Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ukraine Hoax--under construction

I'll be out this morning but will try to get a post up on the Ukraine Hoax later. There are more angles of attack emerging, as is to be expected with the Deep State/Establishment. For now, I'm pasting in a comment from earlier this morning that contains the germs of the projected post--this is a response to Titan 28's comment:

Briefly, I see this as a possibly bipartisan effort to corral Trump, who has talking about getting along better with Russia--including in the Middle East. This issue of Ukraine aid/corruption has been going on most of the summer behind the scenes, with most of the Estabishment opposing Trump. Specifically, WSJ is talking about Bolton's involvement as well as senators involved. 
So there's a couple of different but related angles of attack. Now, add in the removal of Coats and Sue Gordon, who would have been at the center of this, and the firing of Bolton. So, there's policy stuff, and there's also the effort to save Biden, who would be Establishment friendly. 
Trump put a stop on the aid for two reasons: he wanted the Euros to give more, too, and he was concerned about the overall issue of corruption in Ukraine. There was nothing wrong with stopping the aid in that context. What I'm pretty sure is also going on is that Trump is getting good advice from Bill Barr on the legal ground. He probably should have had Barr at his side from the start of this, but the guy's got his hands full at the DoJ swamp. 
What we seem to be seeing is another coup attempt, but a weaker one.


  1. The Ukraine gambit is a clear sign that Barr/Durham are serious about pursuing Deep State corruption in DC. Some very powerful people must have been called before the Grand Jury in recent days and they are seriously scared now. Pelosi knows that impeachment in the House will kill off her recently elected moderate members next year and probably lose her Speaker position. She's trying to thread a needle in a hurricane gale.

    1. Your take here is exactly opposite to that at CTH--and I think you're right. There's a lot going on behind the scenes, as this episode shows.

  2. I imagine Trump can (will?) use this Ukraine/Biden episode to trash the Democrats for going berserk (impeach!) whenever anybody exposes Democrat corruption. (Hillary accepting bribes to her “Charitable Foundation” while she’s Sec State. Biden accepting bribes to his done while he’s VP)
    Trump will win more states in 2020 than he won in 2016.

    1. Of course in the news it's "Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine," but listen to Rudy--he wants to talk about China, as well. If you wanna talk about the campaign, Biden's billions from China is the 800 lb. gorilla of a campaign issue.