Monday, September 30, 2019

Civil War 2.0?

During the past week I've discussed several articles that, from various perspectives focus on the totalitarian animating spirit behind liberalism. Daniel Greenfield, for example, in The Disturbing Reason Why the Dems Really Want to Impeach Trump, sees the goal of liberals now as delegitimating not only Trump but anyone who would support him. That, mutatis mutandi, will lead to the legitimation of crushing all opposition to whatever the liberal agenda happens to be at any given moment. A one party state. When we see the repeated enactments of speech codes and even thought codes, the transformation of educational institutions into little more than indoctrination camps, the use of big tech to censor dissenting views--who can doubt the ultimate goal? And like any totalitarianism, this "diversity" inspired totalitarianism will allow for no dissent--not in speech, not in lifestyle. They will find ways to come and find you and force your conformity--like forcing Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. We've had previews of the liberal future. This is what inspires the hatred for Trump and for his supporters. Liberals thought they were on the verge of total victory. And so this inspires the impeachment mania.  Here's a nice video featuring Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney that hits on the same themes, although in less dire form:

Via Zerohedge, Jim Kunstler offers a provocative view: Civil War On. I skip over the first half to get to what I view as the heart of his argument, which is that the Ukraine Hoax amounts to a full scale coup attempt by the Deep State. Before you say never, consider--isn't this, in effect what Greenfield, Gary Morson in Leninthink, and as sober a voice as Lou Dobbs are suggesting? The overthrow of a duly elected administration by subversion, through the fraud and deceit of our intelligence agencies?

Speaking of failures to pay attention, Director of National Security (DNI) Joseph McGuire testified in Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee last Thursday that the “Whistleblower” and his or her allies in the Intelligence Community who fomented the latest crisis “acted in good faith.” Admiral McGuire omitted to mention that the IC’s Whistleblower complaint rules were surreptitiously changed sometime around August 2019 to allow second-hand hearsay in Urgent Matter” complaints, where formerly it had been prohibited. The change was only posted on an IC website on Sept 24. Did Admiral McGuire not get the memo on that? Was he out of the loop? After all, he is merely in charge of the entirety of US Intelligence operations. Who kept him in the dark? 

That's a basic point Kunstler is making. The complaint patently fails to allege Urgent Concerns. The claim of cover from the Whistleblower Statute was clearly a subterfuge, devoid of legality, from the start. Fraud and deceit.

Now there is yet another new “bombshell” out of the CBS 60-Minutes show (reported by Scott Pelley) alleging that the “Whistleblower” had been placed under federal protection due to “threats” made against him or her. We’re to infer that the “Whistleblower” is in a safe space— perhaps hiding out in the CIA’s Diversity and Inclusion offices, with some teddy bears, crayons, and chips ahoy to keep the heebie-jeebies away. Only, one of the “Whistleblower’s” own lawyers, Mark S. Zaid released a letter today saying that the 60-Minutes report was “not accurate and misinterpreted the contents of our [earlier] letter.” Mr. Zaid added in a tweet that CBS was “literally making stuff up.” 

The non-whistleblower in safe keeping, presumably guarded by the CIA? If true--and CBS is sticking to its guns--this really is the stuff of conspiracies and coups.

Well, let CBS and the “Whistleblower’s” pro bono lawyers slug that one out in some safe space. More to the point, how long do you suppose the charade of protecting the “Whistleblower’s” identity will go on? If impeachment moves to a trial in the senate, Mr. Trump will enjoy the right of being faced by his accuser. But I don’t think we will have to wait that long. Rep. Schiff (D-CA) has already declared that this person will be called into a closed session of his committee. The chance is about zero that his or her identify will remain unknown. By and by, the “whistleblower’s” confederates in the CIA will also become known and the perfidy of this latest CIA operation in the ongoing coup will be understood. 
UkraineGate is the equivalent of Fort Sumter in Civil War 2.0. Charges have been flying and tempers flaring for three years now, much as they did between 1858 and 1861. Once again, what seems to be at stake is the integrity of the Union. As in the previous enactment, one side is dangerously deluded, and that is liable to lead to its destruction.

Since 2016 we have seen repeated efforts to overthrow the legitimately elected president. These efforts have been led by the Deep State, the Fourth Estate, and Big Tech. How long can this go on? All attempts have failed thus far, but they will not stop unless some form of accountability is enforced.

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