Thursday, January 30, 2020

UPDATED: Republicans Excited, Dems Anxious

Lifted from Don Surber's AP says Trump supporters pumped.

The Associated Press reported, "AP-NORC poll: GOP more fired up for 2020, Democrats anxious." 
The poll asked voters about the election. 43% of Republicans and 33% of Democrats are excited. 
46% of Republicans and 66% of Democrats are anxious. 
The story said, "A party usually wants its voters excited rather than anxious, said George Marcus, a political scientist at Williams College ... 
Why might this poll be true? 
First, the impeachment is backfiring. Democrats presented a case that was full of vitriol but devoid of evidence. President Trump's retort -- "read the transcript" -- cannot be overcome by name-calling. 
Democrats look disorganized. They say they have the evidence to lock him up. Jerry Nadler said the House case was "proven beyond any doubt at all." But then they say we need more witnesses and testimony. If you cannot run an impeachment, how can you run a government? 
Second, the economy does well. Unemployment is at a 50-year low. The GDP grew 2.3% last year -- well above the 1.5% growth Obama averaged.

UPDATE: If you want to see more about why impeachment excites GOPers rather than making them anxious, look no further than Monica Showalter's morning piece--Dems' case for witnesses in Senate impeachment trial collapsing fast...and it gets worse:

For Democrats, the case for calling new witnesses at the Senate impeachment trial seems to be deflating like a bad soufflĂ©. 
... even the New York Times and Reuters are reporting that the Democrats' quest for witnesses is falling apart fast. 
Meanwhile, The Hill reports that Republicans are ebullient: 
It gets worse, way worse, with news that President Trump's inevitable acquittal, as soon as Friday if the witness hurdle is busted, is next up likely to lead to a bipartisan acquittal. 
It's now Democrats feeling the heat, not Republicans (except perhaps for Mitt Romney, who's feeling heat, too, reviled on the right for his egotistic call to want witnesses alongside the Democrats — amid inauspicious polls emerging from his home state of Utah). 
The Democrats are feeling it, too. It's not just the call to witnesses that's falling apart; there seems to be a dam breaking upstream that might just mean complete exoneration and vindication of President Trump. Not only would they not be able to oust President Trump, but they wouldn't even be able to weaken him. And that which doesn't kill him is going to make him stronger. There's the old saying about "if you strike the king" that they're going to learn about firsthand from voters. What's going to be left is a humiliating defeat for rage-filled Democrats. And it could hit them like a freight train as soon as Friday.


  1. Interesting that all this week there were stories about House leadership complaining that they were getting their butts kicked in fundraising.

    Then there was the story about Trump’s NJ rally; 25% of attendees were registered Democrats.

    1. But they don't seem to be asking, hey, is there something we're doing that P's people Off?

    2. On the other hand they really are too smart to care what the Boomer Rubes think.
      Tom S.

  2. Speaking of stuff that P's people Off, see ,
    on the new GOP ad on Don Lemon's recent CNN giggle-fest vs. Deplorables.

    Too bad the ad shows Biden saying something about race, not loud enough to be easily heard.
    They should have a clarifying caption (at the screen's bottom).

  3. Not too smart for one of the female House Managers to basically insult Murkowski when she asked a legitimate question, of which, I don't remember the subject.

    I have no use for Murkowski but that disrespect probably pushed her into McConnell's arms. Coincidental that on the same day of the arrogant response, Cocaine privately indicated that he thought that he had the votes?

    1. Sounds like a strategic move by Dems to assure that there are no witnesses, while allowing them to blame the GOP senate Majority for it.

      The last thing on earth the Dems needed is the GOP Senate subpoenaing Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Ciaramella, Vindman, the IC IG, Schiff, and all the rest of the House witnesses and forcing them to either lie under oath -- setting them up for perjury, telling the truth -- and admitting it was all a fabricated scam Impeachment conspiracy, or taking the 5th Amendment -- all in front of a live national TV audience.

      The thing that has been clear as day since the trial started is the Dems never intended to win (because, for one thing, they have no evidence of any Impeachable act) -- that explains why they insulted the Senate on so many occasions in their presentation and answers to questions. They knew Trump was never going to be convicted. It was, rather, all about setting up video footage for the fall Senate campaigns, and virtue signalling to their base to get them back on the reservation for the Fall elections to prevent a downticket blow-out.

      I wish McConnell had called Schumer's bluff, and told most of the Senate GOP to vote FOR witnesses, and watch as Schumer scrambled to get his people to REVERSE themselves, and vote AGAINST witnesses.

      That would have exposed the truth for all to see.

  4. The Rasmussen poll showing 42% African American approval for Trump ...

    must have Dems quaking.

    1. Rasmussen updates that figure to 43% on Friday.

      The key thing to remember is Rasmussen polls LIKELY VOTERS; most other pollsters are still polling registered voters at this stage far out from election day.

      That means Rasmussen's number is likely much closer to being an accurate measure of how black voters who bother to vote actually feel. That about 6 points or more above the number reported in the registered voter polls.

      This is why the Dems are in a state of panic, IMHO. Their base voters, including black voters who traditionally vote 90+% for Dems, are off the reservation.

      They have to be crapping their pants with numbers like this coming in at the peak of the Shampeachment -- it essentially says not only did Shampeachment not bring the base voters back, it actually drove more of them away, especially black voters whom they don't ususally have to fight over! This time, they will have to spend a significant amount of additional resources to try to win them back, which they do not ordinarily have to do.

      This is going to get very interesting, as Dems get more and more rattled, and desperate.

      Nothing they try seems to work; and most of it backfires.

      They appear to be screwed. And they have no one but themselves to thank for it.

    2. Yet GOPe can't seem to sit back and enjoy.