Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Great Tucker Monologue

I'm sure many out there will have seen this already. I just want to memorialize it here, mostly for the segment in which Carlson exposes Susan Rice. The position that Flynn presents regarding China v. Russia as the greater threat to the US is a well reasoned and highly defensible one. Rice, cynically, attempts to turn that into an accusation of "treason" in the general sense. One that neither she nor any of the others were willing to repeat under oath.

Btw, I do want it known, for the record, that when I first began following the Russia Hoax, I set up a new bookmarks folder and I named it "Obamagate," as it remains to this day.


  1. Tucker is a great American.

  2. Many Americans can only follow what the legacy media feeds them, vis-à-vis Russia, China, or other events whether domestic or international. They are purposefully kept in the dark, as much as by what is reported, as by what is not reported--because what ever is "reported" is done so in pursuit of an agenda, not in pursuit of news.

    Throughout the Russia hoax controversy, I would regularly ask people why their concern about Russia--a country with one-half the population, and an economy one-tenth the size, as compared to the US. These are facts confirming that Russia, despite some military prowess, is a quite poor country relative to the US.

    No one I discuss these details regarding Russia has any understanding--and the initial reaction is to deny the reality of Russia's relative impoverishment. Russia is a big gas station with an army.