Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Re New Revelations About Ciaramella And Misko

Fool Nelson neatly capsulizes a major takeaway from Paul Sperry's lengthy article--Whistleblower Was Overheard in '17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump. David Laufman looks more and more like a key Dem operative:


  1. Coup.

    What is happening to Trump is an examplar of getting rid of our current civil service system and outright eliminating many "Executive" departments outright.

    Yes, I know, it's complicated.

    1. Civil Service is a major problem. I know!

    2. For what it's worth, that was not s dig, but an expression of frustration because something that should be simple is not.

      I will not repeat what I say when I take on a home improvement project.

  2. One of the things I've been mulling over is what happens when it is no longer possible to keep a lid on the coup cover-up. One predictable result will be the high level plotters will want to have a designated "fall-guy" who effectively cuts them out of culpability, and "takes the blame" for the rest of the team above him.

    I wonder if they are looking at Laufman as the "designated Fall-guy."

    The problem is that from his perch, he couldn't have orchestrated all the things that happened outside of FBI/DOJ as part of the coup.

    Somebody may be desperately trying to frame Laufman as the fall-guy, but I don't think it is going to work. Somebody much higher than him had to have a hand in orchestrating things. He might have been the point man on the Ukraine Impeachment fabrication, and covering up for Hillary's email disaster, but those are just individual pieces in a much larger mosaic of mendacity in the overall crucible of corruption.

    1. Laufman was fairly high up, but not nearly high enough to take all the blame on himself. He was following directions.

    2. The designated fall-guy doesn't necessarily need to be very high up. Things go south, accusations are made, a couple of sinister yet opaque e-mails "surface", a couple of anonymous sources corroborate, a tragic suicide. Viola! Culprit sadly can't answer for his crimes, but met justice anyway. Case closed. Move along: nothing to see here. Business as usual.

      If I were any of the here-to-fore publicly identified participants (looking at you Rosenstein) in this coupe I would be very worried.

      Jeffery Epstein call your office.
      Tom S.


    And...connecting one more dot...David Laufman is...'ex'-CIA.

    How many ways to Sunday?

  4. Interesting related segment involving "WB" and WH meeting he hosted with Ukraine prosecutors and embassy people, and Foggy Bottom, on Laura Ingraham tonite.

    They were discussing prosecution of Burisma, and Hunter Biden being a complication.

    Listen to what Lee Smith says... sounds like there's more to come.

    Timing of this coinciding with Impeachment Trial, is, in all likelihood, not a coincidence.

    I'm starting to wonder, given Sekulow's revelation tonight that WH does not want a dismissal vote, if the President's lawyers are going to be unleashing a surprise next week.

    1. Right. Will listen. Had a similar reaction to Sekulow's statement.

    2. LS: "It's in the White House." Yep.

    3. As if it ever 'wasn't' in the White House.

      I know...this looks like 'proof', with more 'proof' to come. But, for goodness' sakes, they have been lying and obfuscating and denying and counter-attacking for, really, four years now. And even Don Surber is suggesting they might get away with it.

      And many, probably most, Americans don't know or don't care. Do they really not understand the implications of living in a country controlled by the CIA?

      We need prosecutions and convictions...up the ladder.

      I hope you are right, Mark, that Durham and Barr are up to it.