Sunday, October 27, 2019

How Unpopular Is Impeachment?

From CNN via Rick Moran:

Indeed, take an examination of the battleground states that Democrats almost certainly need to make inroads into in 2020. The New York Times and Siena College, 2018's  most accurate pollster, took  a poll of voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. These were  closest states in the country that cast their electoral votes for Trump in 2016.
Just 43% of voters in these six states want to impeach and remove from office at this point. The majority, 53%, do not. This means that the margin for not impeaching and removing Trump in these states (+10 points) is running well ahead of Trump's margin in these states of about 1.5 points. Put another way, impeaching and removing Trump from office in these states is not a popular position.

Moran comments:

Consider this: The longer this impeachment drive goes on, the more angry people are going to get. It is not inconceivable that the more cautious Democrats, who didn't want to start this drama in the first place, may have been right; impeaching Trump could very well be their electoral undoing in 2020.


  1. I think that Donald is poised to add Minnesota and possibly Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

    1. I've read those reports re MN and they sound very promising.

  2. The Democrats have tin ears. Even if all the testimony given so far outside that of Taylor really were damaging to the case, the Democrats would probably have been in a more tenable position in regards to a go/no go decision on impeachment. By doing this via the Star Chamber method, they are quickly discrediting the effort before a vote is even taken, and also are putting themselves in a difficult position if, at the end of all this they decide to not impeach. Their supporters will be deflated at a decision to not move forward, and angry at the House and its leadership.