Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Highly Recommended: Deep State Enmity For Michael Flynn--Why?

For those who are not familiar with Michael Flynn's history of serious conflict with the Deep State's intelligence establishment--best personified by James Clapper and John Brennan, but including others in the NSC--Larry C. Johnson has a fine summary account this morning. I say "summary," but it does in fact go into a fair amount of detail. It would be unfair to quote at length, so I simply urge anyone who is interested to follow the link: Michael Flynn Did Not Lie, He Was Framed by The FBI.

As you can see, the title of Johnson's piece doesn't convey the actual substance of the article, which focuses on Flynn's history of conflict with the intel establishment. On the other hand, Johnson is right to emphasize that well meaning narratives that speak of the FBI having "got Flynn to lie". In fact, Flynn did not lie. The frame up of Flynn was, as Johnson says, "a punishment in search of a crime." Johnson also rightly stresses the lack of a proper foundation for investigating Flynn--a crucial point.

What follows are some particularly incisive sentences, plucked from the midst of the detail, to whet your appetite for the entire article:

Flynn was perceived as a threat to the CIA and refused to cook the intelligence for the Obama Administration while he was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. 
In 2010, Flynn co-authored an important analysis, Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan. Flynn's key conclusion warned that the U.S. intelligence effort in Afghanistan was failing: 
Flynn's work did not sit well with Jim Clapper and John Brennan. John Schindler, a rabid anti-Trumper, wrote a hit piece on Flynn in December 2017, that highlights the Deep State anger at Flynn. 
This earned Michael Flynn the lasting enmity of DNI Director Jim Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan. Flynn would not play ball in down playing the jihadist threat in Syria. 
Michael Flynn did not go quietly into retirement. He became a vocal critic of Obama's failed policies in the Middle East: 
This made him a target of both Clapper and Brennan. When Brennan put together a CIA Task Force in the late summer of 2015, I believe that one of the targets of the intelligence collection from that effort was Michael Flynn.

Here's Johnson's hard hitting conclusion, which I like because it emphasizes the methodical, directed nature of the Barr/Durham investigation:

Michael Flynn's contact with the Russian Government and other members of the UN Security Council in the month preceding Trump's inauguration was appropriate and normal. He did nothing wrong. But President Obama's henchmen, including James Comey, John Brennan, Jim Clapper and Susan Rice were out for blood and relied on the FBI to stick the shiv into General Flynn's belly. 
That travesty of justice is being methodically and systematically revealed in the documents delivered to the Flynn defense team thanks to the efforts of Attorney General William Barr. Barr is relying on the US Attorney in the Eastern District of Missouri (EDMO) to review the case and provide Brady material to the Flynn defense team. This is by the book. Doing it this way provides the legal foundation for future prosecution of the FBI and prosecutors who abused the General Flynn's rights and violated the Constitution. Stay tuned.


  1. Great article! I am now more hopeful that some prosecution will happen.

    The abuse of what has been done to Flynn is unbelievable.

  2. Trump had better win re-election or all of this will be shut down on day one of a Biden presidency.

    1. You couldn't begin to be more right, and no one knows this better than the desperate guilty moving heaven and earth to make sure that re-election does in fact not happen.

      And the best way to ensure the investigation has success after election day is for it first of all to have success before election day.

      In other words, if Barr, Durham, et al can give the American people a good taste of what really happened these last many years, I just can't see how these same people, thus enlightened, can turn around and punish Trump and reward the criminals.

      Pre-virus, Trump was cruising to re-election. I still like his odds (and no way will it be Joe Biden who replaces him if Trump does in fact lose, imho), but now more than ever, the investigation needs to bear fruit in time for the voters to absorb the truth well before election day. An October Surprise sort of thing will be very hard for most voters to swallow, I fear.

  3. I am reading the O'Connor piece now.

    As you know, I work for the IC. I can confirm that the powers that be do not like anyone to step out of line. Yes men are welcome.

    The IC talks a lot about diversity and inclusion, but they are extraordinarily close-minded to their own 'facts.'

  4. Add to that this:

    which is altogether plausible, because we know how petty and vindictive Obama is, and McCabe's personal animosity for Flynn injecting himself into a harassment complaint against the FBI and easy to see why they were so ready and willing to make him the 'face' of the Russia Hoax. It's almost like the well worn mystery plot where everyone in the house has a motive and takes a shot so it can't be proven who actually committed the murder, forgetting that, B. Franklin not withstanding, hanging together does not necessarily protect them from being hung.
    Tom S.

  5. I'm surprise Gen Flynn hasn't been in a plane crash.

    1. Unfortunately he was unable to redeem the coupon for the all expense paid stay at the MCC arranged for him by his friends and former colleagues of Team Mueller.
      He was no doubt eager to try out the bunk beds. They come highly recommended for tethered free-style fixed object jumping.
      Tom S.

  6. Flynn did not lie to the FBI agents because they did not have a need to know the information. Flynn would have known that.

    Rob S