Thursday, September 26, 2019

YUGE Big Picture Stuff

I just finished reading Conrad Black's excellent article today at American Greatness: Only the People Can Decide. That may not sound like anything out of the ordinary run of current commentary on impeachment, but it it's far more than that.

Then I turned to Don Surber, who quotes portions of Black's article in a must read blog: Deflecting Trump's Iranian success. Again, the title doesn't do credit to the content.

Surber argues that Trump is on the brink. On the brink of pulling of a real deal with Iran. I ask you: If Trump can do that, after all his other successes, what is there to hold him back from accomplishing the objectives that Conrad Black discusses? How will the American electorate treat a party and a media that is consumed with hatred for such a president?

Surber begins his discussion with Trump's mastery of the "illusion of chaos." Using Bolton's presence as misdirection, to keep the mullah's guessing.

Of course the Dems, as always, misunderestimated Trump:

"Democrats don't know what is going on in Iran. They sent John Kerry to France to assure the mullahs who run Iran that a Democrat president will rescue them. Just hang in till January 20, 2021, when Democrats have more flexibility.
"But President Donald John Trump has crushed Iran's economy, which imperils the regime. 
"Even oil-starved Red China won't break the sanctions. 
"There is a tanker from Iran loaded with a billion dollars worth of oil sitting off shore that Red China won't accept on delivery because Chairman Xi fears his own economy, which already is hurt by The Donald's 25% tariffs, which it is eating." 
Three months later, Kerry is back and looking stonefaced.

Iran tried to challenge Trump and change the game on the ground--or, on sea, in the air, and on the ground. It didn't work. Trump could not be controlled--not by knuckleheads like Bolton, not by the mullahs. Now ...

The New York Post reported, "Iran hinted at possible concessions to end its diplomatic standoff with Washington, including providing reassurances it will not seek nuclear arms and accept changes to its pact with the US and Europe — if the US returns to the deal and lifts sanctions. 
"'If the sanctions are ended and there is a return to the (nuclear) accord, there is room for giving reassurances toward breaking the deadlock and the President [Hassan Rouhani] has even a proposal for small changes in the accord,' the spokesman, Ali Rabiei, said on state-run television Wednesday, Reuters reported." 
Democrats knew this in advance. 
Hence, Democrats invented Ukrainegate to divert attention from an Iranian deal. President Trump resembles Nixon only in that he is a foreign policy success on so many fronts. 
They banked on President Trump not releasing documents that exonerated him. But he did. You want the transcript? Read it and weep. You want the "whistle blower" account? Read it and weep. You want the acting chief spy to testify? Hear him and weep. 
The Iranian deal was pinnacle of Obama's benighted foreign policy.
Donald Trump has obliterated it.

And then, more or less, Surber moves on to Conrad Black big picture narrative:

"There will be no other determination of whether President Trump gets to finish his task of grinding to powder and replacing the ruling bipartisan elite that he believes grievously misgoverned the country in the post-Reagan years. 
"In 2016, he neither won a mandate for revolution nor incurred a cause to be denied or removed from office. Almost half the voters substantially agreed with the president in 2016, and this remains the principal issue: that the previous four presidents and their Congresses misgoverned the country. 
"This view holds that the elder President Bush allowed the Republican Party to be split by a charlatan (Ross Perot), bringing in the Clintons, who brought on, with George W. Bush, the subprime mortgage debacle and the world’s greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression; and that Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama produced a series of Middle East-related foreign policy disasters. There was a faulty intelligence response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, a completely misconceived war in Iraq, an immense humanitarian disaster generating as many as 10 million refugees, the premature departure from Iraq which helped produce ISIS, and the abandonment of nuclear non-proliferation with respect to Iran and North Korea (where all four presidents were swindled)."

Continues Surber:

The elitists failed. Bigly. We need a yuge change, which included dumping the comedy of comity which only played into Democrat hands. They can call us Hitler but anything we say is dog whistle racism. That is a game for chumps. 
As this childish soap opera plays in the House, I am reminded of the previous attempt to kill President Trump's presidency. 
It was a dud.


  1. I'm so glad that you referenced the Conrad Black entry. I was going to bring it to your attention. He is spot on.

    Please, no more "ties" this time. Let's have a clear repudiation with a red tidal wave. And not just flotsam and jetsam who got picked up in the water in the form of "RINOS."

    Let's get some men of character who are truly frightened for our future and courageous to prune off the rot so that we can have good growth.

    1. That's the answer. It's up to the people. We can have it if they'll ask for it.