Monday, May 4, 2020

Sidney Powell Gives Sullivan Another Reason To Dismiss ASAP

That's how I read these Powell tweets:

The easy way to sidestep having to deal with Powell's demands for the phone records of Holder and Chertoff--can you say Deep DEEP State?--is to dismiss the case for whatever reasons Powell cares to offer. I have to assume DoJ is on board for dismissal. Jensen would never have been tasked to review the Flynn case files if that wasn't the end game.

The really interesting question is whether Durham is looking at those records. If so, he'll be going through a Grand Jury--no scraping and bowing before some federal judge.


  1. How amusing! Now those that prosecuted Flynn want this dismissed ASAP to stop more dirt coming out.

  2. I see the Flynn case as a harbinger.

    Judge Sullivan has more than enough information, despite a conflicted Flynn committing perjury before him, to toss the conviction. If he goes the other way, then bad bellwether. The Beagle Boys of the beltway breathe a sigh of relief. If the general goes free, FBI headquarters faces a run on Xanax.

  3. Titan28, I vote to see FBI HQ make the run on Xanax.