Saturday, May 30, 2020

Tucker Tells It Like It Really Is

I can't embed this Tucker monologue, but I can highly recommend that you follow the link and watch it:

Tucker: Our leaders have sided with the agents of chaos

It's even better than the title.


Here's a simple question: A police station in a major American city was occupied, looted and burned on Thursday night. Most of us assumed we’d never live to see something like that happen here. But it did happen.

So the question is, has anyone been arrested for doing it? Will anyone ever be arrested?

No one in authority seems especially interested in apprehending the people who did it.


It’s a very different experience from the ones most Americans have living here.

As Minneapolis burns and crowds grow in the streets of Atlanta and many other cities, the rest of us are continuing on as we always do -- dutifully following the rules. There are many of those.

Every year, there seem to be countless new rules to follow. ...

We do our best to keep up. We get our permits, apply for our licenses, ...

We wear our little masks.

We keep our dogs on leashes.

We drive sober.

We don’t eat on the subway. We never litter.

We make orderly lines and patiently wait our turn.

In airports and government buildings, we remove our shoes and submit to body searches from strangers. We lose our dignity every time we do this, but they tell us we must, so we accept it without complaint.

In public, we hide what we really think.

We bury our natural instincts. We keep our deepest beliefs to ourselves.

We know the boundaries. We understand we will be punished for telling the truth.

This is the America the rest of us live in.


We should have seen this coming.

When you express an opinion our leaders don’t like, they call it violence. When criminals commit acts of actual violence, they call it speech. In other words, the game is rigged.

So why are the rest of us still playing it? We have more power than we think we do. Our system only functions because dutiful normal people — people with self-control and decency, and a sense of responsibility toward others — created our system.


  1. Two points.

    Carlson is right that the elected politicians are pandering. Yesterday the Minneapolis mayor told the rioters to wear masks and practice social distancing, legitimizing their conduct.

    And media and Democrats are trying to make conditions in America as bad as possible, i.e "the worse, the better," as all their efforts to date have not succeeded to oust or defeat Trump. The ends justify the means.

    1. In the past that tactic has always backfired.

    2. There's fair reason to hope that it'll backfire again, partly because of the psyche change that figures to spread among moderate liberals, if Durham makes heads roll, and thus rubs liberals' noses in the mega-criminality of SparkleFarts' crowd.
      This :

      "The Primary Model gives President Trump a 91% chance of winning a possible match-up with Democrat Joe Biden in November, based on *primary performance* in New Hampshire and South Carolina, plus the first-term electoral benefit....
      It is a *statistical model*, that relies on presidential primaries and an election cycle, as predictors of the vote in the general election....

      As a rule, the candidate with the *stronger primary* performance wins, against the candidate with the weaker primary performance.
      For elections from 1912 to 2016, the PRIMARY MODEL picks the winner, albeit retroactively, every time except in 1960 and 2000."

      For the Dems to win, they'll have to stuff the rolls with illegals, or suppress GOP turnout (w/ terrorism?)

    3. Moreover, this race has much potential to emulate Reagan's victories (esp. 1984), in which things broke late but big for him.
      The normal "convention bounce" (for Dems) may easily instead be like the 1968 disaster, if the Bernie Bros there go full I.D. politics, which became more likely since the riots started.

      By contrast, the GOP shindig has all the makings of a Love Fest.
      Imagine, say, Sidney Powell giving the Keynote.
      She may well be able to bring tears to the eyes of many millions, just from the *substance* of what she would have to say!

  2. Mark, I refer you tp the first rule of ditches: Don't interrupt your opponent while he's digging.

    Or, is it the first rule of holes: Don't tell your opponent he's in one.

  3. None of us should be so confident yet. I live in Pennsylvania, where our un-beloved mini-me governor, Tom Wolf, has offered to send anyone a no-excuse-needed mail-in ballot. (I should also mention that he refuses to clean the voter rolls.)

    My elderly mother lives in a residential retirement community currently on lockdown and was thrilled that she might not have to venture out to vote, principally because she hasn't been able to get her hair done since the end of February. (I've been locked in with her because she cannot do much for herself.)

    She sent in the response to the unsolicited announcement of the mail-in voting option. I printed out and made her read the article about the WV postal worker who diverted mail-in ballots and filled them out himself, but she was undeterred.

    The PA primary is this Tuesday, June 2. Yesterday morning, she had still not received her mail-in ballot, so I looked up the phone number of the county election board and even dialed the number for her. After the phone rang for 3 minutes, she explained to "Susie" what had happened, gave her name, DOB and phone number and "Susie" said she'd have someone look into the missing ballot. (My mother can only hear phone conversations if the phone is on speaker mode.)

    The mailman was late yesterday, and guess what came a few hours later? Her ballot. I redialed the Elections Board for my mother and a man answered nearly immediately. My mother told him that she had earlier reported a missing ballot and that it had arrived. The man said, "Great" and attempted to end the conversation.

    My mother said, "Don't you want to know who I am so that you can stop looking into it?" He replied, "No, that's not necessary" and hung up. I said to my mother, "See? No one was looking into it. Doesn't that prove something to you?"

    Apparently it didn't because she filled out her ballot and I mailed it last night.

    1. I'm inclined to say something about the Greatest Generation & many baby boomers and their almost blind faith in Uncle Sam and the red, white and blue. I don't fault them for that. Their most formative years were a time before leftist/socialist/communist activists/agitators/provocateurs had succeeded in infiltrating every corner of society, but especially education and government. Mark spent the better part of his life fighting it in the shadows and knows well its slow, steady progression up to the point where youthful useful idiots were joyously waving the hammer & sickle in front of the White House on election night in November 2008.

  4. I expect that the Primary version of mail-in voting will have few organized irregularities. The Mail-In Governors can then say, "See how well it worked? All the sturm und drang about voter fraud didn't happen."

    When the MSM touts this to low-info voters, they'll believe this is a safer way to vote.

    Then, in November, Eric Holder and his crowd will do their best to Steal. This. Election. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    We should have collectively put our feet down when states began "early voting", the first step on the slippery slope we find ourselves gliding down now. The Constitution clearly states that federal elections must occur on the first Tuesday in November. If we ever get control of both houses of Congress again, we must insist on that. Abolish no-excuse-absentee-balloting. AND insure that active duty military and spouses receive their absentee ballots in time to be counted.

    1. Some wise thoughts in this comment. I agree.

    2. "Some wise thoughts in this comment. I agree."

      That comment came from me (Joe). I don't know why it came across as unknown.

  5. A police officer in NYC pushed a "demonstrator" to the ground. Naturally, Gov Cuomo couldn't wait to ask the NY Attny General to look into police behavior in the face of the "demonstrators." AG, of course, can't wait to bring these cops to justice. Carlson is on point, obviously. The people running America, from the boardroom to the senate, are moral imbeciles and incompetents. The kakistocracy.

    The intellectual rot behind these riots, "carceral state," "institutional racism," "inequality," comes from college professors. Empty minds come to school and get filled up with anti-American, anti-white male drivel. Some of them, white, middle class, self-loathing, yet looking for purpose, join Antifa, which seems to be involved, at some level, in these riots.

    Decades ago, when NY was undergoing the worst crime wave in its history, an elderly man, a Holocaust survivor, I believe, wrote a letter to the Times. He was angry and appalled at the inability of authorities to put an end to violent crime. He ended by saying "A society that refuses to defend itself deserves to die."

    If Trump wins, America has a fleeting chance. If he loses, we are going to get what we have coming.

    At this point in my life, I'm good either way.

    1. One thing Tucker leaves out is this: There's money behind these professional rioters.

    2. Yes. Money from Soros and the like.

      Yesterday around noon there was a large, peaceful protest in a large park in Los Angeles. By last night an entirely different-looking crowd was raging through streets on the west side - including posh Rodeo Drive - breaking into stores, looting and setting fires. LAPD cars were destroyed. Other rioting was going on in downtown LA. Police resources were outnumbered by the rioters. An 8 PM curfew was invoked. Many did not appear to budge. Finally the National Guard was called in. News broadcasts this morning show the area - near the Farmer’s Market and The Grove - looking like a ghost town, with a fair number of military personnel and military vehicles.

      The switch from peaceful protest to raging rioters was obviously organized. And paid for by those like Soros who want chaos in our country, especially in a presidential election year.

    3. MN fifth column:

    4. Here's a simple, common sense, article pointing out that this stuff doesn't happen by accident or even spontaneously.

    5. @MW

      Barr puts them on notice:

      Obviously as a practical matter this tells us FBI has been directed and has active investigations at various stages underway into multiple facets. Hopefully some will lead to arrests and prosecutions of the secret financiers of chaos who were given the green light under Obama.

      Seems some didn't quite figure out there's a new sheriff in town and he ain't effin around.

  6. My brother just referred me to this article. A theory about what the relationship between Officer Chauvin and George Floyd might have been and what the restaurant/bar where they were both employed might have been all about. Anyone else seen this?