Friday, May 22, 2020

UPDATED: Four Important Reads: Liberal Schadenfreude

While waiting for whether there will be late Friday revelations in the aggregated Russia Hoax scandal, here are four important stories on major shakeups in the Left Universe--as Thomas Lifson describes it at AmThinker: Media, Higher Education, Government Schools (aka "public" schools), the organs of mass indoctrination. Start with Lifson's thoughtful article:

Propaganda organs of the left hard hit by lockdown

The nation’s blue state governors seem to be far more enthusiastic about lockdowns than their red state counterparts, perhaps because they recognize that the small businesses being driven toward extinction are a key component of the GOP base. But if their motives are so ruthless, perhaps they need to reckon with the damage being done to the key propaganda organs of the left: progressive media, higher education, and government schools.

From there he covers the three bases of mass indoctrination, and the forces shaking their foundations.

Also at AmThinker, Monica Showalter takes a specific example--and it's delish:

Schadenfreude: Mommy Warbucks shuts her purse on The Atlantic's lefty denizens

The Lefty social revolutionaries thought they were shielded from the real world because they had The Billionaires on their side, not hated greedy shareholders. Joke's on you, suckers!

Here Showalter quotes Forbes

Laurene Powell Jobs, the majority owner of The Atlantic magazine, is worth an estimated $19.5 billion—a gain of $3.1 billion since mid-March. Despite the gain, The Atlantic, the publication in which she has a controlling stake, announced plans this week to lay off 20% of its staff, making Powell Jobs the latest billionaire to face questions about obligations to workers in the face of a ruinous pandemic.  
The news stirred agitation on social media, particularly within media circles. “Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire majority owner of The Atlantic, is rich enough to be able to pay the salaries of all 68 laid off Atlantic staffers every year for the next 3,000 years,” wrote Zach Schonfeld, a freelance writer and former Newsweek staffer, in one of many critical posts.

Adds Showalter:

Reality check for El Naivo: Laurene is the Ultimate Dreaded Shareholder, the shareholder of leftists' fevered imaginations, demanding her profit, goodwill be damned. Employees are just replaceable cogs in her mind, so easy to kick a few of them into the streets in a pandemic. She doesn't need anyone's good will or good opinion. Like billionaire Michael Bloomberg (estimated wealth $60 billion), she appeared to be a sort of protection from market forces, but actually, she was quite a bit worse than the market force, which has some counterbalancing features such as the need to retain talent. Not her.

It's all good.

Also related, focusing on the Big Media:

Joe Rogan Just Blew Up The Death Star

It's a long, interesting article--and frankly this is an area for which I have little understanding. Here's the start:

In the end it took a self-proclaimed ‘meathead’ like Joe Rogan to give new meaning to the phrase “Star Wars.”

Because if there was ever a moment where someone with real star potential just went to war on our behalf, it is Joe Rogan signing a $100 million exclusive deal with Spotify. 
Don’t take my word for it. Take Alex Jones’, Rogan’s good friend, who was given the media exclusive to break this story and explain to all of us why he took that deal.

The short answer is he’s going to war against Silicon Valley.

Finally, and in the same vein of Big Media empowering Karens everywhere to try to suppress Wrongthink, Sleepy Joe and the Dems are playing with fire:

Joe Biden’s Mind Melts, Says ‘You Ain’t Black’ If You Are an African-American Who Doesn’t Vote for Him

The thing is, Big Media's ability to hide this stuff is no longer what it was:

Apparently, this comment came after multiple attempts by Biden’s handlers to cut the interview short. It’s now obvious why they are trying to keep such a tight leash on the presumptive Democrat nominee. The longer these interviews go and the more he talks, the more his mind melts into mush and he starts saying ridiculous, offensive things. 
Biden will attempt to play this off as a joke. It doesn’t make it any less racist, nor would such a comment ever be tolerated from anyone in the Republican party. If this were a guy running for city council in Hermanville, it would still touch off a national news frenzy. As it stands, I suspect we’ll hear a lot of excuse making and obfuscation from the media. 
Regardless, what Biden said and the implications of it are what they are.

Even the condescending use of the word “ain’t” here is typical of the white Democrat entitlement pointed at the black community.

UPDATE: Zerohedge has a lot more on this story. This could get very rough: Controversy Erupts After Biden Tells Black Voters Considering Trump "You Ain't Black".


  1. The Biden story is being covered by a local news station in Madison, WI in their national news of their web site ( . We're the Berkley of the Midwest, the people's Republic of Madison, unofficial motto "50 square miles surrounded by reality". I think this one might break through the media filters.

    1. Also being addressed on Fox, by H. Faulkner.
      The interview tape shows Bite 'Em interrupting the host Charlamagne's follow-up question, to preach about his decades of support for blacks.
      What a brat!

    2. With this outburst, maybe (pro-DJT) blacks now have more reason, to call him Bite 'Em, or BiteMe.

  2. You can compare the Joe Rogan move akin to Howard Stern's 2004 jump to Sirius Satellite Radio. A big audience draw moving to a fledgling format makes for a game-changer--though "blows up the Death Star" is a bit hyperbolic.

  3. Who deemed Zach Schonfeld, or Atlantic employees, entitled to widow Jobs inheritance??

    Despite this level of cluelessness, of course we deplorables should listen to every public policy pronouncement from these paragons of horse hockey...

    -->Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire majority owner of The Atlantic, is rich enough to be able to pay the salaries of all 68 laid off Atlantic staffers every year for the next 3,000 years,” wrote Zach Schonfeld<--

    Just desserts for anyone who wrote that...

  4. I haven't read your four recommended articles yet but I will. Meanwhile, I'm commenting anyway. The Left seems to enjoy crushing the common man. Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General is a sicko. She actually thinks that she can keep the President out of Michigan? Of course not; she's a bully. She's picking a fight that she can't win.

    I might be wrong; I often am. I think that these shutdowns have enraged the Peop0le. I know that a few elections don't guarantee the general election, but the GOP retained WI and picked up a CA congressional seat. In VA, the GOP swept a council race.

    My gut is the Dems have a weak hand, they know it and they put all of their chips in impeachment and shutdowns. Couple this with the coming indictments (hopefully) and singling out churches and it spells disaster at the polls.

    I could be wrong. I hope I'm not.

    1. My sense, too, esp. if we see a 3-0 ruling, in favor of granting the writ for Flynn.

      It would be (by far?) the most *publicly*-significant ruling by a Circuit Court, in living memory.
      Shades of Dred Scott (in SCoTUS)? (His defeat spurred rage among abolitionists.)
      A defeat for Flynn here may spur outright rage among Deplorables, and revulsion among all who, even if not backers of DJT, actually care about the Const.

    2. The old barber in Michigan won the right to cut hair. He stated the AG is not his mommy.

      Rob S

    3. In my experience, Dems never think they have a weak hand. Someone/something has always thwarted their clear sailing.

      Hillary wasn't a weak candidate--she "won" the popular vote! Trump won due to Russian meddling.

      Mueller? Trump refused an interview.
      Ukraine? Trump refused to cooperate.
      Impeachment? Senate Republicans blocked evidence presentment at trial.

      Al Gore didn't lose in 2000, the Supreme Court handed the win to Bush.

      I know Dems who believe, despite Mueller coming up empty handed, there's more evidence to be had demonstrating Russian collusion, etc.

      Democrats lose elections due to Republican dirty tricks.

      And on and on and on...

  5. Off the subject but for discussion. The media blow up the Ahmmaud Arbery case but when a black man is beating three or four patients (one seemingly catatonic) in a nursing home, where's the outrage? All the victims are white.

    With respect to the Arbery case, I'm keeping an open mind. It could be the men were wrong to follow him. I don't know. I've learned from Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown that the media not only screw up racial violence, they out and out lie.

    1. While I haven't followed it closely, my understanding is that at some point there was a confrontation and a struggle over a shotgun?

      Anytime you deploy a firearm--especially outside your home--you really need a plan, because too many things can go wrong. They don't seem to have had a plan and ended up shooting someone over a trespass--and not their property? I understand anger over property crimes and LE not doing anything, but you still need a plan.

      Posting videos of yourself punching elderly and helpless mental patients doesn't sound like a well thought out plan, either.

    2. I agree completely with your thoughts about the men. I'm mostly saying that the MSM immediately stir things up. They likely did use very bad judgement. But, a courtroom is the place to air out evidence, the facts and judgement.

      And, I'm not convicting Arbery, either, but it's similar to the other cases I cited. A smiling picture of Arbery is shown. He's the All-American boy. A week later, two videos of his encounter with the law are released. He wasn't an angel. I merely point out that none of us should rush to judgement. That's my big point.

    3. As you and others point out, the Fake News uses a divide and conquer strategy. Men v. women, whites v. blacks, Christians v. everybody, etc.

      The leave a trail of devastation and destruction in their wake.

    4. "don't seem to have had a plan and ended up shooting someone over a trespass".
      If you're not trained as a cop, so that you don't know jack about the Use of Force Model, you've no business playing cop.
      This model bars deadly force, unless a cop's or another person's *life* or limb, is in *imminent* danger.
      The whole Citizen's Arrest setup needs a new map.

      OTOH, yeah, the MSM says boo, about blacks' wanton attacks on whites, see ,
      and .

    5. Now they have charged the neighbor Bryan, who photographed the encounter and the homicide, with felony murder. More than just photograph Arbery, he used his vehicle to head him off and “detain” him.

  6. There's a documentary out about Norma McCorvey, the 'Roe' in Roe v. Wade. She became pro-life. The documentary shows her saying that she has a deathbed confession. It was an act, her being pro-life. She was paid off.

    However, those who knew her, aren't so sure. They state she had a hard life, was sick towards the end of her life and the documentary makers might've exploited her and snipped her words out of context.

    I don't know her and can't say. But I know the Left stoops at anything to win.

  7. Also off topic, but check out this really meaty report. Where's the beef, Christopher Wray?

    I also see Schiff is joining the clamor for Grenell to release the Flynn transcript that some don't even think exists.

  8. A hare more here. Somehow this all smacks to me of being just too little, too late.

    1. It won't solve internal problems, but it keeps the Obama abuses before the public eye. I still expect prosecutions.

  9. Sidney Powell just used the term operation hammer.

    Interesting, before it was just fringe idea of the Obama administration Spying: