Friday, January 10, 2020

Recommended Reads On Our Continuing Political Crisis

The depth of corruption in US national politics is almost overwhelming. While Trump has thus far fought off the determined efforts to subvert his presidency, the insurgency against constitutional order continues unabated. Today there are several good reads that expose this depressing situation.

Julie Kelly at American Greatness once again takes on the role of Michael Atkinson in this insurgency. Kelly is by way of being rather an expert on Atkinson. I covered her earlier expose in Oh My! Michael K. Atkinson, ICIG and today she offers us:

The American public must know more about Michael Atkinson’s ties to the same agency and same culprits who launched the phony Russian collusion scheme.

What's so depressing in this is that Atkinson was able to shift from his FISA and Russia Hoax activities at DoJ to become the first line of defense for the Deep State as IC IG. This speaks so loudly about the continuing subversion against Trump from within his own administration. Here are a few paragraphs from Kelly's conclusion:

Republicans have many questions for Atkinson and since, astonishingly, he remains in public office, he should be forced to answer those queries. Last September, Nunes, along with Rep. James Jordan (R-Ohio) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) sent a lengthy letter to Atkinson demanding to know when and why he changed the official form to allow hearsay on the complaint. 
But the American public needs to know more about Atkinson’s past ties to the same agency and same culprits who launched the phony Russian collusion scheme. Did he handle the FISA applications on Carter Page? What did he know about the initial counterintelligence probe into Trump’s campaign? Did he counsel McCord prior to her meeting with the White House lawyer about Michael Flynn? Did he attend the April 2017 briefing with Comey and Rosenstein? 
Has he had any communications with McCord since she left the Justice Department? Did he work with Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Did he communicate with any of the other bad actors, such as Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker, or Bruce Ohr? Did he ever meet Christopher Steele?

Over at Zerohedge, James Kunstler has a piece that's actually much more insightful than you might guess from a somewhat mundane title: How's This Impeachment Farce Working For You, Nancy? Kunstler does a fine job of fitting impeachment theater within the larger insurgency stemming from the Russia Hoax, and showing how its a seamless web of deceit. These excerpts are not connected, but do give a good picture of the whole:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been clinging to her bill of impeachment for one reason: hoping that a judge will rule to release all the evidence and depositions collected by Robert Mueller’s investigation. 
More to the point - and to Mrs. Pelosi’s real motive here - the material is not for impeachment but rather to use the Mueller dossier as political opposition “research” for the coming election. 
There is no question that from the start of his investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller knew that the case was opened under false pretenses, since his very close friend, the erstwhile FBI director James Comey, also knew by early 2017 that all the predicating material was substantially false, and that it was procured by Mrs. Clinton. 
Of course, there’s good reason to suspect that Mr. Mueller himself was a false front for the operation conducted in his name, which was really an intrigue carried out by a claque of Democratic Party Lawfare attorneys led by Andrew Weissmann, Mr. Mueller’s chief deputy. 
In the meantime, Impeachment’s second act is about to get underway whether Mrs. Pelosi likes the terms or not. 
Secondarily, the impeachment was designed to get senators in swing states on the record voting to acquit the president in the hopes that it will somehow taint their re-election prospects and possibly flip control of the Senate to the Democrats. 
It would also be satisfying to hear how his enabler, Intel Community IG Michael Atkinson, might account for the process that steered the “whistleblower” to Rep. Adam Schiff and his staff — for instance, back-dating the official documents that green-lighted the “whistleblower’s” case. Mr. Atkinson is deeply implicated himself as a player in the earlier 2017 RussiaGate FISA court mischief, since his previous job was agency counsel to DOJ National Security chief John Carlin, who signed off on fraudulent FISA warrants. Mr. Atkinson must have counseled Mr. Carlin to do that. 
If witnesses were allowed in the Senate trial phase of impeachment, the president’s team could haul in scores of former and current government officials implicated in the seditious activities against him to testify. The nation would be well-served and enlightened. 

Finally, as an indicator of the utter degradation of public life that Dems are determined to foist on America, Monica Showalter at AmThinker: 'Wise Latina' Sotomayor heaps praise on San Francisco's new far-left DA, Chesa Boudin. Boudin, of course, is another of those Soros DAs, the son of a terrorist couple:

San Francisco, whether it knows it or not, should be bracing to get even more crime-ridden and hellish than it already is with the questionably rigged election of Chesa Boudin as the city's chief prosecutor. 
Boudin, recall, vows to ignore quality-of life crimes; drop gang enhancement charges on gangsters; and pressure victims of violent crimes to opt for "restorative justice" instead of jail time, letting crooks off if they apologize.  What could go wrong? 
Not a problem for Wise Latina herself, Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor, who horned in on Boudin's inauguration, sending this far-to-the-far-leftist an unprecedented message of pride and praise: 
"Chesa, my court sessions resume next week so I am unable to join your inauguration ceremony. I sent you this message to tell you how much I admire you, and to wish you well in your new endeavors." 
"Your personal strength and commitment to reforming and improving the criminal justice system is a testament to the person you are and the role model you will continue to be for so many. 
"Chesa, you have undertaken a remarkable challenge today. I hope you reflect as a great beacon to many, and the road to accomplishing what you have set out to do will be daunting. Nevertheless, the city of San Francisco will be so very well served by a man whose life creed is believing, as you told me 'We are all safer when we uplift victims, hold everyone accountable for their actions, and do so with empathy and compassion.' 
There's plenty more to gag about in the entire text of the message, transcribed in the San Francisco Chronicle, here.

Showalter quotes Ed Whelan:

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but it strikes me as highly unusual that a sitting Supreme Court justice — or any federal judge, for that matter — would publicly lavish such praise on an elected official, especially in the absence of a previous working relationship or close friendship that would give her a special basis for offering insights into his character.

Nope. I don't think he's mistaken. What a spectacle.


  1. What I like about your site is the heart and the quiet, reasoned optimism. You do the research, you do an analysis, you suggest what needs to be done.

    I look at something like that stupid congressional war powers resolution designed to hamstring Trump, see how noxious and anti-American, anti-freedom it is, and I come close to despair.

    There are days I think the American experiment is over, that the corruption, a good bit of it actually legal, if you look at the banks, the markets & Chelsea Clinton (the poisonous nepotism that controls economic life in the U.S.) is too entrenched, too far gone to be fixed.

    The rot is so vast and deep, I just don't see how it can be fixed. It's like the blob. It's everywhere.

    1. Tx. I do want to be optimistic. However, I somewhat agree with Matt Gaetz, who voted for the Dem resolution. He presents a self serving and simplistic version of the constitution, yet I agree with his concerns about Pompeo "slow walking" us into a major war. We saw it happen in Iraq and elsewhere. Congress does need to step up, just not in the juvenile Pelosi way.

      You can find a link to Gaetz in this post:

  2. An example of this mess is former federal prosecutor Kenneth McCallion.

    He brought forth lawsuits against Manafort in federal court over Manafort's business with Ukraine. These lawsuits were dismissed.

    Until he fed them to Mueller and company.

    Then, presto! Slight hand and misdirection, Manafort in prison.

    I am not defending Manafort, but it took some serious underhanded prosecutorial work to get him.

    1. This is true. It has taken some serious underhanded prosecutorial work to let others off.