Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Briefly Noted: Something You Should Know

And be concerned about:

Social credit scores. Just like Red China, well, let's be fair--just like all liberals aspire to do.

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  1. Mark, feel free to reject this comment if you consider it off topic, it is respectfully submitted.

    In the current "seize firearms" calls, people are rejecting this as infeasible because house to house confiscation (aka. "mandatory involuntary buyback") will be violent and have to be done by LEOs and National Guard who are not enthusiastic to carry it out.

    I think this is naive. The seizure will not be physical, it will be:
    - threat of issuing warrant for arrest and crushing fines
    - freezing access to finances, blocking credit card use, etc.
    - refusal of public service (cutting off utilities, internet, etc.)
    - "legal notification" to your employer
    - blocking access of your children and extended family similarly

    The social credit and "red flag" systems being put into place will be used for identification, isolation, and "cancelling" of citizens' for this and whatever other unconstitutional oppression is devised and implemented. Even if rights remain "legal", corporations (and their CEOs) are already calling for "corporate policy" to be used to "deny use" to other companies and citizens who practice legal but (in their opinion) "deplorable" commerce. When objected to the answer of "so go make your own financial system and internet" is given in snarky but serious reply.

    This is not "tin foil hat" paranoia. These practices are being put into place and openly discussed by the financial industry, social media, and the leftists in our government. Combine this with social credit and the fate of our republic is sealed. -MR