Monday, October 7, 2019

IG Atkinson: Sammy One Worked For Prominent Dem Politico

Yeah, that's what Fox is reporting. Schiff isn't putting out a transcript, but Atkinson's testimony is gradually leaking. And this is big--you can see why GOP Reps are outraged that the Dems are trying to keep this under wraps and that Sammy One the "whistleblower" needs to be kept incognito:

Sources further have told Fox News that Atkinson revealed the whistleblower volunteered he or she was a registered Democrat and had a prior working relationship with a prominent Democratic politician. Attorneys for the whistleblower at the firm Compass Rose did not respond to requests for comment on this work history or on the lack of disclosure about the contact with Schiff's office.

Link to the story: IG could not explain 18-day window between Ukraine call and whistleblower complaint: sources.


  1. Brennan? Haspel? Hayden?

  2. We shall see. Looking not good for Dems.

  3. Disregard my prior post. Too much research and reading about Brennan, Clapper and company.

    I was juxtaposing CIA directors with Dem politicos. Although to be fair to me, there isn't much difference these days.

  4. The link to the Catherine Herridge (Fox News) article didn’t work. I found the article and accessed it at Fox. The url should be https rather than http. The rest is the same.

    1. I can't explain that. The url has always been https and I'm able to access the page from the link as is.

    2. Fox News does not want people to link that way. Here is the fix.


      Access Denied

      You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

      Note the quotation marks:




      Copy the link inside the quotation marks and paste it into your browser box.

      In other words, copy (without the quotation marks)

      and paste that (without the quotation marks) into your browser's box.

      Once you understand that fix, it's easy to do.

    3. Mark, if you link to a Fox News article, then don't provide just a HTML hot link. In addition, provide the webpage address -- in this case:

    4. Mike, I think something else is going on. Bebe says the prefix in my link is "http" and should be "https". But that's not the case--the address in my link does use the secure http prefix "https". I can click on the link or right click and open in a new tab with no problem at all.

      However ...

      If you access my blog using the prefix "http" you'll have the problem Bebe describes. What's happening I believe is that if you access my blog as Bebe did the browser will try to link other pages in the less secure mode, despite what my link says in the html.

      Solution? Access my blog as --NOT using http.

      Bookmark that https address so you won't need to type it. Everybody should be using https as much as possible.

    5. Mike, I prefer not to clutter my blog pages with "raw" html. Another solution would be to right click and select "copy link address" and paste that in a new tab.

    6. Mark, I got the http from the same Access Denied message that showed up when I clicked on your link. You’ll notice that the url within the quotation marked url begins with just http.

      I just went and found the Fox article, with its https link, and took it from there.

      I am not a html genius or junkie so cannot explain what is going on with that “Access Denied” bit and the different url. I simply noted a difference between Fox’s url in its “Access Denied” message and the url at the article at Fox News and sent it on to you.

    7. I understand. However, you're better off--more secure--using https whenever you can. You can do that at this web page. Try this url and I believe the link will work for you as it does for me: