Wednesday, October 23, 2019

NYT: The Deep State Exists ...

... and it really is trying to take President Trump out. So, we were right all along, after years of being disparaged as conspiracy theorists for even suggesting that the Deep State was a thing.

Steve Sailer picked this up: NYT: Well, Actually, the Deep State IS Trying to Overthrow the Elected President, But That's a Good Thing!

The impeachment inquiry is in some ways the culmination of a battle between the president and the government institutions he distrusted and disparaged.
By Peter Baker, Lara Jakes, Julian E. Barnes, Sharon LaFraniere and Edward Wong
Oct. 23, 2019, 6:42 p.m. ET
WASHINGTON — Nameless, faceless and voiceless, the C.I.A. officer who first triggered the greatest threat to President Trump’s tenure in office seemed to be practically the embodiment of the “deep state” that the president has long accused of trying to take him down.
But over the last three weeks, the deep state has emerged from the shadows in the form of real live government officials, past and present, who have defied a White House attempt to block cooperation with House impeachment investigators and provided evidence that largely backs up the still-anonymous whistle-blower.

Sailer adds:

And just wait until the public realizes that this brouhaha is about the President delaying foreign aid payments to Ukraine. There’s nothing more sacred in the eyes of American voters than our national duty to pay foreign aid.


  1. The age old question: How many NYT "journalists" does it take to screw in a broken light bulb?

    Five, apparently.

    "Real live government officials"! Wow! Can we touch one? Do we dare look upon them? With what wisdom will these gods bless us this time via their NYT and WAPO messengers?

    Wait, I think John Brennan is about to tweet some unhinged pretentiousness!

    1. OAN had an interesting take on why Ciaramella has to be "anonymous". Because under cross examination it might come out that he was in fact a spy for Schiff, in violation of the Espionag Act. I haven't tried to sort that out, but it's a possibility that the various leaks are violations of the Espionage Act and that Schiff is orchestrating it. A conspiracy to commit espionage.

    2. But according to our Deep State-run press, the only crime is a president they didn't choose dictating US foreign policy.

  2. I don't have a crystal ball to read the future but if Ciaramella is spy, I hope that he faces a reckoning.

    I hope they all face a reckoning, Burr, Schiff, Warner, Pelosi, Nadler, Pietro Delecto, Mr. Roboto, etc.