Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Mike Pompeo On "The Glory Of The American Experiment"

Pompeo said this at an event at Texas A&M University on April 15, 2019. It's the Deep State speaking:

Pompeo's boss spoke at Davos today. Here's part of what he said:

“America’s newfound prosperity is undeniable, unprecedented and unmatched anywhere in the world,” Trump said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, hours before his impeachment trial was set to begin in earnest back home. “America achieved this stunning turnaround not by making minor changes to a handful of policies, but by adopting a whole new approach centered entirely on the well-being of the American worker.”
“Every decision we make on taxes, trade, regulation, energy, immigration, education and more is focused on improving the lives of everyday Americans,” the president added. “Only when governments put their own citizens first will people be fully invested in their national futures.”

 Who should we trust?

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  1. I love that DJT is a plain and simple speaker. He repeats his keys points like witch hunt, fake news and Russia Hoax.