Sunday, September 29, 2019

Briefly Noted: DiGenova And Toensing Worked With Giuliani On Ukraine

So that must mean we should pay attention when they talk about Ukraine, since they likely know a lot about it all. And probably not just what was going on within Ukraine but also Ukraine connected activities within the US. As reported by Chris Wallace:

Rudy Giuliani was not the only attorney trying to get damaging information on Joe Biden from Ukrainian officials, and President Trump’s decision to withhold aid from Ukraine this summer was made in spite of several federal agencies supporting the aid, Fox News’ Chris Wallace revealed on “Fox News Sunday.”
In addition to Giuliani, Washington, D.C., lawyers Joe DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing worked alongside the former New York City mayor. According to a top U.S. official, the three attorneys were working "off the books" -- not within the Trump administration -- and only the president knows the details of their work.



    If I heard correctly, Giuliani denied working with DiGenova and Toensing on Bartiromo this morning. I'm kind of inclined to believe Giuliani. Trump seems to have formally engaged Giuliani as his lawyer. I have not heard that DiGenova and Toensing have been so engaged.

    The interview with Giuliani is interesting for a number of reasons. For one, I have been thinking Giuliani needs to raise his game. His evening Fox News interviews have not been impressive. He is much sharper in today's interview and makes a much better impression.

    I also am beginning to better understand what Giuliani has been doing and why he has been doing it. Short version: He is trying to get to the bottom of the various conspiracies which attempted to defeat and then destroy Donald Trump from 2016 on. Seems like a legitimate inquiry to me. As Giuliani says, he came upon Biden's conflicts of interest in the course of his research. So, understanding what Biden (and Obama) were up to in the Ukraine is not a 2020 election issue so much as it is a question of getting to the bottom of the conspiracy against Trump. This needs to be better understood by the American public.

    The Great Tweeter needs to up his game, too, and better explain to us what has been going on in Ukraine. As the stakes have now been raised, considerably, perhaps he will.

    1. Yeah, I saw that, but it probably depends a bit on what "working with" means. A bit like the meaning of "is".

      Re Giuliani, I've heard him say that, hey, I'm Trump's defense attorney, and that means he's proactively researching everything that could be relevant to his defense. And since this would be a political trial, the sky would quite legitimately be the limit to that research.

  2. "hey, I'm Trump's defense attorney"

    Of course.

    And its 'interesting' that the Dems would not only deny Trump the freedom to investigate what happened to him from 2016 onwards, but would (I don't think I'm exaggerating) deny him the right to counsel. As in, Giuliani (a mere private lawyer) has no right to look into the matters he is looking into.

    God help us.

    1. I think they want to deny him the right, as POTUS, to an AG, as well. I'm only slightly joking.

      Speaking of which, I've always been puzzled that they didn't go nuclear during Barr's confirmation. I'll bet right now they'd be happy to guarantee Kavanaugh a long life on the SCOTUS in exchange for forcing Barr out.

    2. I'm guessing Dems didn't expect Wiliam frickin Barr to be able to shut down Mueller so fast and so completely. They probably believed the Mueller legend and threw up when they saw the Mueller reality. Now it's Barr-Giuliani-Powell-Nunes versus the Democrat Swamp. I like those odds.

    3. Yeah, Barr's handling of Team Mueller was an eye opener and shot across their bow.