Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dems 55, GOPers 69

Nope, not a college basketball score. Per today's WSJ, those are the percentages of respondents to a recent Rasmussen poll who agreed with the following statement:

It is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home.

While not identified as such by the pollster, those words were spoken by President Donald J. Trump. 55 per cent of identified Democrats can agree with Trump on a major and--if one were to judge from the MSM and Congressional resolutions--"controversial" component of his foreign policy. One which he has held to from the the early days of his campaign. In reality, judging from the polling results, this is not a controversial position at all. It reflects Mainstream American opinion.

Questions: Could results like this signify, as commenter Cassander has speculated, that a major political realignment in America could be on the horizon? How long can the DC political Establishment--Dem and GOP alike--continue to buck the growing popular consensus? How long can they kowtow to the Deep State status quo, without risking serious backlash? To what other issues does this divide extend? Trump appears to be the only candidate who has identified some of these divides in the American political landscape and has the wit to take advantage of them to forge a new and, seemingly, enduring coalition--again, judging from GOP respondents, Trump is wildly popular. Does the Establishment really dare impeach?


  1. Pertinent to this prospect of realignment, see R. Tafel's analysis of major cultural voting blocs, at .
    His take on Modern vs. post-Modern Dem voters is of particular interest. Esp. if the Moderns are revolted by the truth of Obamaists' orgy of criminality via SpyGate etc., they may be more lkely to face the extent to which, the essence of post-Modern Dem thought is Hatred of the White Patriarchy, over all other considerations (incl. the general public's weariness with BS wars).

    1. I find Wilbur very shallow, but it's a useful discussion.

    2. Shallow indeed, but it's still crucial for Moderns to grasp, just how alien (and hateful) post-Mods are from Mods, esp. on science, and White Patriarchy.

      For decades, Mods like Paglia and Allan Bloom have tried to sound alarms about this, but Conservatism Inc. preferred to sweep turds under rugs, as long as
      Wall St., and the D.S., could continue to build wealth and power, at the expense of (mostly middle-class) taxpayers.

      Not 'til Trump (and, to a degree, Deneen), did Righties start to face the extent of overlap, between the D.S. swamp, Lefty hate of White Patriarchy, and the Wall St./ globalists' sweetheart trade etc. deals, at working-class and middle-class expense.

    3. No doubt about it, the overlap is real and extensive.

    4. For a non-Christian (but consistent w/ Deneen) view of the Deplorables' revolt vs. globalism (esp. its CLASS aspects), see Archdruid J.M. Greer, at , and .

      He contrasts the spoiled salaried upper-middle class, vs. the Deplorable wage-earners.
      He called Trump's election win, back in Jan. 2016!
      Did anyone else get it that right, THAT early?

    5. And, for an "alt-Right" (Jewish) view of this class stuff (consistent w/ Deneen), see Paul Gottfried, at :

      "I still sympathize with the owners of... relatively small companies, who are guided in their daily conduct, and relations with employees, by “biblical morality.”
      But I could not care less, about what happens to the fortunes of Jeff Bezos...."

    6. Another relevant Jew is J.H. Kunstler (2x each week), and some of his c. 1000 commenters (e.g. "Walter B), see :
      "... our 'leadership' is finally implementing their plan on how to deal with too many of us – eliminate some of us, and then replace us with low need, abject poverty loving, third world slaves."

  2. Ignored by almost all of the media.

  3. One more entry on the populist list revealing opposition to the establishment/neocon/neolib/globalist agenda.