Friday, September 27, 2019


Stephen Hicks - Postmodern Resentment:

I'm not fully on board with Hicks--I'm no admirer of the Enlightenment, which is the wellspring of Liberalism--but he makes some good points.


  1. This video with the music underlying the narration really touched me.

    Any of these people who are hurting, self-loathing, angry, etc., can turn to God and enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. I say that with compassion and not judgement.

    I pray that these angry people will turn to Him and be healed with a love beyond all telling. I am so thankful for the wonderful gift of faith that my parents introduced to me. The great thing about faith is that it can be shared with others and I don't lose what I gave away. I get more.

  2. Hicks has written a highly regarded book on Postmodernism--though I've not read it, FWIW.