Wednesday, January 22, 2020

No Surprise: Powell Says Flynn Should Only Get Probation And Community Service

There's no point in spending much time on this. The original recommendation was for no jail time, and that's what Sidney Powell is suggesting. She has already moved to withdraw the plea, but she has to go through the motions on sentencing--from The Hill:

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn told a federal judge on Wednesday that he should be sentenced at a maximum to probation and community service over charges that he lied to the FBI. 
In a court filing Wednesday, Flynn’s attorneys repeatedly cited their client’s past military service and volunteer work as evidence that he does not deserve to serve time behind bars. 
“While the defendants in other cases cited by the government were working to benefit themselves, Mr. Flynn wrote a blank check on his life and put himself in harm’s way for more than five years in foreign deployments and thirty-three years of service to protect all Americans,” they wrote. “Mr. Flynn should receive a sentence, if any, of probation and community service.” 
The filing comes after Flynn moved to withdraw his guilty plea last week under an agreement he had made with Robert Mueller during the former special counsel's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race.

The motion to withdraw the plea is where the real action will be. The point of the sentencing is that, until there's a sentence imposed, Powell can't appeal any of Judge Sullivan's other rulings.

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