to her prior sketchy activities during the Senate confirmation hearing.. Ain't that grand?

    Schinella, I totally missed that when it happened!!! The bondage gear doesn't rattle me, freaks are abound everywhere. That's a typically closeted fetish to begin with.

    His career path and the timing however is interesting.

    I would love to have known the context of the domestics. Something went sideways there.

    1. I'd like Ted Cruz to answer for taking a powder on grilling Nuland. This is another case where he came up short, continuing a disturbing pattern.

    2. Good point. It is a curious thing. We have a class of swamp creatures like Romney who are clearly all in for the Uniparty. Then we have someone like Rand Paul or Hawley who seem lonely outsiders, the proverbial voices in the wilderness. Then we have people like Cruz who seems to play both ways.

      A pure guess is that the Uniparty finds it useful to have people like Cruz and others like Taylor-Greene giving the appearance of debate and dissent as long as it never goes anywhere. Which it never does.


    3. @ CH and Dispaccio,

      Part of what has me raising eyebrows at Trump's "party within a party" take over plan is the lacking of explanation. It's seems to me more of a guise to confuse the snot out of voters and leads right back to "vote republican".

      The tea party darlings, Cruz, Ryann, Rubio, Gowdy, etc apparently taught the majority nothing.

      I smell revenge, not an honest attempt at doing the right thing.

      One thing is for sure, the right is inept at making up it's mind about politicians.

    4. @dm

      Who knows? I think there are enough people disappointed that Trump seemingly gave up to Biden that he will never regain the influence he had going into November 2020. That's not to say he doesn't have alot of influence still, or more precisely, more than any, other GOP politician right now, but it's not the same thing. He had a moment there, a chance to do anything. I doubt he realizes how he squandered that capital. Absent some truly unexpected event, I suspect Trump's reach will continue to degrade as people get increasingly cynical about electoral solutions and the Regime gets increasingly tyrannical.

      -Pie in the Skype

    5. Thing is Pie, what was he to do?

      He never conceded.

      Other than declaring martial law and forcing a revote, what was he to do?

    6. A number of obvious and not-so obvious choices by the Republicans on the Senate Intel Committee re; Nuland.

      1) No chance in hell to shut the confirmation down.
      2) Possibility that she may be the only "semi-senile, mature" person at the State dept... God help us.
      3) She's not a Russia/Putin fan and she may support moves that actually blow the lid of the Zhou administration as foreign relations continue to sour.
      4) Her husband is a war monger and may keep a bug in her ear regarding Russia... hence choice No. 3.

    7. @DM

      I wish he'd get involved in the Ohio race to replace Portman so one of the avowed MAGA candidates could drop out and primary DeWine, who apparently believes he's responsible for sending state highway patrol officers to Minneapolis.

    8. Pie in the sky

      I am amazed at how out maneuvered Trump was.

      I don’t think he was left with any alternative. Martial Law I don’t think would have worked, there would have been a successful impeachment.

      And the degree and scale of corruption, blind eye, back stabbing betrayals that allowed the steal still astonish me. And I think there are still a lot of unknown unknowns that helped steal the election, we don’t know about yet.

    9. @ Tx

      That IS the question isn't it? What could he have done differently?

      We can speculate and game out different scenarios all we like but to what end? The fact remains that the Constitution was not just violated but, pardon the expression, gang raped. He swore an oath of office to protect and defend etc...foreign and domestic. Kind of like the oath that members of the military take, yes? I agree, Congress would've moved to impeach in a heartbeat. Senate may well have tried to remove. A Constitutional crisis, no doubt. But why is it that the bad guys can cause a Constitutional crisis and be allowed to get away with it but Trump cannot dare to defend against it? We will never know how it would have played out. Might've been bloody and chaotic and awful. But I don't recall any footnote in the oath of office that reserves defense of the Constitution to easy, safe, and popular defenses. A leader makes tough choices. Only time will tell if Trump made the right one. But there isn't any doubt that the Constitution was severely attacked in 2020 and our electoral system, the heart of a representative republic, put on life support. Trump decided not to defend her. He decided not to use his considerable powers as CIC, chief executive, and chief magistrate to defend us, We the People. OK. I get it. Just one man, had his reasons, surrounded by traitors and cowards... But let's not pretend that he failed in his oath of office and let us down. The consequences will be far worse for all of us than if he had acted absent some miracle of God.


    10. I fully understand your point, but that was not the time. It may well be in our soon to be future, but Trump, the President who bled patriotism and attempted to bring us back to constitutionality was not the correct vehicle.

      He was correct for the moment, but was caustic at the same time. He is still correct for the next election, but will still be caustic, especially to the real US government which has nothing to do about the Constitution or the inhabitants of the US and, yes, that means you to George W Bush.

      We, as a nation, have not hit bottom yet, when we do, and I fear it is soon, we will explode in violence that makes the Civil War quaint.

      There is just too much anti-American Americans. This is from someone who has Mensa family members espousing this anti-Americanism to a fellow, black co-captain of my high school football team of which we were a few sentence mention in the book “Friday Night Lights,” but was not in the movie because it was a year off.

      Where are not there yet, but very close.


      Oddly, I think our country can still be saved political, but I also think those odds are low.

      Double sigh.

    11. Texas,

      Agree and disagree... It was the time, but he wasn't the person that needed to do it and if he had I am sure you are correct he would have been slaughter.

      The states however, right time, right place, right people, should have happened.

      What bothered me most was understanding the power the state have, but their absolute complicity in laying down.

      That to me was a sign of how big of a problem we face as a nation.

    12. @Pie
      et al.

      I, too, wonder about some of Trump's decisions. But I ultimately conclude that they had him boxed. One way or the other. In ways that we do not yet know. I choose to believe he did everything he could. And probably more.

      But whether or not he did everything he could have done, I don't think there was anything he could have done to change the 2020 election result. The fix was in.

      So where do we go from here? I agree with others here, that we are in a tinderbox situation where increasing violence is a real possibility. And violence is a wildcard that makes handicapping ultimate outcomes very difficult.

      But short of violence I believe our best hope is for Trump (whether or not he is a candidate in 2024) and other clear-thinking conservatives to lead us to meaningful majorities in both the House and the Senate in 2022 to absolutely stop Biden and the Syndicate. But this will be a bandaid. Then we have to win the White House in 2024. In a landslide.

      The People must inform themselves of the stakes, and what the consequences are, and exercise the franchise to end the madness.

  11. Devilman,

    What I’m curious about, is who was his partner for the bondage stuff, or was it plural?

    And the chance of being compromised due to a closeted fetish?

    And if compromised, by whom? And for what purpose?

    SWAG - He was given an incentive to go along with the Russian Bounty Story, had issues with that, saw no way out, except suicide.

    >The bondage gear doesn't rattle me, freaks are abound
    >everywhere. That's a typically closeted fetish to begin

    1. @Ray,

      We'll obviously never know but apparently the partner was not his new wife!!!

      For all we know the CIA put it there to derail something else... Or honey potted and encouraged the whole fetish... Or watched a foreign entity honey pot him and both sides used it for leverage. Or no one knew and he was a successful closet.

      We've seen the Government run out every one of those situations in just about every variation you could imagine.

  12. Devilman

    I think Trump labeling this and demanding to know who originated this / leaked it surprised the deep state and their allies.

    I would not be surprised if that was connected to the suicide.

  13. Thanks so much for this (and the vax information). You have become one of the few reliable sources of information left us. I am very hopeful for the future. What is going on is something neither Saturday Night Live nor John Le Carre would ever imagine. Are there Judas goats, is this the heavy hand of China, Iran or the European Union with their complete misunderstanding of the American psyche or is it sheer stupidity on the part of the Ruling Class? I sense that President Trump is waiting for everything to crash and burn, as it must, before coming to the rescue. When he does three quarters of the Country will support him.

    1. @ anon

      So glad to hear your optimism (although it seems tied to a very gloomy "crash and burn"). But how, exactly do you see Trump riding to the rescue? What would that look like? A Caesar kind of figure? A revote/snap election? Hope is fine but what are the bad guys doing all this time he rides in? Are you imagining an apocalypse that somehow wipes out the Deep State, Uniparty, Big Media, Big Tech, Big Corp all at once so they can't fight this? That would be a frightful occurrence, hardly something to be hopeful about. Please fill in the details.


    2. Josephalus,

      I view it as super positive that the scale of the corruption and incompetence have been revealed due to Trump. And we have not been defeated yet, similar to the Russian army fighting Napoleon. We survive to fight another day. And there is progress.

      The first step to any solution is understanding the scope of the problem.

      I’m still in a bit of shock at the scale. And I have a suspicion, it’s even worse than I think. The lack of questions by GOP Senators of Victoria Nuland is mind blowing.

      Trumps huge super power, has been ripping the masks off. He is the little kid that showed the emperor wore no clothes. Trump is just a symptom of a movement, he is not the cause.

      Overall, I’m slightly positive. Yes, I’m worried and shocked by what is going on, but I see signs of hope.

    3. The lack of questioning of Nuland--who has a long track record in this explosive part of the world--is indicative of the influence that Neocons have over the Uniparty. "American Exceptionalism", a slogan they toss around, is nothing but cover for Empire building.

  14. I'm not sure trump is the saint we expected. I'm biting my tongue but there's some honest questions that need to be asked and answered. At least for me.

    I was highly optimistic about him but in the last few months of office and especially since leaving office some things don't add up.

    His "tea party" manauver... Or what I call a "party within a party" seems more like revenge than it does good or hope. Mostly I think it's going to confuse the snot of of people to "vote R".... One hundred and sixty years of primarying one dirt bag for another dirt bag got us here... How's this different?

    For example, and context... Why back Mark Rubio? Why support Kevin McCarthy?

    The Jan 6th protestors / supporters who are being prosecuted and persecuted. He invited them to be there and in all reality dropped them like a sack of potatoes. The man has big influence... Where was the call to action for help?

    His cabinet picks... Oh dear lord at the history of that mess. I feel an explanation is in order because "wait and see" wasn't required for most of them. They were known globalist shills and Uniparty dirt bags.

    Declassification... There are many who will make excuses about this not happening but he, the office of the president could have done this directly and without agency buy off, no approvals needed. Gather, inform and release.

    The one thing that I admired about Trump in the beginning was he bluntly explained himself to his supporters. Unapologetically! I was fine with that, I wasn't fine when it stopped happening and I could add dozens of questions to this list.

    I probably expect too much... But eh.

    1. I, too, do not know if President Trump is a saint or a sinner, not for me to judge, but I do know he is a G-dsend.
      As for a party within a party, Trump did what he had to do and what he was elected to do and if the establishment Republicans chose to fight him, they split the party.
      Further, it is clear he was re-elected by a landslide, and if you need proof the cover-up continues to this day, with the Democrats fighting tooth and nail to prevent any proper recount. Contrast that with Gore's hanging chads and Jill Stein's access to whatever documentation was available in Detroit. Those who after attending his rally on January 6 were specifically told not to do anything foolish, and as for his supposed powers he couldn't get a Supreme Court with many of his appointees to look into election integrity, even when he certainly had standing.
      Everyone marvels at what he was able to accomplish in spite of the opposition, and assumes he could have accomplished more if he had purged the Swamp. Donald Rumsfeld said you fight a war with the Army you have. I would suggest that as President he was much smarter than all of us. Additionally he was not so concerned with advertising his every move, so as to gain your approval and that of his so-called friends and even enemies, but cultivated his image so that he was universally under-estimated. Even now, nobody really knows what he is up to.

    2. @devilman

      I agree with you insofar as there are still: so many questions!


      But, at the end of the day I agree with Anonymous. Trump was a G*dsend. The Swamp detested him and tried to destroy him, and yet he still accomplished a huge amount. Most importantly, he exposed the hypocrisy, the conflicts of interest, the duplicity, and even the criminality of the Swamp (aka Elites, Syndicate, Conspirators, Kleptocracy, Deep State, Uniparty, MSM, DNC, etc.)

      Imagine what we would know about how they operate if Mrs Clinton had won.

      I honestly don't think the Swamp can put the genie back in the bottle.

    3. I certainly never expected a saint--I voted for Trump despite knowing he wasn't a saint and, therefore, wouldn't be perfect politically either. Politics isn't theology, nor is it math or any other science. It's human nature, and that's imperfect. We do the best we can, which often involves the lesser of imperfections, compromises, etc.

  15. Devilman- 100% Agree.

    I’m shocked at the lack of support from ANY GOP, including Trump. It’s just wrong.

    The Jan 6th protestors / supporters who are being prosecuted and persecuted. He invited them to be there and in all reality dropped them like a sack of potatoes. The man has big influence... Where was the call to action for help?

    1. @Ray-SoCal

      "Devilman- 100% Agree...I’m shocked at the lack of support from ANY GOP, including Trump. It’s just wrong...Where was the call to action for help?"

      Another very good question. Unanswered.

    2. OT

      Now that it seems to be conclusively established that Officer Sicknick died of 'natural causes' and was not bludgeoned to death, who wants to bet that the Dems have some nefarious reason for covering up the identity of the Capitol policeman who killed Ashli Babbit?

      I have no idea what the nefarious reason is...but I'll lay odds there is one. Did the officer have a disciplinary record? Did he have the wrong skin color? Did he disobey an order? Does he have some embarrassing personal history or connection? Or something else we can't yet imagine?

      But these people don't cover up for no reason at all...

  16. @ Cassandar

    But these people don't cover up for no reason at all...

    Eh, I don't think that takes a conspiracy. No offence of course they are just doing what Governments do. Symptoms vs problems.

    We'll know soon enough in the civil suit from her family. Delay, delay, delay may simply be just that. Protection... No one is going to do anything with the information anyways. (Just sayin)

    @ Anon...
    As for a party within a party, Trump did what he had to do and what he was elected to do and if the establishment Republicans chose to fight him, they split the party.

    I am not speaking of past but if present... His time in office was certainly impeded and you can't control others.

    However, his actions at present are supporting the party. Trying to instill a Tea Party 2.0 type "party within a party". 160 years of "primarying" one jerk for another jerk is insanity.

    He should have split it and peeled away from it. It seems to be an effort of revenge most so than a honest effort to make change.

    Further... Supporting Mark Rubio? Kevin McCarthy?

    These thing rate up there with some of his cabinet picks and that type of action defies logic of reason.

    The man was explanatory to a fault at one point, that seems to have changed greatly after about year 3.

    1. Correct, President Trump "defies logic of reason". That's how he wins. It took a blatant in-your-face steal to get Biden into the White House, and the collaboration of just about all of Washington, the State Houses and Judges of seven States and the Supreme Court to maintain the fiction that Trump lost. Trump owns the Republican vote, and the RINOs can create a third party if they want to. He has sacrificed a lot for this Country, and even if you don't appreciate his efforts and accomplishments I would advise you not to count him out just yet. He is not about to tell you or anyone else his plans.