Sunday, September 15, 2019

Briefly Noted: The New Kavanaugh Smear

Perhaps you've heard that two NYT reporters have launched a new smear against Brett Kavanaugh? If you haven't, you can read about it here: Democrats Haven’t Given Up On Smearing Kavanaugh. Mollie Hemingway--who wrote the book on the Kavanaugh nomination--has tweeted:


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NYT Reporters’ essay about a supposed second Yale incident omitted their own book reporting that completely undercuts it: alleged victim denies any memory of it. Journalistically indefensible, though gullible additional reporters are spreading it of course.
5:26 AM - 15 Sep 2019

Two points.

1) I want to be on the record, FWIW, saying that I find Kavanaugh's hiring only female law clerks to be deeply creepy. Maybe I'm wrong and it's simply deeply craven and gutless, but absent an explanation from Kavanaugh himself I'll go with deeply creepy. 
2) Kavanaugh is clearly a very slow learner. He did the right thing initially by hiring a prominent defamation lawyer, but then failed to follow up on it. Acting like a punching bag for liberals only encourages liberals to ... punch you some more. 


  1. I'm with you on Kavanaugh. The female law clerk thing is totally creepy--and stupid. And his laying low until the clock runs out on his alleged shenanigans is equally stupid, unless he has it in mind to become another Roberts, or even worse, Souter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't turn out to be a huge disappointment. My confidence is low, though.

    1. In the end I think he'll be fairly solid, but it's difficult not to be disappointed especially after Gorsuch.

  2. By this reckoning, Kavanaugh reflects the Queensberry Republican approach that doesn't fly. Hiring only female law clerks doesn't immunize against attacks from the prog-left.

    Double standards in media exist--deal with it. Shading your perspective, adjusting your principles doesn't improve your public standing with Democrats. RBG has hired one black law clerk in her entire tenure on the high court. She gets zero criticism from any quarter.

    Standing up, championing your beliefs earns respect--that's all you can expect. Rolling over like a cuck will engender further recriminations.

    And yeah, hiring only female clerks is creepy--not to mention just plain wrong. Apparently he failed to notice it didn't work to his benefit in his Senate confirmation hearings.

    1. On a very human level, I can't imagine what his wife must think, hearing these stories and knowing his record of incredibly, improbably, impossibly lopsided hiring of bright, worshipful, girl law clerks.

      Also on a very human level, does he have no clue as to how that appears? A privileged, powerful, male, surrounding himself with girls? How does he think that looks to normals?

  3. He could hire yellow labs as clerks and the idiot democrats would be doing the same thing. They know RBG is dying and want his seat.

    1. What I see is a movement to delegitimize his vote on the Court there by providing an excuse for nullifying SCOTUS rulings they disagree with, much like the Sanctuary movement among the States does to the Executive. Seemingly a dangerous move unless the end goal is dysfunctional chaos and the collapse of our system of Gov't. At the least they hope to cow Kavanaugh into recusing himself from any "Womyn's issues", at the most they will be happy with "burn it down and we'll fight to see who rules at the other end."
      Dueling with the Executive is one thing, but delegitimizing SCOTUS brings civil war to the very threshold and knocks loudly. After all that worked well after Dredd Scott. Eventually someone will answer the door.
      Tom S.