Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Recommended Reading Re Flynn

As if there weren't enough to keep us glued to the internet today, Margot Cleveland has two articles regarding the Flynn case. They're interesting, but I simply have no time to comment. Therefore I've pasted in the full headings, which will give a good idea of the substance.

Virginia Judge Acquits Michael Flynn Business Partner, With Implications For Flynn’s Case
‘This was another case without a crime—brought by prosecutors who were willing to criminalize innocent behavior in furtherance of their own agenda,’ says Sidney Powell.

What’s Inside The Latest Documents From Michael Flynn’s Court Case
We now know more of the strands of SpyGate that Sidney Powell has weaved together since taking over as Michael Flynn’s defense attorney a few short months ago.

OK, in this second article Cleveland believes Sidney Powell thinks she can identify the person who leaked the Flynn phone call with the Russian Ambassador: Comey's friend and top FBI lawyer James Baker.

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