Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Strattonato da fan agitata

I think you can guess the meaning, but it's like: Tugged by an excited fan. Matteo Salvini, of course, is the leader of the Lega Nord. Salvini ran on a quasi-Trumpian, Euro-populist, anti-immigration platform and was virulently opposed by the current pretender to the See of Rome--he woulda slapped Salvini if given half an opportunity. Salvini seems to have a puckish sense of humor:


  1. I saw this this morning but did not make the connection. The pope is certainly out of sync with Catholics by being such a liberal. But I do feel bad for him. So many do not believe in Jesus as God anymore. No one is looking to the church or priests for guidance. Might be very stressful being Pope.

    1. I've more or less given up reading stuff like this, but the author has his points:

      CHANGELING POPE: Bergoglio’s War on All Things Catholic

      My view is simple. A non-Catholic can't be a bishop. Ergo Bergoglio isn't bishop of Rome.