Sunday, May 31, 2020

Trump: ANTIFA To Be Designated Terrorist Organization

Very smart move by Trump--as you'd expect:
Donald J. Trump
The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.

The Dems have put themselves in the position of having to oppose everything Trump does or says. Now they find themselves having to support terrorists. Yes, they'll try to distinguish between peaceful protestors and their violent base. I predict it's not gonna work. Americans are smart enough to see through that.

First they shut the Blue cities down, now their base is trying to burn the Blue cities down before they can even reopen. And there's an election coming up. See a problem with that scenario?
Wanna bet that Barr and Trump have a well coordinated strategy?

As the riots heated up on Saturday, President Trump tweeted that the culprits were “Antifa and the Radical Left.” Attorney General William Barr similarly pointed out that the rioters and looters were engaging in “Antifa-like tactics.”


  1. The seeds were planted With Trump due to the inauguration riots, where nobody got punished. That was justified as rightful resistance to Trump. Trump is also going after the Black Law and Order Vote. And since Antifafa is mostly White, the race card can’t be played against Trump.

    Very smart politics by Trump!

  2. @Ray

    "Trump is also going after the Black Law and Order Vote."

    I agree. It certainly would be a good thing if Trump could win over a greater percentage of the African-American vote.

    However, as a practicing lawyer for 40 years, I learned (sometimes the hard way) to work hard to understand both sides of a story. (Drives my wife crazy.)

    The problem I see here is that some of Trump's actions are increasing the polarization. Understand, I don't care what the Hard Left thinks. But I do worry that greater polarization will make some spark in the tinderbox down the road that much more dangerous.

    I don't think increased violence is necessarily the answer for Trump.

    1. A tinderbox. I used that same expression to describe our nation in a conversation with a friend last night. I am increasingly concerned that one of these matches being thrown is going to ignite it.

  3. The Dems game plan is Blame Trump. Will America buy it? Not thus far.

  4. So we'll see everything re Antifa, finances, communications, personnel, etc?

  5. Love to see the social networks of ANTIFA cell phone metadata. Wonder how many Dems or Dem organizers are on the ANTIFA phones speed dial?

    1. At the risk of being excessively hopeful, I sure hope that the FBI was up on these ANTIFA goons for the past couple years, and have been quietly collecting evidence, all the while avoiding having them declared "terrorists" so as to not tip them off that they are being surveilled.

      And now that they've decloaked so that everyone can see this crap was an organized pre-planned co-ordinated co-option of otherwise peaceful demonstrations in furtherance of their conspiracy to violently overthrow the lawful government of the US, Trump hangs the terrorism label on them as DOJ is about to drop the hammer and start arresting the ringleaders and co-conspirators.

      Between the way Dem politicians adn MSM reporters are all falling all over themselves to defend these violent revolutionaries, one has to wonder if they ALL are on ANTIFA's speed dial list, and fear they may be swept up as co-conspirators (indicted or not) with the rest of the goons who have been plotting to overthrow the lawful government of the US.

      I sense the odor of panic in the air....

    2. Don't know that you would really get much. Surely Antifa employs cellularization, the application of which has been a Community Organizer mainstay for over a century. Even easier in the age of Twitter. You are seeing, I think, hyper flash-mobs. Someone has 6 followers on Twitter. Each of those have six followers, etc., etc. Each of those people have face to face contact with a cell leader who has 6 or 7 "associates". Doesn't take more than a tweet, seemingly innocuous, and a couple of retweets to get a sizeable presence somewhere, especially if there is already a group of malleable tools milling about the area looking to "make their mark". No need for actual conversation. Can work on a national level so everything looks perfectly "spontaneous".

      The same could be said of the media. An anchor or producer follows someone, probably a nobody (maybe an "avid birdwatcher") with no connection to anyone or thing in particular, who happens to be followed by someone, doesn't have to be a heavy-weight or talent, at virtually every outlet. An innocuous opinion or mental spitball is tweeted, within minutes every outlet is using virtually the same talking point seemingly out of nowhere. Virtually impossible to catch, truly impossible to prove. 21st century version of the BBC broadcasting instructions to the Maquis.

      The FBI never determined who of a possible half-dozen people issued the blanket shoot on sight instructions at Ruby Ridge yet every agent there knew it to be in effect. I don't hold much confidence in their success in getting ahead of this.
      Tom S.

    3. @EZ, I believe I read that after the inaugural outbreaks and following violence there was talk that the FBI was investigating Antifa.

  6. I'd say the hope (extremely doubtful on this) is that there is good, actionable intelligence on Antifa's activities, because there appears to be coordinated activities in many cities, e.g. selfie videos taken by blacks of Antifa thugs smashing windows, creating mayhem, paying blacks to riot, as well as warning that black protesters are being set up as patsies for the (white) Antifa violence.

    These white left-wing politicians love to give verbal cover to protests airing out grievance, but haven't a clue how to respond to the violence that results when each side (BLM, Antifa) leverages the other to deflect their own actions and impulses.

  7. This is quick stunning:

    >>Chuck Ross
    Susan Rice claims with zero evidence that Russia might be funding the riots.

    offers no pushback whatsoever.<<

    >> <<

    No evidence, but it might be the Russians.

    So, Susan, let's play the same game:

    "Antifa leaders phone numbers *MIGHT* be on Susan Rice's speed dial."

    I have as much evidence for that as Susan Rice has to claim Russians *MIGHT* be funding the riots.

    1. I used to appear as a guest on live TV (mostly CNBC, but others), and between the segment producer or the on-air host, the substance of the interview is always discuss in advance of appearing on-air.

      They brought on Rice purposely, knowing what she was going to say. There's no pushback because they knew.

      Media is a forum for promoting The Narrative. Wolf Blitzer is a hack. And why I keep saying media is entertainment...

      Even when you do a taped interview--whether TV or radio--they go over all the questions and your responses in advance, so when you're recorded, they have a feed that doesn't need editing.

      None of this is spontaneous--it's all highly produced.

    2. I doubt anyone who's not already deeply delusional will fall for this.

    3. Frankly, its exceedingly more likely that Susan Rice (and friends) are funding the riots than it is that Russia is funding them.

    4. I'm sure Vlad read that on Breitbart (because cnn slathers on too much propaganda for even a card carrying commie to stomach), chuckled, and said, "Vhat a maroonski."
      Tom S.

    5. I have no confidence in the FBI. Antifa and their ilk need to be torn up tomorrow and the only way to get it done is for armed citizens to start killing them. The police are inept and, apparently, heavily outsmarted.

      I've had it with watching police officers stand by while businesses are destroyed (last night, Boston, NY, Philadelphia, etc.). The police are lost. They have no leadership. We have cops hugging "protestors," cops taking a knee in Queens. WTF?

      Does anyone honestly believe a single arrested "protestor" is going to go to jail? Mayor's daughter in NY arrested with protestors, the two girls in Minnesota. Mayor of Atlanta firing police officers for using too much force.

      America is turning into Somalia.

      CNN: "Experts say Trump can't label Antifa a terrorist organization." Ubiquitous "current and former government officials" say you can't abridge a person's First Amendment protections (some confusion there on arson & free speech/law school today). Same article also partly blamed rioting on "white supremacists." Keep working that meme.

      Pretty soon, Trump will have to apologize.

    6. Rice would not be able to utter George Soros’s name on pain of death...

    7. "I have no confidence in the FBI. Antifa and their ilk need to be torn up tomorrow and the only way to get it done is for armed citizens to start killing them."

      Amen. It may come down to well-armed civilian men having to step in. Blue governors, mayors and police chiefs are inept, or, deliberately, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    8. @Titan: Dems and their "experts" arguing that domestic terrorists cannot be labeled as domestic terrorists plays into Trump's hands.

    9. I sure to hope it works that way.

    10. For Titan 28 @ 8:17

      "...for armed citizens to start killing them."

      The longer this goes on the more videos of armed men guarding businesses and people being pummeled bloody by rioters we see. Each night we draw nearer to the rioters picking on the wrong neighborhood or person and a dozen or more will be dead where they stand. This is not the '60's, 70's, or '90's. The erosion of moral restraint is very nearly, if not equally, as advanced in the leave-me-alone community as in the rioters. The difference: the LMA's are as often as not armed and competent while the anarchists rely on mob tactics and brute force.

      My social circle doesn't gravitate necessarily towards hard core preppers or gun enthusiasts but I know at least a dozen men that can put 9 out of ten rounds from a light rifle in a 9 inch pie pan from 4 city blocks away in less than a minute (and that is considered mediocre, nothing special). 90% of the "mass shooters" that have stunned the talking heads over the last 50 years has been marginal nimrods that didn't engage any target outside of 20 yards, i.e. handgun ranges. Inevitably someone with actual skill is going to feel cornered or threatened and they will coolly and methodically engage in their own brand of community outreach. Then cnn will have the bloodbath it craves. If it all doesn't stop then and there, if Antifa changes MO and decides to arm up, then we are off to a full on civil war because when some people say "leave me alone" they mean it.
      Tom S.

    11. Titan, you may want to send this Michael Knowles tweet to your social circle: , on how

      "You can spend many years reading many books to try to understand liberal modernity, or you can just watch this 24-second video."

      A guy gets occasion to exclaim "We're on your side!
      We're on your side! Holy sh*t...."
      It may well become immortal.

  8. Even the looting was choreographed. Many of the looters yesterday afternoon and evening in Southern California could be seen hauling stuff out to cars and vans that had pulled up. It looked like a drive-through fast food operation at times. They had merged themselves into the peaceful protesters and then broke loose to do what they do… Mostly black men and a few women, some hispanic-looking, some whites.

    Take away their cell phones and they’d be out of business.

  9. Why is Marco Rubio saying extremists from both sides fueling this? It boggles my mind.

    1. Because that's what his controllers have told him to say. Rubio is an empty suit with no mind of his own to speak of.

    2. Bravo, Mr. Wauck!!!!! Marquito has never gotten over fancying himself as president. A walking joke in Cuban heels...