Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Way Of The Cross

A series of self explanatory tweets re the Amazon Synod. Readers who are concerned with the Russia Hoax may wonder what the connection is. I assure you there is a connection. Tweets courtesy of

1. Duh, Burkie! This is the guy who, as bishop of LaCrosse, tried to approve for final vows in a women's religious order ... a biological male. We should trust and hope in him?





  1. Mr Wauck,

    Are you sure that the reports of Cardinal Burke are true? I had never heard these reports before and looked into them after reading this post. I can't say with certainty either way, but I do have my doubts.

    In the past, I have had no reason to doubt Cardinal Burke. Having said that, I am not invested in him. I am only seeking the truth. There is precious little information available about Sister Julie Green, at least on the internet.

    1. All I can say is that what I've seen seems factual. My real point was that "We must preach Christ rather than look to pagan religions" is so mild a statement in the circs. One doesn't need to be a canon lawyer to have that figured out. If the Catholic "faithful" need to that reminder ...

  2. I appreciate the point that you are making.

    These are difficult times to be a Catholic. Our petitions at Mass seem to be written by socialists, pagans and feminists. A lot of the modern music is terrible.

    Back to Cardinal Burke, he was our archbishop and seemed like the real deal. I am keeping an open mind.

    1. I guess at some point I need to jump into the deep end of this pool, rather than paddling around at the shallow end.

      At this moment I'm about to head out for Mass, having loaded Sunday's Mass on my Paperwhite from this site:

      Let me suggest that you take very seriously what Farrow wrote and I quoted yesterday: The Amazon Synod As Sign Of The Times--

      "a Bergoglian church ... not to put too fine a point on it, is not the Catholic Church. It is a false church. It is a self-divinizing church. It is an antichristic church, a substitute for the Word-made-flesh ..."

      Re Burke and the few others like him, what I'm really sugesting is that he is not giving the faithful the full story which goes back to V2 and then, as Farrow also says, "goes back several centuries."

      I understand well that these are difficult times and that it's a lot to ask of people to do the historical, theological, and philosophical study to come to an understanding of what's going on. That's why I take out after the people like Burke who know the truth but decline to speak it the way Farrow just did.

      Two more suggestions. First, the Roman Canon is the one anchor in this storm--not the New Order. Yes, I need to elaborate on that, but ...

      Use the search engine here to search terms like "benedict" and "ratzinger" for long blogs on what's going on and how we got here. I've actually been saying these things since the 1980s, but that was before the internet.

      Again, my point in this blog is that things will almost certainly get worse--much worse. Catholics need to cut themselves loose from the New Order and find the harbor of the faith--not continue aboard the Bergoglian bark. This will not be easy.

    2. Get the KJB, The Roman Religions are specked with paganism and all kinds of isms. Please come backbto the roots of Christ and no other gods. God the Creator , as described in the bible, are , is and always , will be .

    3. Not at all clear what an inferior translation has to do with anything here.

  3. Your knowledge of the type of issues is way more advanced than mine. You appear to be a scholar whereas I am a layman on the issues.

    So as to be clear, I am not arguing as we are not on the same level of knowledge. From my limited perspective, Burke appears to be the real deal. But again, I will not claim to have your knowledge of the Church.

    And you are right to encourage the Faithful to educatet ourselves. Just as we should not trust the Deep State, we can't trust the Vatican.

    1. I probably shouldn't do posts like this unless I'm ready to spend more time talking it through.