Sunday, September 22, 2019

‘I Will Shoot You!’ I Said

No, I didn't say that. Rod Dreher says he said that. I've cited and recommended his work quite a few times. He's a recovering liberal but still an utterly unhinged NeverTrump--and, if I do say so, a bit of an emotional exhibitionist. This is a good illustration of the common wisdom, too often ignored, that you can't never tell. How many of you who are familiar with Dreher's work would suspect this side of him?

Interestingly, I've lived in Deep Blue states my entire life. The percentage of concealed carry permit holders in Massachussetts--yes, Massachussetts--is an easy twice as high as in my own Deep Blue state, which in turn is easily twice as high as some Deep Red states. Go figure, eh?

And here's what Dreher is talking about re the Castle Doctrine law in his state of Louisiana.

Of course, laws vary from state to state. In Maryland, for example, I understand that it's OK to fire off a double barrelled shotgun to scare someone away--a procedure that comes highly recommended by a former VP.

‘I Will Shoot You!’ I Said

by Rod Dreher 

View on my street this afternoon. The man on the left is a mentally ill man who was threatening his mother

Here’s a line no child should ever hear their father say: “If you come onto this property, I will shoot you!”

My kids heard me shout it three times this afternoon, at a large (6’5″) man in his twenties who was pursuing his mother. I saw her in the street and invited her to come shelter in my house. He followed her up my driveway, screaming at her. He only stopped when I threatened him with violence — and then only after I yelled it several times.

I called 911. A sheriff’s deputy came and arrested the young man. This was not the first time I’ve called 911 on this guy. He and his mother moved in to a rental house on our block a few months back. The first time I called was when I saw him screaming and cursing at her in their front yard, and he took a swing at her. It has been a nightmare over there all summer. According to the deputy today, the sheriff’s department has been out ten times to deal with him.


I’m not sure what happens next, but that dangerous, insane young man cannot come back to that house, or this street. Not after today. I don’t know what it’s going to take, but we hit the breaking point today.

I am not a big Second Amendment guy, but I am grateful that in this country, and in this state, one is allowed to own a gun. I am grateful that I do own a gun, and know how to use it. I am also grateful that I live in a state with a castle law, and that if that insane man had come after his mother, to whom I had given shelter, and me, on my own property, I could have used deadly force to stop him — and would not have been charged. Thank God it didn’t come to that. This time. I have to use the time that that man is in jail this next week to make sure that there isn’t a next time. Not on this street.


  1. "I am not a big Second Amendment guy, but I am grateful that in this country, and in this state, one is allowed to own a gun."

    Translation: The 2nd Amendment blows, but the right to own a gun RULES!

    1. Yeah, you can't always expect rationality from Dreher.

  2. As someone who has a seriously mentally ill brother, you really have to go through this type of experience to understand what that mother is going through. It doesn't mean that I'm defending or criticizing her.

    Mental illness is a real tragedy. I think some instances of demonic possession manifest themselves with bipolar or schizophrenia occurrences. This is just my own interpretation based on my experience with my brother. I could be all wet as I am neither a priest nor a psychiatrist.

    If you think of Jesus curing the man with multiple demons, the man was frequently naked and even broke his chains. He howled and was isolated from society.

    Of course, I still believe in demonic possession of the traditional sort as exhibited in The Exorcist.

    Anyway, we need mental health reform that respects the Constitution but still allows loved ones (who are the most likely to love the mentally ill man and also be his victims) to seek to have him committed.

    Sorry for going on about this topic but my family has endured over 30 years of this.

    1. We have a situation that is similar in some respects.

  3. Well, Brad already made the comment I was going make- Dreher's essay is a bit confusing with that first sentence in the last paragraph. He is obviously suffering some cognitive dissonance.