Friday, April 9, 2021

Briefly Noted: Expressway Shootings Are A Thing In Chicago

By the way, in a few minutes I'll be leaving to give blood. I'll enable comments upon return.

Now, this expressway shootings thing--this is a way that inner city violence impacts the entire metro area population to some not insignificant degree. That's because so much traffic from all over the area is funneled through Chicago's expressway system. Not to mention the fear factor--woops, I did mention it. So, when you read this:

Local Expressway Shootings At Crisis Level With 59 So Far This Year

then you know things are getting out of control. You'll also see why my tongue was definitely not-in-cheek when I speculated a few days ago that shooting deaths in Chicago probably exceed--for the time being--military deaths in Ukraine. I believe they do, based, for example, on this story: The Donbass War of 2021? 

Back to Chicago:

The latest shooting happened at 11:06 a.m. on northbound I-57 at Halsted Street, according to Illinois State Police.

Troopers said they found a victim inside his car with life-threatening injuries, but did not immediately provide further details. The driver’s side door of the car was left riddled with bullet holes.

All northbound lanes on I-57 were closed for hours, but they have since reopened. Meanwhile, if it feels like we’re seeing and hearing about more and more expressway shootings in the Chicago area lately, then your hunch is right.

As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported Thursday night, the stretch of I-57 in Cook County is leading the way.

The year 2021 is shaping out to be dangerous for drivers around Chicago. In the first four months, Illinois State Police reported 59 expressway shootings.

Consider this – there were only 22 expressway shootings in the same time period last year.

Yet 2020 ended with 128 people shot while riding in a vehicle – a 40 percent jump from 2019, when there were only 52 shootings the whole year.

That's a trend. Another trend is the growing power of government teacher unions and their unwillingness to return to work. Will voters in Deep Blue and deeply dysfunctional Illinois express an opinion in 2022? Dems own this.


  1. "There were only 22 expressway shootings in the same time period last year." The 1971 movie "Little Murders" captures this kind of urban drollery very well.

  2. yowzah Mark...brings back memories. We were driving back to Iowa one day in the Spring of 1995 after a day in downtown Chicago when the side back window of our luxurious minivan suddenly exploded inward. Fortunately, no one was sitting in the last row of seating so there were no injuries, but to this day I still wonder what happened. There was no bullet in the vehicle and only one window shattered so there was no exit "wound" to speak of. My guess is that it was some sort of pellet gun that was powerful enough to fracture the safety glass, but not powerful enough to penetrate the vehicle itself, but what do I know? Last time I've been to the Windy City FWIW.

    BTW, we were traveling westbound on I290 near the Garfield Park 'hood when it happened...nice area /s

  3. Anytime a friend or family brings up one of so called mass shootings (a la Boulder or Ft Detrick etc) I simply refer to Chicago. Way higher body count there every, single weekend than most of these other events that supposedly drive gun control. Throw in Baltimore and Philly and the bodies really pile up. But the left doesn't care beeeecuuuuz...?


  4. O/T, but seems important:

    "Specifically, a new study by MIT and Harvard scientists demonstrates that segments of the RNA from the coronavirus itself are most likely becoming a permanent fixture in human DNA." And,

    "Theoretically, this means that whatever negative effects are associated with the natural process of viral RNA/DNA integration, these negative effects could be more frequent and more pronounced with the vaccine when compared to the natural virus."

    1. As it happens, I began reading about this, based on a LifeSite article, before giving blood this morning. Then, since returning to my perch in front of my computer, I've been reading more and more about this.

      While I'd like to know more about Dr. Doug--like, why doesn't he provide his educational credentials?--what he's saying appears to be sound. It also fits in with and explains what acknowledged experts like Yeadon and Bhakti have said: Coronaviruses belong to the class of viruses (which includes HIV, Ebola, and others) which are "poor candidates for a vaccine" (Bhakti's words). Dr. Doug explains WHY that's the case.

      Reading through some of this stuff--and the prepub cited at LifeSite is not the only such study--also leads to the conclusion that this field is massively complex and, very much to the point, by no means fully understood. Now, consider that Fauci is simply an MD, with no specialized degrees in fields like biochem or molecular bio. He's really only qualified to be a GP--and never actually practiced medicine once he got his gig with the federal government, many decades ago. This is the guy who's nominally in charge of Covid response, but in reality he can only actually be a frontman. He simply lacks any expertise that would qualify him to make critical decisions--decisions that have already been made, like, lets forget about the usual testing protocols for this novel vaccine.

    2. When I say Dr. Doug doesn't provide his creds, I mean he provides his degrees but not the institutions, nor (unless I'm mistaken) any link to a more detailed CV. I'm not questioning what he's saying--he's basically only repeating current thinking and suggesting that there are very real reasons to be concerned about the rush to vax.

  5. Tucker Carlson had a segment last night on democrats not prosecuting gun violence. The more gun violence there is, they figure it helps them make a case to confiscate guns from legal owners.

    1. It's very true--you'll read over and over that firearm violations aren't prosecuted. And then the person goes on to kill.