Sunday, October 13, 2019

Impeachment--Is It Real?

I suppose I should be writing something about this nonsense Impeachment Theater the Dems are going through. But it seems basically pointless. One way or another, at this point Trump is going to run on it. His recent rallies make that pretty clear, and beyond the shabbiness of the Kangaroo Court impeachment there will be the disturbing revelations that will be coming from the various DoJ investigations. I continue to believe that Biden will ultimately be forced out and the Dems will be left with an unelectable far left loony to run against the President who will have so many accomplishments--now including a trade deal with China.

So why pretend to take this seriously? The Washington world will do their thing, but in the end the GOP is now Trump's party.

Here are some comments that cover everything in their essence.

Sean Davis has this absolutely right, and this is exactly how the American people will see it:

Great catch by Julie Kelly--Sheldon Whitehouse, total loon from Rhode Island leading the way to national consensus? Hard to believe, but here it is:

But on a more serious note:

Dems Worried If Impeachment Fails They'll Have To Nominate Electable Candidate
October 4th, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats are beginning to grow worried that if their impeachment effort fails, they'll have to resort to plan B: nominating an electable candidate and winning an election. 
"The real danger here," said Nancy Pelosi in a meeting of top Democrats, "is that the normal way of getting rid of a president---impeachment---fails. Then, we'd have to try to find someone who isn't a smug, smarmy doofus and get the public to like them." 
"What about Andrew Yang? He's pretty nice," said one aide, who was then asked to leave the room for such reckless hate. 
"I could run for president. I'm pretty electable," said Chuck Schumer.
"Oh, cut the crap. You're insufferable," said Pelosi, rolling her eyes. "Ocasio, any ideas?" 
"What if we just, like, seized the means of production and executed all the leaders?" Ocasio-Cortez asked, looking up from a comic book about herself she was reading. "That would be so fetch." 
"Stop trying to make fetch happen!" Pelosi replied, clearly irritated now. "Alright, so getting elected is out. Let's just put all our eggs in the impeachment basket and hope it works out. Maybe we can pass impeachment first so we can find out what things Trump did that are impeachable."



    My wife and I happened on Steve Hilton's open tonight. I highly commend the first 9:30. Hilton has dug up some more 'interesting' details on the Bidens' (and some Dem Senators', including the loathsome Richard Blumenthal's) involvement in Burisma and Ukraine.

    Its looking more and more to me like Shifty and Pelosi will sorely regret the day they decided to impeach Trump on 'Ukraine'.

    1. Yeah, it's hard to believe that they really intend to go down that road. Seems suicidal to me.

    2. Could the Dems possibly want the Ukraine Gold Rush exposed? Hard to believe.

    3. Agreed. Hard to believe.

      An old partner of mine used to say, "He's desperate. Beware of what a desperate person will do."

    4. Desperation can be the enemy of rational action. But then ideology generally is.

  2. I wonder if a lot of the freshmen Dem reps from swing and red districts really want to sacrifice their seats for Shifty, Nadler and Pelosi.

    I guess that we'll see.

  3. That link to Steve Hilton is not playing correctly on YouTube. Only 2 seconds is showing. LA

    1. I watched it yesterday and it was fine. But not today.


      This link worked for me a few minutes ago.

    3. Works for me. It's a shortened clip, with just the opening 9:57.